sql filtering

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    How to assign query statement to combobox item?

    I have a separate method for database query. But I dont know how to connect it with combobox items? Whereas, if I select Combobox1 item1 it will direct to query and on button click will execute query. I tried putting it in Select Case, but not working. Thank you!
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    Optimizing production reports - MS Query

    Hi I have several big excel reports that pulls data from a db via MS query. (100 000+ rows in each) I use countifs formulas to show production volume based on parameters within the data. This seems like an unefficient way to do this. First of all it takes a long time for excel to process it...
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    Excel 2013 VBA to Outlook 2013 Paste clipboard to SQL Dasl filter in specific folder

    Hello all, I have created an Excel spreadsheet that works like this: a user clicks a .VBS file which opens my Excel spreadsheet (which stays invisible) and runs a specific macro a calendar pops up and the user clicks on a date A particular column within the spreadsheets resets to default SQL...
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    Over-Controling How Data Imports In Excel

    I have a query that pulls data from my database. The basic query looks like this: SELECT ClosedDate, ServiceRequestID FROM MyDatabaseNameHere Now SQL runs this and all my dates are in the basic format. (YYYY-MM-DD MM:SS:nnn) :( Since this is not user friendly I modify my query with Convert...
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    Getting Values out of a recordset

    Hi, I need to get values out of a recordset in order to filter a second sqlstring I constructed a filter query and get the records out of it in the first SQLstring in order to use the values to filter the second SQLstring. Unfortunately, when I set CountryCurveSelect =...

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