split cell data

  1. G

    Split Column as per symbol

    Hello, Would like to split 1st column like in the 3 next columns. John Smith (Member since 1st July 2021) - Finance John Smith (Member since 1st July 2021) - Finance
  2. S

    How to split text into Columns, Data is with no space in between words and numbers

    Hi Friends, I been trying to split text into columns but did not find a suitable post over here. Here is the sample file with data extracted into columns Manually, its taking long human hours to complete. https://spaces.hightail.com/space/OU0YRqc7Yl I do not know if it is possible with...
  3. A

    Manage Data, split cell data

    I have a list sheet with customer data, see below <tbody> Abraham Gluck 718 111 2121 example@example.com Moses Grace 845 343 3434 example@example.com Miriam & Mindy Smith 347 243 2433 fax example@example.com and@Iol.com </tbody> I want to split off the third row into 2 separate rows, I...
  4. J

    split text string at 3rd instance of special character from the right of string.

    Hello - trying to find code that will split a text string at the 3rd instance of a special character from the right of the string. example string - "xxx-yyyy-zzz-FL-1-15-8" I would like to split the text at the 3rd "-" from the right (split between FL and 1). I then need to paste the 2 values...
  5. S

    put ^ between number and text EG- 125663232 5555 ^ good day

    hi i need a formula to put ^ in between no and text put ^ between number and text 125663232 5555 ^ good day 456845563 ^ WE ARE HAPPRY 7896846511 ^ HELP YOU
  6. A

    Add serial alphabet suffix based on a constant number

    Hi, I have a data as name in 1st column and quantity in 2nd column like Sam 2 Ram 3 Madan 2 Reddy 5 I want the data to be sorted to create unique bar code values as Sam_1 Sam_2 Ram_1 Ram_2 Ram_3 Madan_1 Madan_2 Reddy_1 Reddy_2 Reddy_3 Reddy_4 Reddy_5 Kindly help. Thanks in advance
  7. W

    Help with separating data in VBA

    Hi Guys & Girls, I know there are a number of ways of splitting names by space, but i want to ignore the 2nd space. So if the name is John Fred Bloggs. I want it to be <tbody> John Fred Bloggs </tbody> I have 2 macros built- one is a text to columns and the other is below. But both...
  8. MrManBoy

    Split Fuction Headache - Seperate Numbers & Text

    Hi All, Issue: I am having issues with the following code to reach the desired outcome. I have had only some success with it in what I want it to do; Maybe I have misunderstood something :eeek: Dim LR As Long, i As Long, X As Variant LR = Range("H" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row For i = 1 To LR...
  9. F

    How to split string values using delimiter into multiple rows in Excel 2010

    Hi, I need help in splitting string values for multiple columns into multiple rows: Here's how my data is currently stored: <tbody> School Name Cluster Name Pathway Name Program Name Course Name School 1 C1;C2;C3; P1;P2;P1; PG2;PG14;PG19; CS1,CS3,CS5;CS6,CS9,CS10;CS11,CS12...
  10. Z

    How do I set conditions before using "split"

    I'm completely new to VBA but I found some very helpful code in an older thread: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/543349-extract-text-between-two-points.html Thanks Gary, that's accomplised what I was originally failing to do with MID() :) but what I'm hoping someone can show me...
  11. M

    Splitting big value into smaller values

    Dear All I have some spreadsheets containing substantial rows of data, basically 3 columns as this: <tbody> Sample Start End Difference (End-Start) A 1500 1600 100 B 1200 1260 60 C 960 1020 60 D 900 920 20 </tbody> And what i want to obtain is different rows of data such...
  12. G

    How to separate variable strings to different cells

    I have a spreadsheet with almost 5000 rows that was imported from a text document into one column. I would like to separate different parts of this column into new columns. Unfortunately, it is a mixture of variable length fields. Certain sections are consistent, others are not. Can you...
  13. J

    Excel 2010 VB Help - Split Cell Data to +Rows

    Hi everybody,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Background<o:p></o:p> We have lengthy documentation in excel 2010 which has some data wrapped (Alt-Enter) in a cell.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Goal<o:p></o:p> To identify and separate...
  14. O

    Splitting column data using delimiters

    Hi there, Having some problems splitting data within a single column into several using VBA rather than a Formula. (I have been able to get working using a formula). I have found a few similar theads but nothing i seem to be able to convert with my some what limited skills :( My data is...
  15. A

    Splitting text and reading parts of it

    Hi all So I have two columns in separate workbooks. In the first column there is the short name of the experiment, and in the second one the full name of the experiment. Next to the full name there is a result that I want to put in a cell next to the short name. I need help trying to write the...
  16. D

    How to split the data in a cell where there is a -

    Hi There, I need to split the text in a cell and add to two new cells for example 'business title - Company' I want to be able to split the text where there is the - character. Can anyone please help me with this formula? Thanks
  17. B

    Split Suburb, state and postcode into three seperate colums

    Hi I am looking for some help in how to split the follow addresses into two separate boxes. Example of current database. Lucas Heights 2234 Sylvania 2224 Barden Ridge 2234 I need Lucas Heights in one box and 2234 in another, any ideas of a macro? Regards, Rob.
  18. S

    Split Data in a Cell

    Greetings, I would like to split the data in a cell. I would like to capture only the 9 digits from the far right in a cell. Example below. Data in Access table cell: A-0072256660S From the data above, I would like to run a query to retain: 72256660S Any thoughts? Thanks in...

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