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    Odbc/sql server access in Excel - repeatedly asking for password

    Hi, I have created a macro which creates a SQL Server connection and returns data as requested - this works fine, however, my macro involves running the same code a number of times - also works fine, just with different connections - still all working! However, because I am making a number of...
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    SQL data connection in Excel - update SQL tables using table in Excel

    I created a SQL query that gathers information for users to determine which items in our system need to be inactivated. The user receives an Excel workbook that has a table with a data connection to the SQL Server database that pulls in the information they need (via stored proc). I want to...
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    Create a Refreshable Listobject via VBA

    Hi All, I am able to select data out of my SQL server database into a ListOjbect via VBA. My problem is I cannot make the ListOjbect Refresh. Meaning I would like to be able to select the list object in Excel and right click and choose refresh (currently grayed out) or refresh it via VBA...
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    Sql Server Book Recommendation

    I have an assistant who would like to learn more about Sql Server. Does anyone have a favorite author or book?
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    Cell with UPDATE then SQL Server table/field

    Can anyone tell me more about this and where to find documentation. Cell A2 has 1, cell B2 has 1028 The Cell H2 has the following text. UPDATE [MyApps].[dbo].[tblTheData] SET [Phrase] = '收款' WHERE CustomerID = 1 and CID = 1028 and CompanyID = 91 This format is repeated for every row - This...
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    Chinese Characters on VBA Insert to SQL Server

    I created an Excel file for mapping columns from other Excel files to a SQL Server table. It works great except for the Chinese files. I set the columns in SQL Server to nvarchar datatype and the Insert text looks great, but when executing, the chinese chars turn into "????" Any suggestions?
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    Connect to MS SQL server through Excel VBA

    I am confused on how to set up my credentials in order to connect and extract data from MS SQL Server using Excel VBA. I know this is possible with an ADO connection, I am not sure of how to setup my code to access my sql database. Can someone please send me a simple code to access my SQL...
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    Pivot Table: Problem with data connection parameter

    Hello all, I'm having an issue with a data connection in Excel 2007. I've not been able to find a solution anywhere online so I'd be tres grateful if anyone could shed some light on this. SQL Server is involved but I believe the problem is with Excel so apologies if people think I'm posting...
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    Access Database- Linking to SQL Server Data Source

    We're exploring the idea of linking our access database to a sql server database. When we go down this route, the application gives us 2 options. Our thought is that option #2- Linking to a SQL Server Db by Creating a Linked table is the way to go. However, the system goes on to say that...

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