1. D

    Stacking Columns in One Excel Sheet

    Hi, I want to stack columns B to F of the following Excel MiniSheet below column A: ABCDEF1aa1bb1cc1dd1ee1ff12aa2bb2cc2ee2ff23aa3bb3cc3ee3ff34aa4cc4ee4ff45aa5cc5ee5ff56aa6cc6ee6ff67aa7ee7ff78aa8ff89aa9ff910aa10ff1011aa1112aa1213aa13 This is only a small fraction of the Data. In the real...
  2. M

    Code to stack by row first rather than by column?

    Hello I have the follow VBA code which stacks all of column A on top of column B and so on. What I need it to do now is stack all of row 1 on top of row 2 etc. So rather than having: A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3... etc. It would instead be: A1 B1 A2 B2 A3 B3... etc. Any help would be appreciated, thank...
  3. M

    Formula to stack rows under each other

    Hi I’ve been thinking of a way to stack rows of text and numbers under each other but I just can’t get it. Can anyone help with the following :- I have an index column say A7:A27, persons name column B7:B27,and a time column C2:C27. Each of these rows can be filled with text and numbers and...
  4. iliace

    Stack overflow (literally) - Error 28 out of stack space

    Hi Everyone, I wrote a VBA script about 10 years ago, which worked fine when I first built it (so long ago - the file name is still ".xls") I tried to use it recently in a modern version of Excel, and I am getting "Error 28 out of stack space" in certain situations. This was never an issue...
  5. A

    How to concatenate and stack the result into one cell with a formula

    Looking for a formula to concatenate a few items. However I want to stack the result in the same cell. I can do it manually, but want to do this with a formula. Note: data can be anything
  6. D

    Last Column header for non blank in row?

    Hi folks, I'm using =IF(COUNTA(D7:AC7),INDEX(D$2:AC$2,MATCH(TRUE,INDEX(D7:AC7<>"",0),)),"") to find the header (in D2:AC2), but I can't get my head around how to use this, or another code, to find the header for the LAST populated cell. I used this Stack Overflow article to find the above...
  7. T

    Stack columns but keep first 5

    Hi, I've been looking around to try and figure out how to most efficient stack columns. My data (which is updated daily, hence have different amount of rows each day) currently have an output like this: <tbody> Company Name Code1 Name Code2 Name Year Starting Value Total Value October...
  8. P

    Problem with data validation: several definitions on ONE cel, like a stack

    Hello, I have a problem with Excel (2016 - Office 365). In a worksheet, I use validation. Quite simple validation: valid date input list (refering with a name to a range with the list items). There are about 15 columns with validation. On some occasion (a magic action, I'm not sure what...
  9. T

    getting an error when doing large batch size extractions

    I tried to do a 1,000,000 record pull which took quite a while. when the process finished I got this error: expression.error: evaluation resulted in a stack overflow and cannot continue. However, when I do small batches the data comes over fine. Is there a way to get around this error? Much...
  10. P

    Stack up multiple columns into one VBA

    Hi everyone, Can someone please help, So I have been using this stack up VBA code for the past a few months and everything seemed to work fine. Today, when I tried it, it left gap. So the idea here is to stack up multiple columns into a single column. The issue is that the code misses the...
  11. C

    EXCEL VBA: Function - Out of Stack Space

    Hi, I have created a function which will simply look through the current workbooks full path until it finds a certain subfolder. Once it sees the expected subfolder the function defines a string and stops. If it does not after looping through each subfolder from the current workbooks full path...
  12. P

    Stack up multiple columns (variable size) into one column with a function.

    Hello everyone, This might be a tricky one but I'm sure someone will somehow magically solve it. So I have 5 columns lets say occupying cells in B:B, C:C, D:D, E:E, F:F with variable sizes. I want column G:G to be populated or in other words to stack up all values from these 5 columns. So the...
  13. O

    stack a range of columns in to 2 columns.

    Hi, I need help on VBA code to stack a range of multiple columns into 2 columns. So far, I have only found vba to stack multiple columns into 1 column. please bear in mind that there are empty row with empty data as well and I want those to stack as well. I am only using 2 row x 2 column as...
  14. Pinaceous

    Copy Row Cells into Stack Paste

    Hi All, I'm trying to Copy row 2's A2 to K2 of Workbook(1) to then stack paste this information in Workbook(2) A7:A16. Does anyone know how to do this?? Many thanks! Pinaceous
  15. R

    Stack multiple columns VBA Code

    Hello, I have come across an issue stacking multiple columns in excel 2007. I have 9 columns that need to be stacked up to last non empty cell. The data changes in every column occasionally, so range of each column might be different. There i do need to include Range.End(xlUp) anyhow.... Ive...
  16. A

    Data from a stack rank

    Good day everyone, I have a stack ranked report that I receive on performance. There are 45 ranked individually and 4 ranked metrics with a rank per person based on all that data. My question is can I figure out how those categories are weighted with only the data and the ranked positions ?
  17. A

    How to transpose a columns into lists with subsets

    :eeek: Does anyone knows how could I transpose 32,000 rows and stack several columns (same category, employees) in one column in the following way? <tbody> Company Employee Employee Employee Employee 1 A B C D 2 D A 3 E F A … … … … … 32,000 F </tbody> to <tbody> Company...
  18. S

    Consolidate/Append/Stack Multiple Named Tables

    Hi All, I have multiple names tables (Track_01, Track_02, Track_03 ... and so on) they are all in the same workbook and all have an identical column structure. I have been able to find the solution for stacking two data bodies but not three or more. The end result should be a table named...
  19. E

    Add a line below if a cell is not blank

    I am trying to stack the values of a chart into a single column. So my data looks like this: -------A--------B 1 Value1 Value2 2 Value3 3 Value4 4 Value5 Value6 5 Value7 If cell 1B does not = 0 I want to add a line between line 1 and 2 (I'll call that line "11") and take Value2 and paste it...
  20. H

    Joining Columns one below the other

    Imagine I have some columns of data. How can I stack multiple columns on below the other in column A? For example, A column is blank now. B,C,D have some data. <tbody> A B C D 1 ab gh ij 2 cd kl 3 ef 4 </tbody> Can all the columns be stacked in the empty column A...

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