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  1. G

    Allow sort of table with locked cells. Is this possble?

    I searched the previous questions but found no answer. I have a table and in that table I have some columns that I would like to lock. My users enter data from a user-form. When the form is open the sheet is unprotected, when the user exits the form I want to lock certain columns so the user...
  2. N

    VBA Store Slicer Selection, Run Macros, Re-Select Slicers

    Good morning, all! I have been stuck on this issue for days and hope someone can help. I have a table on Sheet2 [Sheet2.Range("A2:O" & LastRow)] that gets copied to a table on Sheet1 [Sheet1.Range("Table1")] through a macro. The table on Sheet 1 starts on D17 and goes to the last row in...
  3. J

    Open txt file

    Good Morning, I am completely confused on how I can parse the file sort it by dates but retain only the last 6 months then remove duplicate computer names. Need a solution to open a txt file that is comma delimited with four fields. I need all duplicate Workstation removed but retain the...
  4. V

    Help Filtering Data

    Tossing this out to the Excel geniuses of the community. I need help creating a spreadsheet where I can associate an author’s statement to multiple keywords. I’ll have hundreds of individual statements with multiple keyword associations for each statement. I need to be able to search for those...
  5. D

    Condensing Column A to Remove Redundancies (Remove Duplicates and Consolidate doesn't do it)

    Hi! Thank you for reading this one. For an example of what I am trying to do, lets say I have a sheet that is about 200 rows long by 15 columns wide. It is one sheet with multiple bills-of-materials stacked one on top of the other. Column A has the master/parent numbers and Column B has all of...
  6. A

    Sort latest to earlier

    I wanted to sort my column based on time. I have cell which automatically generate date and time base on other cell value. I have a vba code which i have paste in the sheet it works great for me but problem is it works when i click or select any cell in that particular column. I wanted to it do...
  7. X

    Trying Again... Seeking assistance with criteria based sort and filter.

    I posted prior. However, I could not get the solution I was looking for. I have a spreadsheet w/ approximately 40K lines of data. The data is formatted into 3 columns – employee name; week ending; avg. hours worked. Is there a way for me to filter this data in such a way that it omits...
  8. J

    Match & Sort Same Vertical Data Onto One Row

    Good Morning Fellow Excel Experts, Per usual - a thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum! What would the macro be to sort on column A / row 1 (Last Name, First Name), data through [column B:column Q] then find that same name in multiple worksheets (tabs) and then place that same name...
  9. B

    Button to Automatically Sort Column Values from Largest to Smallest

    Hi I am looking for a way to have a button to be able to click once I have all of my data entered to sort all values from largest to smallest. I know it has to do with macros and assigning it to a button but could someone assist?
  10. R

    Sort transaction file into Sales Summary

    Hi everyone, I have a huge file about transaction that has 5 columns (Date, Product Name, Quantity, Price, Total Price), example like below: Date Product Name Quantity Price Total 2019-01-01 A 2 $100...
  11. Y

    Need help with Cell linkages & Sorting

    Need help on this issue I have with excel: Sheet 1: master copy with columns of data, A, B, C Sheet 2: summary of minimum value linked from sheet 1, but of only selected cells with no fixed order; eg MIN('sheet1' B2, 'sheet 1' B4, 'sheet 1' B5) However, when I Sort my sheet 1 data, say column...
  12. F

    VBA Sort Multiple RSS Feeds

    Hi, I have a workbook with a number of different rss feeds imported into different tabs/sheets. All the feeds are different table lengths, but they all have the name of a header in common. I wonder if there is any easy way therefore of doing it all at once? At the moment, my code just goes...
  13. E

    Excel Sorting

    Hello All, I am trying to sort some source data that comes in a formatas follows: <tbody> John 1 1 3 3 3 3 Mark 1 1 2 2 Amy...
  14. C

    Help with VBA sort function

    Hey guys I am trying to convert the code below to a function, I am trying to sort the data below the code by the first set of numbers it comes to. I think this would be the formula I would want to enter, or close to it "=vsortm(a1, a:a)" This code works fine the way it is, but I need to use it...
  15. H

    Sorting in Pivot has a challenge

    Hi Team, I have problem in sorting pivot values and it will never get sort. I have copy and paste special then I perform the sort. Is there any option do I need to enable to sort Pivot data? I am using 2016 MS Excel. Please suggest me. Thank you
  16. P

    Macro to sort data in an Array

    Hi I am looking to sorta data set that is about 10,000 rows by 6 columns and I need help writing asimple macro I made an example to illustrate what I am looking for. I want to search the first column of data in Table 1and look for all rows that contain the letter "a" and put all of those...
  17. M

    Sorting/Combining Text Strings and Numbers

    Hello, I am trying to consolidate the data below into the table following. I have tried using If, Vlookup, and other functions, but I seem to get stuck every time. The goal is to combine the first column into a list of numbers with the same columns following. Any help is greatly appreciated. If...
  18. W

    Getting Data of cell and sort it by date

    Goodmorning, Since a few days im trying to get data from my PLC. I fixed to get 1 data unit from the plc and place it in a cell (A1). Ive got this working with the programm UniDDE. This is a connection between the PC(excel) and the PLC. Now when there is a new incomming data the last data will...
  19. D

    Shift Data in 2 Columns to Match Another

    Hello Everyone, I've run into a bit of a road block. I get a .PDF output from an accounting program and copy/paste the data into excel, then convert text to columns. I am trying to match the GL code in Column A with the totals for that specific...
  20. M

    Sorting A large list into smaller lists on different sheets

    Hello Everyone, I currently get a list of addresses from a lead generation company daily. I want to be able to take that list and segment it into smaller lists by zip codes that are in each of my companies territories. This way I can make Mail Merge documents from the smaller lists so they...

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