1. Trevor3007

    find many based on a certain criteria

    good evening, I hope someone can help me? I have a workbook sheet 2 contains lots of data.... I would like to be able to find anything on sheet 2 that contains a specific word ( ie Adobe) This would than display the data on sheet 1. A bit like vlookup, but vlookup as you are aware only picks...
  2. S

    Countifs, Sumproduct...?

    Hi, Sorry if there is another thread about this, but I can't find any, or I don't know the right search criteria :-) Please see below table. Do you know a formula to calculate how many times two specific companies, has been working on the same project? In below example the results should be...
  3. T

    don't copy sheet with specific name

    how to not copy a sheet with specific name please, thanks!
  4. B

    Hyperlink to a specific cell

    I was wandering if there a way to have a hyperlink to a specific cell in a workbook? I email hyperlinks to excel workbooks thats on my network at work all the time but It would be nice if the link actually opened the workbook and went to a specific cell or row.
  5. D

    How to count SPECIFIC text characters with a range of cells

    Hey guys, Can someone assist me in writing a formula for counting how many "I" are in a range of cells. For example I have a range of cells B11:AF12 that have different letters in it to identify the kind of Lead Source we receive. "I" represents Internet. I need to find out how many I's are in...
  6. S

    Go to cell in specific column of the active row

    Hi , small question. What is the code for going to the cell in Column AT of that specific row. For example : active cell is Z4 and when running macro it has to go to AT4 This is an easy one I think :-) Thank you Sapron75
  7. N

    Looking to find cell value among specific sheets in workbook

    Hi, Thanks for looking at my question. I am working in Excel 2016. I want to look up a specific cell value from among a range of worksheets (in the same workbook) and have it return the worksheet name the value is found on. The sample page from the workbook is in the link below, i tried to...
  8. S

    Macro Button for adding a column in a specific location

    Hi, I am very much a beginner with excel, but wanting to add a button on my spreadsheet to add a column after a specific column. The code I have put together is as follows: Sub AddColumns() Dim varUserInput As Variant varUserInput = InputBox("Enter Column Letter where you want to add a...
  9. C

    Get cell value from another sheet in same workbook

    I have multiple sheets in the same workbook and would like to get a cell value from a specific sheet and specific cell. How would this be accomplished
  10. S

    How to create a folder in an specific directory with the name on specific cell?

    Hello, I am trying to create a code that allows me to create a folder in an specific directory with folder name on textbox1 and if this folder is already created in that directory, it does not allow to create another with the same name. As I am very new to Excel VBA, can you please help me...
  11. J

    Finding Specific Information

    Hello! I am trying to do an INDEX formula to find specific dates. Everything was working fine until I realized that I have 2 categories that have the similar name. The 2 categories are "End User" and "End User Exception". I just want to find the "End User" and not have the "End User...
  12. E

    Counting the number of blank cells between a specific value

    I am looking for a way to count the number of blank cells between a specific column value - in this case the number 1, which represents a member order that was shipped on that specific date. So in my example below, the first member would show one day between orders shipped, the second and third...
  13. T

    Count Unique Values

    Help please...I want to count the number of unique values in Column B (delivery postcode) where column I is a specific value (delivery depot) eg how many postcodes did a specific depot deliver to. I've tried multiple variations of countif, frequency, match etc but can't seem to get it right :(...
  14. P

    VBA looping through specific columns

    Hello All I am looking for a way to loop through specific columns i.e. columns # 27,30,38,39,47,48,50,52,53,54,61,72,74,75,76,77,78,79 and in each of those columns, copy a formula from the first cell at the top of that specific column, down to all the rows in that column (lets say from line 3 to...
  15. A

    VBA to pull data based on a cell value

    Hi Guys, I know this may be simple, but for the life of me I cannot get this to work. I'm trying to just simply use VBA to lookup values based on a specific cell value. This specific cell has a drop down list, so depending on the value, the data being pulled will come from different sheets...
  16. N

    Check date falls between period

    I have a table as follows Row 1 03-Mar-20... 03-Mar-21... 03-Mar-22... 03-Mar-23... 03-Mar-24... Row 2 02-Mar-21... 02-Mar-22... 02-Mar-23... 02-Mar-24... 02-Mar-25... Row 3 T1... T2... T3... T4... T5... .. up to...
  17. N

    Sum of multple values, dependant on specifc date (within broader dates)

    I need to calculate the sum of specific cells, only when the fall within a specific date range. Our data can carry across months- eg Aug 1- Sep 15, however we need to count within a speicfic month only (eg September). I have tried a variety of SUMIFS, but I can't find the magic combination to...
  18. K

    Find a specific column header, and list ALL values under that header

    Hello All, How does one find a specific column header and then list ALL values under that header?
  19. sharky12345

    Find last row in column with specific value

    I'm sure this is really easy but I can't figure it out - I'm trying to find the last cell in column A that has a specific value. I currently have this, which gives me the value that I want, (in column B), but I need to now do it with criteria; Range("J3").Value =...
  20. W

    Copy a file from a specific directory and make available in clipboard

    Good Morning All, I have searched Google long and hard for an answer to this question to no avail!! I need to copy a CSV file from a specific directory, and make it available to the clipbaord, so I can paste it later using ctrl + v. I have developed a Macro that manipulates an XLSM file then...

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