1. E

    Is this Possible in PowerBI

    Hi All I am new to power bi so hoping you can help me I have created multiple pivot tables from different sources and have created a dashboard At the back of it ive created slicers which i need to now link to pivot tables from different sources which is now why ive created a bridge table...
  2. jim may

    Switching Pivot Table Data Sources

    My PT isn't updating after switching my data sources. It might be that my Pivot Cache isn't updating. If I go into my immediate Window (VBE) what one-line statement can I type to Update my Cache? TIA, Jim
  3. A

    Hyperlink error during macro run

    Keep getting a error This Location may be unsafe. Hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer and data, click only those hyperlinks from trusted sources. How do I turn this off or add as a trusted source?
  4. C

    Selecting rows that best fill a specified criteria

    I have a worksheet that lists necessary components to meet an objective and then several source inventories. I would like a way to pick the combination that best fits the needs and the combination with the fewest sources that meets the needs. <tbody> <colgroup><col><col...
  5. C

    Trying to find Data to Match

    Greetings Everyone! I've been learning a lot since I have been a part of this community and I want to say thank you! I have another question that I'm going to go in and try what I know and see how that goes, but if someone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears! We currently have three...
  6. SharmaAntriksh

    Api - vba

    Can you provide some sources from which I can learn about using API functions with VBA?
  7. K

    Need referral for class best suited for data clean up

    I am looking for suggestions for an online class (self guided preferred) that will teach me everything I need to know about formulas/functions that will help me clean up messy files from a lot of different sources. I have basic excel knowledge but am expecting a much heavier workload very soon...
  8. S

    Creating a Report Template

    I am attempting to create a workbook that would act as a template to generate a specific report. It requires multiple data sources and I am having difficulty working with all the sources to create a finalized list. Currently I take all of the data sources and manually run pivots and VLOOKUPS to...
  9. H

    Power Query / Microsoft Query / DSN Issue

    I have a spreadsheet which connects to a database and pulls down data for a particular cost centre using a parameter. To do this I use Data /Get Data / From Other Sources / From Microsoft Query Everything works like a dream for me but if another user uses the spreadsheet on their PC they get...
  10. M

    Lookup or match data... not sure how to title this

    I have a spreadsheet that has combined exported data from multiple sources. Columns: <tbody> MRN PATIENT_NAME MD USER_ID MD User Name 1234 Doe, Jane UI123 Fake, Doc 1283 Smith, Jake UI172 Real, Doc 1246 Fake, Name UI123 Fake, Doc MD 2983 Fake, Girl UI822 Smith, Doc 9836 Fake, Guy...
  11. S

    Linking Slicers Even if Data is Not from same source

    I'm working on a dashboard and I want to create one slicer that will change all data on the page, some links to other sources not the same page, different slicers etc. Yet, the selections are the same. How is this possible? I thought there was a macro that could be linked.
  12. baleshst

    Power point change linked sources

    Is there addin or a vba code which help me in changing the address of the linked sources (excel sheet) in power point.
  13. G

    Sum if statements are incorrectly calculating

    Hello All, Im running into an issue where my IF() statement is incorrectly calculating the formula. For context here is the formula: =IF(SUM(O38:O54)='4 Sources & Uses of Funds'!K48,"OK","CHECK") As mutually exclusive formulas, SUM(O38:O54) absolutely equals ''4 Sources & Uses of...
  14. A

    Countif contains wildsearch

    Hi, I'm wondering if this is possible. I have a huge list of addresses from two different sources. I want to do a countif on both sources to count how many properties each list has for each road. The formula I am using is countif(range,"*roadname*"). Whilst this works, I really want to use...
  15. J

    Linking Distributors and Profit to a Summary

    I have many different distributors and sources where I get product for my business. I'd like a section on my excel page to summarize how much profit each source is providing. My current sheet already tracks sources and profit for each individual item, but I'd like it to add up everything and...
  16. P

    PivotTable and Sources Used

    Is there a way that I can use multiple sources to create a single PivotTable?
  17. J

    Complicated question from a noob

    New user to the forum and afraid I'm asking an obvious question. Everything I know about Excel and macros I've learned by recording them and tearing apart the code to translate it. I have 0 experience with VBA, so be gentle. What I'm trying to do is (inside a macro)pull data from different...

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