sql 2005

  1. S

    INSERT INTO tablename using sql [dynamic table?]

    Hello all! Im trying to insert my record set (using SQL 2005 server [server 2008r2 upgrade coming soon] and office 2013) into a named table "test". (Activeworksheet - for testing purposes.) The purpose is so I can manipulate the data (add columns- remove columns -write formulas in between the...
  2. megnin

    How to call a Stored Procedure with parameters

    Hi, I've tried adapting some VBA code from other posts and I'm not having any luck with this. I could really use some help. I have a Stored Procedure in my SQL 2005 database called: sp_Count_All_YN_Answers_WTP It contains these parameters: @OneStop varchar(50) = '%', @CaseManagerLName...
  3. L

    Update on a Linked Table Failed

    I have a table in Access 2003 that is linked to a sql 2005 server. So far as I know I ahve all the essential parts for this table/form to update to the server correctly. I have a primary key, as well as a timestamp field in the table. Here is the situation i'm attempting and horribly...

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