1. N

    formula to generate reordring or resorting from given word

    hello need formula to generate reordring or resorting from given word example i have this 3 word or lets say more a1=cat b1=dog c1=bee now i need formula to reorder them on max possible combination to be generated in bellow rows and formula work with more words and mean generate max combination...
  2. JenniferMurphy

    Is there an easy way to sort one table to match another?

    The columns below represent two sets of data. Columns C-E is one set and columns F-H is the other. Is there a way that I can sort rows 5-17 in columns F-H so that the data in column F matches that in column C? That is, can I sort columns F-H so that the Teams are in the same order as they are...
  3. abarbee314

    Sort Date column when month and day are unknown

    Helping our resource center with a crazy project: an attorney has a table of data where 40% of the date values are like this "2003/00/00" and the rest are US-correct (03/15/2019). This one is hurting my brain, but I can't figure out how to (a) re-arrange the values and (b) get it to sort right...
  4. xeven_

    Excel Stock Screener

    Hi. Is there a way I can make my own stock screener that will pull data off line so I can sort by my own custom parameters?
  5. B

    Reverting back to Original Column Sort order

    Is there another way of reverting back to the original column sort order other than adding a helper column with the original sort order (without using VBA, of course) Jon, from Excel Campus, posted a video today on this topic (he is describing the helper column index method in his tutorial)...
  6. K

    Vba sort

    Following code hangs up on .Apply. Can you see why? Thanks very much. ‘ All variables have been defined and appear to have the correct values at this point. ' I have copy and pasted Range1, Range2, etc. to check their contents. And all looks good. With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(sh)...
  7. E

    Sort Error on open

    Recently I added the code below to do some auto sorting with a button. It works great and I don't recall any problems after I first made it (couple weeks ago). Now when I open the file, use the sort button, save it close it and reopen the file, it prompts me to repair the file. If I save the...
  8. D

    Sorting a table with multiple columns

    Hello, I'm trying to sort 3 columns in a table that goes from A2-G192, but the code I came up with is not working. Not sure where I went wrong. Posting the code below, please let me know. Thank you, Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)On Error Resume Next...
  9. A

    VBA Range.Sort Method on Masked String\Numbers

    I have two fields I need to use for sorting a spreadsheet. One field ("B11") is a date field, the other("F11") is a UniqueID that is partially masked; i.e., "xxxx-xx-0001". I do not believe that my code is sorting ... Upon researching the issue, I believe the data source already sorts the...
  10. D

    Is it possible to Sort by Top/Bottom in a Pivot table for several Months?

    Hello all! I have the following problem. I have CSAT (customer satisfaction) table, that compiles stores, months and their metric for each month. Stores are in the row field, months are columns. I would like to sort, for each month, the bottom 4 (at the top) based on their CSAT score. The...
  11. P

    VBA sort array

    Hi all, I would like to avoid use any excel native functions and i would like to use vba code so that to sort the range of rows "A9" : "M" and rows down, sorting them by column "B" A:Z (alphabetical) Thank you all in advance
  12. E

    How to sort numbers?

    Hello I have a row with numbers 1,5,5,5,4,4,3,3,0,1 How can I sort them so that they are ranked by ascending number and the most left is the first if more than two same values exist? Also, how do I return the value that is second maximum and if more than one values, return the cell address of...
  13. J

    Multiple dynamic lists in columns - move data to same row and count

    Hello all, I have dynamic data (may have only two columns or may have 10 columns and number of rows will most always be different) where I some of the data is the same and some not. What I am trying to accomplish is move the like codes to the same row and get a total count of each. I have a...
  14. I

    Can you check my code please

    I have a code on a worksheet which i would like to use on another sheet. I changed the range etc to suit the new sheet but the sheet just ended up in a right mess when i run it. The sheet i need the sort code on has this info for you. Sheet name CLONING Row 2 is headers. Row 3 is hidden. Values...
  15. H

    Pivot Table - Sorting by Row Grand Total

    I currently have the coding to sort by the specific fields on the pivot tables but am now looking to sort the whole pivot table by the Row Grand Total As this isn't in my range data I am struggling to find a solution for this . Has anyone faced this issue before?
  16. A

    sort only based on number

    Hi guys, I have a lot of text with number in coulmn "A" and I need a way to sort column with only number, as below image: [/IMG] can someone help me?
  17. E

    Sort by Column

    Hi, I copy from a website and paste in excel like this: I don't know if it is possible or not. What I want is that I Sort the list by column C (time) but because each game is in 2 rows then I cannot do it because I am having a mess like this...
  18. D

    Auto sort of rows of data

    hello again, I am wondering if it is possible to auto sort rows in a score sheet. I have a golf score sheet which comprises 13 rows. Each row contains 22 cells and the total for each player is calculated in the 23rd cell. Its difficult to explain, ideally I would like to post a snap shot of the...
  19. J

    ABC analysis

    As the title suggests im working on an ABC-analysis, and since I'm here, naturally I need some help/advice/tips.. Link o sheet:!Asdl-iuZDQdchJ0h1ICV0Vx9usUQ0A If you don't know what an ABC-analysis does, it sorts "thing" after useage/cost/worth etc. (whatever you would like...
  20. F

    Assign next sequential number in a non-sequential list

    I am creating a list of all assigned document numbers for the company. The document numbers are assigned sequentially based on the components of the numbering system (Region-Dept-Document Type-XX). I want to automatically assign the document number to all new documents added to the list to...

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