1. I

    sparkline refresh

    Hi guys i have the data below <tbody> name jan feb march april may jun jack 10 15 17 17 </tbody> I have created a sparkline based on this, I dont have the data for may and june as of yet. Can i set this sparkline up so it automatically updates when may and jun data comes? at the...
  2. T

    Automate sparkline creation (loop help!)

    I have a spreadsheet which consists of two sheets - a summary sheet and a data sheet. On the summary sheet I have a unique list of names that exist in the data sheet in column A, and in the data sheet, there are multiple rows per name (column A) and a number next to each one which denotes...
  3. K

    sparkline with no adjacent range

    Hello - I want to create a sparkline with with no adjacent range I have values in B2, C2 and E2, F2, G2 I have added a name range to these cells but when I tried to plug the values in the sparkline getting error data range not valid. Help? Thanks!
  4. K

    Creating a sparkline using a non-contiguous range

    Hello, trying to put together a sparkline using a a non-contiguous range and getting errors, any ideas on how to achieve this?
  5. B

    Sparklines -'Data source reference not valid'

    Hi, I've never used sparklines before and have been asked to include them in a dashboard. That has a large number of KPIs so I'm trying to create dynamic sparkline that I can create against the first KPI and copy against all other KPIs I've got a formula that will, upon error, show me its...
  6. H

    Sparkline that shows a win loss not based on 0

    Hey, I'm looking to create a sparkline that either allows me to show values above or below a constant or a win/loss where the axis is a constant that isn't zero. Specifically, I'd like to show values that are above the average for the data set and below the average for a data set. Any ideas...
  7. S

    Using Dynamic Ranges with Sparklines

    I thought I finally figured this out using the information here:, but I can't get the named range to stick as the sparkline range. I'm trying to create sparklines for data in a pivot table that can have a variable...
  8. D


    Longshot: This is a screen shot of part of a dynamic dashboard. Is there a method, VBA or otherwise for hiding the sparkline if the value in the cell to its left is zero? Many thanks D
  9. K

    Spark line indirect reference error: "Data source reference is not valid"

    Hi, It's my first post here. :) Searched help all over the web but didn't find anything helpful on this, so here we go: I want to create a report with rolling 12 month sparklines. The report is updated monthly and I find it convenient to calculate the range in one cell and then refer to it...
  10. L

    inverting a sparkline

    Hi, I've modelled myself into a cul-de-sac so I'm hoping someone has an easy solution! The data is accounting data, and so credit values are interfaced as negatives, and debits as positives. I'm using sparklines to show the sales and ebitda trends over several years for a number of sites, but...
  11. C

    Updating sparklines with VBA

    Excel 2010 i am attempting to update multiple sparklines with VBA for the first time. First, I recorded a macro and it returned the following usable code: Sub Macro1() Range("D9:G9").Select ActiveCell.SparklineGroups.Item(1).Modify Location:=Range( _ "$D$9,$E$9,$F$9,$G$9")...
  12. N

    Sorting rows with sparklines

    Hi, I have a list of sites with various different metrics and I am compiling a dashboard/summary sheet to make sense of all of the data. I have one line and win/loss sparkline for each site with the source data for each sparkline held in a different sheet. Example data : The source data is...
  13. S

    Make sparklines based on VLOOKUP or Array Index/Match

    Greetings All, I'm looking to create an entire column of sparklines based on month data about items. On Sheet1, I have a list of items and on Sheet 2 I have a list of items in Column A and month quantity for each month in Column B. What I'd like to do, is instead of manually finding the data...
  14. H

    Colouring individual Sparkline data points based on value?

    Hi all, This is a two-parter I guess. Is it possible to set the colour of an individual data point in a sparkline graph? If so, is it possible to set the colour based on criteria, for example above a certain threshold? I'm hoping to use sparks to display how a set of measures are performing...
  15. J

    Referencing data for a chart from a different sheet

    Hi, I have a list of product data summarised in one sheet and detailed data for those products in a second sheet. Next to each product in the first sheet I have a Sparkline describing 12 months performance. The data for the sparkline is in a range called "Actual" in the second sheet. The...

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