stacked bar chart

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    Add dates to Excel Gantt Chart

    I have created a Gantt Chart within Excel that has 30 tasks. The date is shown on the top horizontal axis but in addition I would like the start/end dates to show before and at the end of each task. Is there any way to create this?
  2. I

    Stacked bar chart help!

    I have data that I'm trying to get into a stacked bar chart, and am having trouble getting it set up right. I have multiple values (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc) across several months. I'd like to stack A1 and A2, B1 and B2, etc, by month. (ex data below) How do I set up the chart in excel to...
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    Data series disappears when adding bevel shape effect

    Hello, I was recently upgraded to Windows 10 and Excel 2016. I'm making multiple 2D stacked bar charts and would like to add a bevel shape effect to each data series. My smallest chart has 70 rows of data and I have no problem adding the bevel effect to that chart. My other charts, however...
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    Alternate between workdays and weekends in stacked bar chart

    Hello I am trying to have just the workdays appear in the stacked bar chart that is found in this template: Is this possible?
  5. A

    Timeline bar with same colour for same activity

    I have some data I want to present as a horisontal stacked bar Its a time serie. Hours in decimal as first column, time elapsed in second and activity in third. I want to present it as a horisontal stacked bar chart where each group of activity has its own colour (so the two talking categories...
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    Creating a Sliding Scale in Excel

    I am trying to create a sliding scale or a percentage complete chart for a construction project. There are not a lot of factors, basically a single percentage that I want represented in a graph, similar to below. I have tried several different formats and I am having trouble finding one that...
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    Excel Charts - Stacked Bar Chart showing data/color when it should be blank

    My title is probably very confusing, but it should make sense with the graphic below. Basically, I've created a chart in Excel showing some staffing data across months. The grey and gold lines are the budgets we're comparing against; the bars represent our actual staffing data. My Actuals data...
  8. K

    Adding a Segmented Bar to a Waterfall Chart

    Hi, I have two charts. The first one is a waterfall chart with bars for for sales opportunities and their stages of completion.i.e the x-axis will have the % to completion at which the deal currently stands at such as 90%, 70% etc. and the y-axis refers to the amount of the deal. The second...
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    Excel 2016 - Stacked Bar Chart with Total labels

    Hi This is the essence of what I want to achieve: a stacked bar chart showing the row grand totals: Label 1 XXYYYYYYZ 9 Label 2 YYYYYZZZZ 9 Label 3 XXXXXYYYZZZZ 12 x-axis is e.g. 1 - 12. (X, Y, Z = chart colours). Needs to be standard Excel (no macros). Thanks.
  10. C

    Stacked Bar Chart with Negative and Positive Values

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a business case where I am trying to analyze the impacts of several different scenarios. I'm plotting the impacts in a bar chart, like the one in the screenshot below. Intuitively you can probably see, but the blue represents the base case, the orange represents...
  11. P

    Stacked Bar Chart Formatting

    I was wondering if there is a way to make a Stacked Bar Chart automatically order the segments within each bar as data is added. For example, I am working on a personal finance project where my stacked bar chart has a category (x-axis label) titled "Food" and subcategories "Restaurants" and...
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    Excel Stacked Column Charting Question

    Hello this is my first time post so please bear with me if i did not clearly stated my problem. My question is regarding charting in excel where i have main category(SW rel) and sub category(Problem type seen in given sw release) that could have 3 different features where problem can be seen...
  13. Prevost

    adjusting time based horizontal axis on stacked bar chart

    Hi There. I have 19760 date & time values in column A (it starts in June and each row is incremented by 1 minute). Columns B, C, D, and E have energy uses for each minute for different pieces of equipment. I want to create a stacked bar chart showing the total energy used for each minute but in...
  14. W

    Excel Stacked Bar and Bar Chart Question

    Hi All, Is there a way to make the last section (total) of the bar chart a stacked bar? Thank you. [/IMG] Thank you
  15. R

    Help with stacked bar chart

    Hello! Ive encountered a problem i have no idea how to solve. Ill write whole story: We had a practical assignment with water pumps. We took the power consumed by pumps like 240W for example and measured the height of hose 1-7 meters. So the power consumption changes when the hose gets higher...
  16. J

    Add Value Label to Pivot Chart Displayed as Percentage

    I have created a pivot chart that "Shows Values As" % of Row Total. This chart displays items that are On-Time vs. items that are Late per month. The chart is a 100% stacked bar. I would like to add data labels for the actual value. Example: If the chart displays 25% late and 75% on-time, I...
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    Combining a stacked bar graph with a line chart

    Hi there, I've been struggling to combine these two different types of graphs together - I have made the stacked bar graph and a line graph and would love to just somehow overlay the bar graph with the line graph. From the research I've done I've seen recommendations to add the data relating...
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    Urgent help need with axis not starting at zero, but labels do need to start at zero

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding a horizontal stacked bar chart that I am building. I have my various categories on the Y-axis and my total numbers on the X-axis. The problem is that my horizontal axis has to start at -5 and end at 160. However, I want my horizontal axis labels to...
  19. N

    100% Stacked Bar Chart, Heights Relative to Additional Values / Series

    Greetings, I'm trying to create a stacked bar chart, but with the length of the bar adjusted relative to a second series on the primary axis. I'm analyzing the occurance of key terms in the meetings of various departments, but I want the length of each department's bar proportional to the...
  20. E

    Stacked bar graphs

    Hi, I am attempting to create a stacked bar graph that uses one column of data as the whole and the next column as part of the whole. Currently, when I insert the stacked bar chart, it adds both sets of data on top of each other; it does not include the second set as part of the "whole" first...

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