source data

  1. C

    Retrieve table data from a SharePoint Excel workbook into another SharePoint Excel workbook

    Hello, The issue: At my company, we utilize SharePoint co-authored Excel workbooks to retrieve, store, and manipulate data. Aside from that being problematic in and of itself, users want to see populated data in one workbook based on data from another workbook. Essentially, a formula looks like...
  2. D

    SUMIF for closed workbook

    Hi, We have several target sheets that run using the formula below. I have been told that they always used to work without having the source book open but from researching online i dont see how it was possible as they have always been using sumif. could you have a look at the formula below and...
  3. S

    How to find where excel data is fed to.

    So there are bunch of ways to find where excel file data is pulled from, but I found none to find where data is fed to. I want to rename an excel file, but I want to also make sure other files that are linked to that file will change the file name.
  4. DPChristman

    Vlookup issue - Retail Environment

    I am currently trying to link data between a large data file and a fill in form that I have created. The source data is coming from an excel file that is over 34 MB and more that 177,000 lines. This data deals with inventory shrinkage. There are 7 columns that I am accessing on the source...
  5. S

    Change Data Source in Pivot Table

    Hello, I'm trying to find a seamless way to change the data source file in a pivot table without manually going in and editing the text via Pivot Table Tools -> Options -> Change Data Source. Ideally, I would somehow build a reference using a HYPERLINK-CONCATENATE formula that I build, either...
  6. P

    Some columns gets blank in pivot source data

    I have existing excel (ver 2010) with pivot. This excel is refreshed programmatically from c# application. The pivot is created with OBDC with sql stored procedure (which returns the sql table after performing some business logic) to pull the data. When the excel is refreshed programmatically...
  7. M

    VBA to change multiple pivot tables from multiple sources

    First I apologize for being very new to VBA. I have two workbooks that need to stay separate. There are 4 data sources in one of the workbooks and the other workbook has several pivot tables that reference them. Each week, I need to save a new file with that week's name. Every time I do this, I...
  8. M

    SOS Set SourceData Chart

    Hi everyone! How are you? I am working on a financial report with +100 worksheets where I use a For Each loop to create charts on every worksheet. I had one that worked excellent but now that I added some extra columns to the pivottable which I don't want to add into the chart, I had to change...
  9. J

    VBA to change source data of PivotTable

    I have a Pivot Table that's source is a table called "Data". In my code, I convert this table to a range, perform a variety of functions, then convert it back to a table with the same name ("Data"). I want the code to automatically update the source data of the Pivot Table to the new "Data"...
  10. R

    Refreshall Twice

    HI , I have 5 pivot tables , 3 are connected on 1st raw data and other 2 are connected on 2nd raw data and I am trying to refresh them using both Excel refreshall button or Alt+f5 and I even tried macros(activeworkbook.refreshall) but It's not working for the first try , All I need to do is to...
  11. J

    Consolidation of range with a twist

    Hi Folks, I have been trying to use pivot table consolidation from multiple sources but didnt manage to get the desired outcome. Im happy with any hint of solution, vba or formula / wizards... I have 3 sheets in excel where you can find similar type of data at the same locations. This is...
  12. C

    SourceFile problem after changing a macro

    Hello all, I've been trying to change a pre-existing excel file to make it work with different source data. It is a timesheet master file that gathers data from a set of separate excel sheets which are each individual timesheet, and builds a report based on that information. I changed the...
  13. G

    Power Pivot Excel 2013 - Source Data issue

    Hi - getting familiar with PP for the past few weeks. Got about 4 books that I've gone through, but none really address the issue of "When source data changes..." I've got a source data file where column headers change each month. It is a 36 month rolling report, so last month had "Dec 15" as...
  14. J

    Adjusting Pivot Table source data based on cell value

    I'm trying to adjust a reporting file that currently looks at raw data for a one week period and generates reports through pivot tables. Each week's source data has to be on its own sheet, so traditionally, a new file is created each week. Other parts of the file generate data on a two week...
  15. S

    Display Source of Pivot Table in a Cell

    Hi there, I am curious if anyone can help me with a formula that could find the source of the Pivot table and put it in a cell to show that it selected a specific range of source data. What I am doing is that I have a Pivot with VBA buttons that switches between two source data tabs, "Actual"...
  16. J

    Can't select data source for chart

    Trying to get some help for a friend here. He is running Excel 2010 and has an existing chart with no data associated with it. He right clicks on the chart and clicks on "Select Data". The Data Wizard pops up and he clicks the Chart Data Range Icon (the one with the small red cell in the...
  17. F

    Specify Selection as Range in Pivot Table Macro

    Hello all, I want to specify the active selection as the range for my pivot table but I keep getting an error message. Funny thing is this recorded code always used to work before but for some reason its not working anymore. The only change I had made in the recorded code was changing source...
  18. S

    One time Data pull without link

    Excel 2007. Trying to create a report workbook that pulls data from other source workbooks, but I would like to be able to disseminate the report workbook to other networks without including the source workbooks as they are massive. Current setup: I am having the report workbook pull data using...
  19. J

    Using a variable within Pivot Table Source Data property

    May I request assistance on using variables within a Pivot Table Source Data property. I am receiving an error when using the following code 'Create Pivot Table off of Consolidated Employee Data Dim LR As Long Dim LC As Long LR = Range("A:AO").Find("*", SearchOrder:=xlByRows...
  20. G

    Modify PivotTable double-click behavior --OR-- ...

    Hello, I need some VBA code to address the following: Scenario: A pivot table reveals a probable error in the underlying source data. The error needs to be located and corrected in the source data, and then the pivot table needs to be refreshed. *Problem*: The double-click action on a pivot...

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