1. P

    Calculate win/loss percentage based on multiple criteria?

    Hi all! I have a dataset for Australian Football, it contains data for the matches played between teams in a particular league in 2021. So rows 2 and 3 for example contain the data and statistics for the match played between Wangaratta Magpies and Albury in Round 1 of the league. I want to...
  2. T

    Developing a graph out of raw data

    Hey guys, I am a sports coach and I want to have a graph of the xG (Expected Goals) in a game over time. The graph would consist of 4 lines (1 with my teams expected goals, and 1 with my teams actual goals, and the same for the opponent). I have an application that exports a raw data file in...
  3. D

    Help with Winning Predictors in Rugby Union Matches

    Hi all. This is my first post in this forum so hope this is ok to post. I have analysed and collected data on the number of kicks per game & kicking distance for 12 International rugby union matches over the last few weeks. I have concluded that kicks per game was a winning predictor in 8/12...
  4. S

    Just asking for condition format suggestions for rules

    I have a question for a conditional format specifically this: A1Conditions List:2Add anyone that has a title with "scouting" or "personnel" in it. 3I don't need people with "administration" in their title or any cap guys, despite having one listed from the Niners4Make sure every scout keeps the...
  5. M

    Baseball system help W or L

    Hello, Need help with this Baseball System, I need excel to automatically enter the W or L result based on the highest number in columns K or L, for example, Systems says New York (6.67) should beat Philadelphia (3.60) but New York lost and I manually entered L. I have faith someone here can...
  6. D

    Sports Draft App Pick Simulation

    I am working on a sports draft app for fantasy sports. Some background on fantasy sports (this is for basketball), managers draft real life players to create teams, you get matched against with a different team each week, there are 9 stat categories tracked and depending on how many categories...
  7. G

    Online scoreboard

    I wish to create a scoreboard for pool matches on a live stream as an overlay image. I was thinking of using an external button box to change the variables within an excel file which then in turn changes said variables on my overlay. The variables I would require would be: Player 1 name...
  8. R

    VBA code with multiple condition

    There are 5 candidates with 4 favorites sports. WD denotes weekday,while WE represent weekend. If the candidate takes part in a sports, the status will be "Y" and "N" if the participants did not take part in the sports. The tasks here is to write VBA code to extract data with status "Y" on...
  9. R

    Returning Missing Variables on A Merge Cell

    Hello members, I need your kind assistance with regards VBA. Attached herewith is the sample data,together with the output. For this questions, There are 5 candidates in the list and each of them will take part on their favorites sports during weekday or weekend. If they participate in a...
  10. M

    trying to display results by date

    I have a workbook that looks at the data page matches the date on the event page and posts the matching date information to the event page from the data page. (see example below) data list below example. The problem I have is that if the data in the date range is more than 2 events the data...
  11. N

    Formula to convert text based on commas

    I'm trying to use a formula which would take what's in the column A and convert it to what's in column B. Basically, the entire contents would end up surrounded by square brackets, and anywhere there is a comma, this comma should act as a separator, and finally all phrases separated by commas...
  12. W

    INDEX MATCH with IF Statement

    Hi all, So I'm trying to run an INDEX MATCH against the nuber of visits that some of my web pages have received and view the top 10 by category. The issue I have is that I've found that some of the pages have received the same number of visits so when running the INDEX MATCH it's returning the...
  13. N

    Count the number of occurrences of different words

    Hi all, hopefully a fairly simple one. Does anybody know if there is a formula to count up the number of times individual words appear in a list? I have a list of projects (2,500 in total), each with a single sport attached (could be tennis, basketball, football or many others). Is there a...
  14. J

    How to Transpose large data in Excel?

    Hi all-- I need help on how to transpose a large set of data which contains: year, term, student id, and sports. It gets complicated because there are some students that played multiple sports each term. Here's what the raw data looks like: <tbody> YEAR_CODE TERM_CODE ID NUM SPORTS...
  15. D


    I have 2 sheets of data in a workbook as below: Sheet source: <tbody> Category1 Category2 July August sports apparel 9 11 sports accessories 6 14 sports other 23 15 casual apparel 15 19 casual accessories 20 17 </tbody> Sheet Destination: <tbody> Category1 Category2 July August...
  16. J

    Web Query using value in cell

    Not sure how to do this, and I am sure it is not too hard to do but I couldn't get it to work. Trying to start up a sports spreadsheet and want to do a web query where a part of it is pulled from certain cells. For example this is the website I want the query to be pulled from...
  17. A

    Fantasy Sports Lineup Generator

    I am trying to make a spreadsheet that generates all possible player combinations that meet the requirements. The criteria are a 6 player lineup, each player has it's own individual salary, and a $50,000 lineup salary cap. I narrowed down the player pool to 20 players and each lineup must...
  18. M

    How to add up Win/Loss/Tie Records in Excel

    I have an excel spreadsheet with a column for each game saying "Win" "Loss" or "Tie" what can i do so that the record automatically updates the W-L-Tie cell when I enter in the result of the game. Also, I have this for multiple sports so how can I get one cell to add all the total W-L-T...
  19. J

    Season Fixtures extracted

    Hi All, Someone please help, I am trying to create a spreadsheet with my clubs sports fixtures for the coming season. The fixtures have been sent for the full league in the format below. I am trying to work a formula so that it will automatically extract the fixture for a set team and place...
  20. T

    VBA Listbox To Print Multiple Athlete's Workout Sheets Off The Same Sheet "Template"!?!

    Greetings! I was wondering if anyone can help me with a VBA question to make my life as a strength coach easier when trying to print off multiple workouts based on an athletes name? Ill try to explain as best as I can! I have a excel file that I use for each of my teams to collect data for...

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