1. D

    Medical Procedure Database

    Please excuse any wrong terms I may use when attempting to ask my question - I'm new to the community :) My goal is to set up an excel spreadsheet that can serve as a database from where I can pull information, in any combination, to perform research, evaluate procedures, etc. Many of these...
  2. J

    Refresh spreadsheet when listbox updated

    Hi, I need help writing a vba code which had 7 textboxes and an update button to update the listbox then spreadsheet updated via the listbox. base on the colunm selected from the listbox, it populates through the textboxes. when selected column from listbox is selected, update is made via the...
  3. R

    Rolling Calendar Attendance and Tardy Tracker

    I'm trying to help my manager create a spreadsheet to track various types of absences and leave. I've linked the spreadsheet here to see what I have set up, but need to figure out how to extract the right data. I am looking for a way to figure out absences based on a rolling calendar year, and...
  4. T

    VBA help with time results

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a spreadsheet to work with my timer. At the moment my timer is ok and i can lap it and send the data to the active cells. My issue is that the amount of rows is varying. I write a number in the first column from one to however many i have. Im a bit stuck...
  5. C

    How do I bring my excel program to the foreground?

    Hi everybody, I've been doing some research on how to bring my excel spreadsheet to the foreground whenever it goes into the background. I've stumbled across 'AppActivate Application.caption' but it doesn't work. The excel spreadsheet simply flashes orange in the taskbar and doesn't come to...
  6. L

    Finding values that don't have the right # of characters

    I am working with a spreadsheet (received from an external source) where all values should have 9 characters. I want to highlight the cells where the values are fewer than 9 characters. Is there an IF/THEN or some sort of function that I can use to highlight? It is a very large spreadsheet...
  7. P

    EXCEL shapes.visible won't work anymore

    I have the following code. It used to work on this spreadsheet but no longer works. ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Shapes("Terminator").Visible = True I know there is nothing wrong with the code because I made a brand new spreadsheet and tested the code and it works. However, there is...
  8. D

    Excel Indexing formula to Match two criteria and find the closest match on a third criteria

    Hello, i am working on trying to automate one of the tasks that i have to complete at my job, this consists of matching the charge rate on our system to a list of charge rates in a database, the old way of doing this works but is very manual and takes a long time to complete. the new way that i...
  9. D

    What would be the best way to do this?

    I am making a spreadsheet that allows you to enter an activity, press a button, then it stores the activity. A list of activities are compiled over time and there is another button that selects a random activity from the list. You can't use variables for this as they only last until the...
  10. G

    Creating a variable cell reference in a 'sorting' macro

    Sub All() ' ' All Macro ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+z ' Range("A6:Z23").Select ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("All").Sort.SortFields.Clear ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("All").Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("Z6:Z23"), _ SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending...
  11. K

    Importing data from multiple workbooks to one sheet in master workbook

    Good day all. I'm busy to automate some of our time sheets and overtime reporting. Each employee completes his/her own timesheet in a Excel Spreadsheet. Some of this information is then merged into a monthly summary. At the end of the month the employee is using a button, with a Macro, to print...
  12. W

    time calculation first time last time

    I have a spreadsheet where the columns are (A)operator (B) time of transaction (C) transaction type. The same operator can be listed up to 200 times in the spreadsheet. I need a way to calculate the operators total time (Last transaction minus first transaction). I have 50 operators within the...
  13. T

    Automatic alphabetic data extraction macro needed

    I came across someone in the office today that has been spending huge amounts of time on unnecessary copy/paste/sort gymnastics and it hurt my soul to watch. I know you geniuses can help me/her out so here's what she's doing... She's working with 3 spreadsheets; I'll call them Initial...
  14. S

    Pivot Table Filter For Multiple Survey Responses

    Hi! I have a spreadsheet with data from a survey: 9 questions, each with an answer between 1 and 5. I have a pivot table that shows me a breakdown of how many of each answer (1 through 5) there is for a single question. Is there a way that I can include all of my data and filter by question, so...
  15. E

    How to make cells equal certain row

    I am looking for a formula to help me in my spreadsheet. I want it to look for the month of January and an ID# with the amounts in that row to copy it into the next 11 months. So January would be column B and ID# in Column E, while the data i want to copy are in J, K, and L. It should display...
  16. J

    @MATCH Function?

    Hi I've inherited a spreadsheet which has the following formula in it =HLOOKUP($AZ$3,$C$13:$P$53,@MATCH(C16,$C$15:$C$53,0)+2,FALSE) I'm happy with how it works but I've never seen the @MATCH phrase before, how does this differ from a straight MATCH statement ? I've tried deleting the @ and...
  17. D

    Initial population of an ARRAY in Excel

    I currently have a spreadsheet that is filled with functions and. using macros. loops through thousands of potential combinations searching for the best possible solution. This is all being done to try and match up tennis players who have competed the least amount of times against one...
  18. G

    VBA code to count based on conditions in cells

    Hi, I am looking to automatically generate a unique identification number for each row in my spreadsheet. A few components of the number will be passed into the spreadsheet from another source. But, I need help creating two different parts of the ID. The first is a 3 digit number that will...
  19. W

    Excel Ghost Behaviour

    Hi all, I have a macro enabled spreadsheet that has multiple auto-complete drop-down lists. When the file is shared the drop-down list did not appear from the selected cell but instead appeared in another cell (see screenshot from the link below). I have also attached the spreadsheet if someone...
  20. R

    If cell is Green, copy 50 rows below it and paste to new sheet

    Hello, hoping this is an easy solve for you guys! I have a spreadsheet where I need to regularly copy the bottom half of it to a new spreadsheet while leaving the top half's data behind. The sections are separated by a row of cells with the green color (5296274). I am thinking this should be an...

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