split data rows

  1. Aperras7

    VBA to split worksheet into multiple sheets. Based on rows. Keeping formatting and headers

    Hello all, I know that this question has been asked a thousand time before, but I can't find the perfect one for me. I'm looking for a VBA that takes all my rows and separate them into multiple sheets in the same document. Here's exactly what i'm looking for: - something that keeps my...
  2. N

    Count rows, divide by three, copy 1/3 to to each column

    I have spreadsheets that are created on the fly that can have 1 to hundreds of rows. There is always only just one column. I need to create 3 columns in the active spreadsheet from these results using VBA. So I need to count the number of rows, divide this number by 3, and put the second third...
  3. S

    Split one large excel file into many small text files

    I would like to split an excel file of 60,000 rows into small text files (.txt) of 5000 rows (or lines) Is there any way I can split one large excel file into many text files? I could find a macro that creates a text file from Excel data on another forum, but some how it doesn't seem to work...
  4. J

    permanently filter out cases and analyse data on a case-by-case basis

    Hello! Would appreciate any help...have searched the previous posts without luck... Am using Excel XP Q1: i want to filter out duplicate cases in a specific column where constant data e.g. 'age' is unchanged for a particular case. I have tried C&P to a separate doc, advanced filtering showing...
  5. K

    split rows into multiple worksheets by header

    I have a large excel worksheet with many groups in it. Each group begins with an identical header row. Currently, I just split up each group with page breaks. I need to make a macro which splits each group into a separate worksheet tab each time it finds the header. Here is the header: HSE...

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