1. M

    PasteSpecial & xlPasteValuesAndNumbersFormats

    Hi All, I can't seem get my code to work where on the Input tab I want cell D4 to copy and paste just values and numbers into the B column on the KM Tab. There is a formula in D4 which is (=MAX(Detailis!B4:B51)+1) which results in 'D005' and will increase when new items get added to the list...
  2. Y

    special sort on telephone numbers

    hi guys i have a table below. In example a if i do the simple sort function i get result A, But i need to get to result B can anyone help me with this ? Result A Result B <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3140;width:69pt"...
  3. M

    Pivot table Drilldown has problems with titles with special characters.

    MrExcel I have been working with using your Pivot table drilldown vba code (Thank you for it!) but I have found that any titles with a special character i.e #, can not be formatted or hidden. I see in your code the section "For Each rCell In rFieldFormats. Resize(, 1)" that I think maybe...
  4. H

    Special options on userform

    this is a very special settings I need for this task ... but it requires many setups i only have 1 Userform for a Main Matchlist but i know there will Be 127 Match's in my Knock Out system "CUPGAME" The Main Matchlist is Take action from the combobox'1 to set Players in to the Game and Referee...
  5. S

    VBA to Copy data that meets requirements

    Good day, I need to special copy/paste (Values only) from a table in excel to a table on a tab that meet a special requirement. Requirement; All rows in Table13, on sheet Call Center, that have the date 6/25/2019 on Column S (Pay Start) should be special copy/pasted (Values only) to Table134...
  6. J

    Capitilization After Special Character

    Hi, I have made a code where if I were to write out a name in a textbox the first letter will be capitalized. It also capitalizes the first letter whenever I add a space between names. So, I am having this problem where whenever I put a special character or a number (For ex...
  7. H

    CutCopyPaste mode - will not deactivate

    Hi all, I'm sure this is a simple fix, but I have a code to turn off the past options, however they do not reactive once clicked off that workbook and remain activated on all other books. Can anyone explain my error? :confused: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Application.CutCopyMode = False...
  8. M

    VBA Copy Paste Special certain columns of a table?

    Hi all Wonder if someone can help. I have a table where some columns are formulas I want to keep and some are formulas I want to overwrite with their values (paste special to remove formulas). I have code to either leave the table alone (leave all formulas) or remove all formulas and leave...
  9. W

    Special cells blanks and "0"'s

    I have several sheets that have cells with no entry and sometimes they a null or blank or ")" etc. They mess with my formulas. So I though this would make them all the same, but it wont run. Any help is appreciated. What am I missing? FYI - it is formulated as a table - is that why it errors...
  10. S

    How to I change link of where to get data from

    Hi I have a workbook that has linked data via copy and paste special. I'm trying to save as a new book with same formula etc but get the data from another location for copy and paste special. Is there anyway I can change without keep having to copy and paste all the links again. Thanks
  11. S

    Add word to cell containing IF formula and numeric value

    Hello, I have a sheet for pricing variations of a product. Some variations are held in stock, some aren't and some are special order. This is part of the calc: IF(B14=63,"NO Stock",IF(B14=65,A14*C14*1044,IF(B14=80,"NO Stock",IF(B14=85,A14*C14*1184,IF(B14=100,"NO Stock", 65 and 85 will return...
  12. M

    If cell contains special characters

    Hi I have this formula but I want to adapt it to find any special character not only a slash. Any advice gratefully received. the rest carries on to another IF statement. =IF(COUNTIF([@[Network ID (08) POS]],"*/*"),"SP CHARCTER", Many thanks
  13. S

    Have to copy and paste twice to get all paste options

    Not sure what is going on, but if I copy data from one workbook to another (same excel instance) The first time I copy the data I can only paste it as text only, if I choose paste special it comes up asking if I want unicode. So I go ahead an paste it text only, then I copy the EXACT same data...
  14. R

    Excel - Paste Special

    With Excel 2011 for Mac, the Paste Special function allowed you to pick different formats to Paste data that had been copied from say another Excel spreadsheet. Such formats are placed formatting, paste values, et cetera. There was even a button supplied for this task which could be included...
  15. L

    Special Character Formula

    I need something like this =ISNUMBER(FIND("*","!",P6)) that if a cell contain any specific special character return true or false. For example, if the cell contain any other character than a number or letter it will return a true or false.
  16. B


    Hi there, Been using excel 2010. When I extract numbers and text from one colum by using =left(A1,H6) Once I have the data it does not allow me to calculate or format. I have tried to copy and special paste but no luck. After I tried special paste I tried to add the numbers I extracted and they...
  17. D

    Paste special

    Is there a paste special property for the pasted text to be only a date, without formatting, such as background etc. I have: With Worksheets(Combo).Cells(Lastrow, 1) .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteFormats End With but it copies formatting...
  18. A

    Paste Special Method of Range Class Failed

    i want to paste special for following macro on destination range.Paste special not working. how to execute paste special in following condition. please reply if any one have such solution. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim wkbCrntWorkBook As Workbook Dim wkbSourceBook As Workbook...
  19. S

    VBA Count Distinct Special Cells in a Range

    I have a list of over 75,000 names. I am trying to get a unique count of any cell that has special characters in then except the comma (,). For the data below the count could be 7. Thanks in advance! Billard, Ny'aniah S.D. Kolman, Ja'Niyla A'Marie Johnson, Dave Holmes, Lord-Ken'th Hook-Boullai...
  20. W

    Special characters in .txt file change during a Line Input in VBA

    Hi All, I am having issue when doing a Line Input from a text file that has special characters in it. For example, the μ in the text below changes to μ Here is a snippet of my code: Do Until EOF(FF) Line Input #1 , TextLine TextFileArray(c) = TextLine c = c + 1...

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