1. R

    custom sort not applying

    I've recorded a custom sort. The sort works exactly how I want, when manually applied (during record process), but fails to apply when applied by executing recorded vba code; by fail, I mean not applying sort and no error messages displayed. After the code has completed, I can visit the "Custom...
  2. M

    Formula to Sort a Subset of Conesecutive Positioned Values of an Array with Constant Values?

    I am looking to figure out in Excel 2016 how to write a formula that will sort a subset of values in consecutive position within a larger array with constant values (zeros), but keep those zeros in their same positions thus keeping the number of values in the array the same? Moreover, an...
  3. M

    Specifying a Worksheet with VBA

    Hi Excel Experts, I am struggling with how to reference a Worksheet in VBA and hope someone can help me. I have a macro enable book where the code opens a different Workbook and copies the first worksheet to the macro book. Once the code has done its thing I need to sort the results. I had...
  4. M

    Can you save a sort in a Custom View?

    Okay, I've sorted my sheet the want want to view something, and have saved it as a Custom View. When I remove all of the filters, and test the view by selecting it, everything works except for the sort. I'd like for it to sort from smallest (number) to biggest. Is this possible?
  5. B

    VBA: Sort Range after New Data

    Is it possible to sort the range a to z after the code below. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim newEntry As Variant, rws As Long, adr As String newEntry = UserForm4.TextBox1.Value rws = Range("Grades").Rows.Count Range("Grades").Cells(1, 1).Offset(rws, _ 0).Value = newEntry Unload...
  6. H

    Macro to print and sort range

    Hello all not sure if what im needing is quite possible. Im needing a Macro to Sort a range and Print it without haveing to Sort the actual excel. Just need the Sorting to occur for print purposes not to effect the actual excel.
  7. M

    SKUs not sorting by numerical order

    I've seen this asked many times on the internet but I can't seem to find someone asking how to sort part numbers that also contain text. For example, I have the following part numbers and want them sorted in this way: 5-part 7-part 156-part 691-part When sorting, from smallest to largest, it...
  8. M

    Build a Sort Dynamically

    I am trying to work out how to build a sort when I do not know at the outset how many columns I need to sort on. The first object was to see if I could pass the range and sort key dynamically. The following Macro does that getting range and column to sort by. When I try and build the entire...
  9. C

    Custom Sorts in Pivot table

    Hi there I wounder if someone can point me in the direction as I have a brain freeze. I have a large dataset of around 12000 records with around 16 columns . I have a start date and end date in 2 columns and I convert that into another column with the month as text from the From to cell date so...
  10. tlc53

    VBA Code - Sort by Custom List Reference

    Hi there, I am trying to sort my data which is located under headings A52:K52 by the account number order, as stipulated in cells K21:K35. This is my attempt but it is possible I'm way off the mark. Can anyone see how I can get this working please? I don't want to refer to a particular sheet...
  11. P

    Data sort by VBA

    Hi to all of you, kindly require to provide me support so that a VBA code, should sort in an "ActiveSheet" its data used, which start from "A12" till column "K" and "rows down". Therefore that the rows arises to 800000+ and should be sort by col. "F". Thank you all in advance
  12. A

    Slicer Settings Do Not Show Custom Sort Option

    Hello I made a pivot table add to the data model of the query Connection. There is no use custom list when sort in my slicer setting and I have encountered sorting problems. thank you for any help you might provide
  13. S

    Sorting Code (alphabetize) stopped working

    This line of code used to work. Now this, among a few others, doesn't seem to work. It kicks up a 438 "Object doesn't support this property or method" code and highlights the top line.... ideas? I can sort if I manually highlight and click sort.... Range("B3:K102").Select...
  14. H

    Auto Sort from multiple list by Name

    hello All, I have a list column A is First Name Column B is Last name column C I have C2= CONCATENATE(B2,","," ",A2) Puts it in "Last name, First Name" What im needing done on another sheet is to automatically sort when a name is added/deleted from the list in Alphabetical order based on...
  15. C

    Sort List in Ascending Order Using Only Excel Tokens [hard puzzle]

    Somebody might be interested, this is not an easy task. It asks to sort a list using only excel formulas, but not a sort. So you have to use array calculation knowledge and so on.
  16. G

    Automaticly sort rows by date

    I cant figure out a code, to make the rows sort based on the date, given in column B (From B5). Our Company cannot use Automatic macros (Do to Citrix), so would prefer a module that I can connect to an icon or a button click. The colums from A to V are in use, so the entire row needs to be...
  17. J

    Sort Merged Cells

    Friends , I am trying to Sort a Sheet but Cells are merged , i was able to record a Macro by Manually Unmerge Cells and then Merge , But this whole Process takes time and Lag. Any Suggestions to Tune up this Code . Thanks "Private Sub Repairsort_Click() RepairSort.BackColor = 9434879...
  18. S

    [VBA] Unable to sort tabs of selected sheets

    Sub SortSelectedWorksheets() '--------------------- MTxt = MsgBox("- Sort Selected Worksheet(s) -" & vbNewLine & "---------------------" & vbNewLine & _ "Yes : Ascendingly" & vbNewLine & _ "No : Descendingly", vbYesNoCancel) '--------------------- SheetCount =...
  19. A

    Sort dynamic list

    =OFFSET($D$2,0,0,COUNTA($D$2:$D$51)-COUNTIF(D2:D51,""),1 this is the formula that creates a dynamic list for a drop down using data from column D. Data in column D is not sorted in alphabetical order. Without having to sort the data in column D, can the list for the drop down using that formula...
  20. S

    Custom Sort with wildcard not working

    I'm trying to make a custom sort based on a contact's management level. Basically sort by their title. So the list would sort something like this: Owner, CEO, President, Vice President, CFO,etc... The list works fine when the title is exactly as in the custom list. But if the title is a...

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