1. H

    Removing unintentional spaces when assembly multiple texts based on IF's

    Hi everyone, I want to remove any unintentional spacings in my formula, when visible in the cell. The formula is af following: =A82&" "&'Work Order (Client)'!D46&" "& "on commission (pre-payment)"&""&IF('Input sheet'!B31="Proteomics";",";"")&""&IF('Input...
  2. K

    Mail Merge - Blank Spaces

    Hello, I am working in a mail merge document, and I need the output to look something like this: Vacation: Life Insurance: Disability: etc. However, the issue is that sometimes the fields are blank, and if they're blank it messes up the spacing. I want the document to ignore any blanks...
  3. B

    using space between number and text

    How can I rewrite the duration ' <tbody> 19years7months1days' in excel in the format '19 years 7 months 1 days' using space. A1= <tbody> 19years7months1days B1= 19 years 7 months 1 days </tbody> </tbody>
  4. C

    Inrease the row spacing in a Userform listbox

    Is there a way to increase the spacing between rows in Listbox1 on Userform1 with or without vba ? Thanks for anyone's help. cr
  5. C

    RE: row spacing in a userform listbox

    RE: row spacing in a userform listbox Is it possible to increase the row spacing in a Listbox1 control on Userform1? The rows will decrease as the year progresses, if that makes any difference. Will this code work? (source:msdn). The font is highlighted in red when I copy and paste it into...
  6. M

    Combining mulitple cells contents without losing the leading zeros

    Good morning, Is there a macro that I can use to combine multiple cell contents into one cell and this one cell must have a total of 190 character spacing. At the same time some of the contents of a cell require specific spacing and can not lose the leading zeros. Here is the excel formula...
  7. S

    Multi-tiered option selection in User form

    I'm trying to create a user form with 2 levels of selecting on the 1 form. User can chose option ShotGunStart or TeeTimeStart. If they chose TeeTimeStart, then they can select 8,9 or 10 minute spacing. o ShotGunStart o TeeTimeStart o 8 minute spacing o 9 minute spacing...
  8. S

    VBA: Remove line spacing if there is no content in cell for Email Draft

    We are drafting an email using excel vba codes. In this the HTML body includes 4 lines data. If any of line is blank (no data) we dont require the field and line spacing. (we need to remove the particular line) Sample data in source file in excel format Company ID: 4545454 Company Name: ABCDE...
  9. G

    Keep spacing between pivots

    Hello, I am beginning to make a dashboard with multiple pivot tables. A few pivot tables will show details by date so as the month goes on the pivot will grow with each date. I need to keep the pivot tables one below the other to keep formatting can't put it next to the other. I need to keep the...
  10. L

    Replace ";" with CTRL+OPT+ENTER to enter notes on a new line in the same cell

    I don't believe this can be done with the "Replace All" feature of Excel. Example: I want to take the text in this cell below: <tbody> the dog ran; the cat slept; I have two dogs - they're both poodles </tbody> And run a VBA code (unless there is an easier way) to space the sentences on...
  11. D

    VBA for Global PowerPoint Character Spacing Normalization

    I am trying to come up with a solution to normalize all character spacing across all slides in a single PowerPoint document in one go. I have come up with a macros that do it for all shapes but it keeps skipping text in tables. However, when I add msoTable into the range it starts processing the...
  12. G

    Standarized Spacing

    Hello, I have several hundred rows of docs(all single line.) All begin with a letter followed by three numbers, then all have a description Example: A021 Transfer to remaining Tenant Is there an expression or formula I can use to make the spacing between the title(A021) and...
  13. A

    Printing issues with Urdu Language in Excel

    hi, I am using urdu language in excel.. i am facing problem with printing.. my text cut from bottom or above the cell as the language contains such alphabets which do not contain in a cell. as my project (data entry) is completed in multiple excel files, i cannot convert it to any other...
  14. F

    Trying to add spaces between capitalized words with a formula - DoesAnyoneKnowHow?

    Hi, I'm trying to find a formula to add spaces in between capitalized words for example : cell A1 = MtVernonRoad trying to make it say.. Mt Vernon Road ...any ideas ? Thanks
  15. D

    Formatting a String of Cells with proper Spacing

    Hello, I'm attempting to format a string of data in excel cleanly so that it looks presentable in an email. I have a variety cells with different character lengths. I'm trying to string together Fields 1 through 4 in the desired format below; proper spacing between each field. <tbody>...
  16. M

    Inserting space between number and letter

    Hi again, guys! I was looking at the old posts in the forum and I ran into this post: My problem is almost the same, the problem is that I need to add a space in between a...
  17. L

    Adding duplicate rows & blank rows

    my problem is i'm trying to edit a section of text for some software but im trying to do it a quick way via excel The text is over a thousand lines one word in each line kinda like this text1 text2 text3 text4 I'm wanting to duplicate the text and ad 11 spaces between each section like so...
  18. T

    autofill a column with large larger intervals than the selected range

    I have a 30 cell descenting list in Tab 1 (my input tab) ex: john terry michael ann fred etc..... However, on another tab I'm trying to create a series in column 1, but with 84 rows in between each entry. etc. A1: john a2: entry a3; entry a4: entry a5:a84:entry A85: terry...
  19. J

    Autofit single cell XL03

    Hi, </PRE> I am using XL03 & XP SP2. </PRE> I am trying to autofit rows, all of which one column has cells that contain anywhere from 0 - 1500 characters. No cells are merged on the worksheet. Each of these cells with content have manual linebreaks in them to designate seperate entries (each...

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