1. kelly mort

    Speak with female voice - VBA text to speech code

    Hi there, I want the voice recorded in a female voice. Can someone fix this for me? I found this on Wikipedia Thanks Sub TestStringToWavFile() Dim sP$, sFN$, sStr$, sFP$ sP = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\work\" sFN = "Mytest.mp3" sFP = sP & sFN sStr = "I want you to speak...
  2. L

    speak cells short cut

    Hi What is the short cut of excel speak command. Many websites (like the one below) list excel short cut but none talking about speak cells. Any idea would be appreciated very much. https://yodalearning.com/tutorials/ms-excel-shortcut-keys-for-beginner/
  3. J

    Speak Cells Dual Monitor

    i am using microsoft excel 2016, speak cell function. I want to have excel open on one monitor start speak cell, then start work in the other monitor. When I click on the other monitor the speaking stops? Help.
  4. L

    excel speaks!

    Hi I went to File-->Option-->Quick access and added Speak command. Excel can speak now! My question, can I change the speed? I want to make excel speak slower? Thank you.
  5. D

    Speak XML dictionary

    Good day this use to Translate Languages CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") how to be used for Speak language Tanks
  6. bill_ohio

    Speak on Enter will not speak

    Hello Forum, This should be a no-brainer, but it's driving me crazy. All I want is for cell "Speak on Enter" to work. I have used it in the past to self-check while entering data on other machines (I add the icon to the QAT), but for some reason it doesn't work on my Surface Pro 3 running Win...
  7. Rixn

    How to Enable User Interaction while a Speak Command is Running?

    I have a cell (B1) in the second Sheet. It contains two sentences of text, which will be spoken when entering that Sheet (by a click in the previous Sheet). Sub ButStart_Click() Sheets(2).Select Range("B1").Speak End SubWhen the Speak command is running no other user interaction can...
  8. B

    VBA: Upon cell selecion use Speech.Speak

    My goal here is to have it were when someone clicks say A4 the code below is executed: Application.Speech.Speak "Enter your full name" I will have several different cells and have it saying several different things.
  9. outlawspeeder

    How to get Application.Speech.Speak to work in power point

    The code below works in Excel. does anyone know how to get it working in power point? Private Sub Workbook_Open() 'This need to go on the excel worksheet for it to work on auto MsgBox "Please turn on speaker" Application.Speech.Speak "Welcome to my software" End Sub
  10. B

    Need VBA for making a action when clicking on a cell

    I have a application on a spreadsheet and what I would like is when they click on a few specific cells it will run this speech code I found Sub State() Application.Speech.Speak "Enter the state you live in!" End Sub I will be doing this on the whole application Example: Name,City,State,race etc.....
  11. K

    Text to Speech (Speak cell option)

    I am able to activate the speak cell and can hear the computer speaking But one huge flaw in Excel’s cell speaking system is if you attempt to switch to another window or minimize excel while Excel is speaking the cells, it will stop! That virtually renders it useless if you attempt to cross...

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