stacked bar

  1. K

    Changing color for Stacked bar chart...

    I have 4 columns Data with the following data Category, Description, Start Date, Duration (in days) ABC ABC - Test1 3/1/2016 80 DEF DEF - Test2 1/1/2014 1117 GHI GHI - Test3 2/5/2015 500 JKL JKL - Test4 8/1/2020 400...
  2. D

    Gantt chart (stacked bar) with repeated tasks spanning midnight?

    Hi guys, I have some issues creating a gantt chart (stacked bar). There's plenty of information about Gantt charts in general but not on these topics: - repeating different daily tasks - tasks that span midnight So I'm stuck with the following: -Creating horiz. axis from 18h to 18h (instead...
  3. B

    stacked bar vs. legend order in power view

    I have a stacked bar chart in Power View with 3 elements. The challenge that I am having is that the bars are stacking opposite the legend and I would like them to match. This is how it looks now - <tbody> Bar Legend Point A Point C Point B Point B Point C Point A </tbody> I have...
  4. E

    Stacked Bar question

    I am trying to make a stacked bar chart showing the percentages of students scoring advanced, proficient, needs improvement, and failing for the past three years. That part was easy. Then I thought it would be more visually appealing and tell a better story if I showed the percentages below...
  5. R

    Cluster & Stacked Bar Chart

    Does anyone know how to do a 3D bar chart that is both clustered and stacked like in this picture.
  6. P

    Label at the end of Stacked Bar Pivot Chart

    I have a stacked bar pivot chart. I would like to add a label or textbox at the end of each of the bar. How do I find and reference the x-y coordinates for the end each bar? My VBA is limited, but growing. Any snippet or code example would be great. Thanks.
  7. P

    Overlap-Separate columns in clustered and stacked bar graph

    I am using Excel 2007. I wanted to create a bar graph in which series A and B are stacked, and next to it there is a series C (imagine that A are women from the US, B are men from the US and C are HIV positive cases in the US). So what I am trying to do is some kind of combination of stacked bar...
  8. S

    Timelines/stacked bar charts

    I have read lots of information regarding timelines,stacked bar charts, gannt charts, but have not been succesful in displaying information I require. I have a certain number of projects on the go at once, all at different stages. I want to be able to display all these stages at once for each...
  9. B

    Custom Stacked Bar Chart in Shape of Pyramid

    Greetings! I am trying to create a chart in the shape of a pyramid with 10 stacked sections to the pyramid. These 10 sections will be equally distributed as far as height of each section and the height will not need to change with the data. Within each section of the pyramid, I need...
  10. Y

    add a marker to a timeline chart

    this has me stumped for a few days. i have created a timeline chart similar to the one described in Now i have a category called "Go Live". I want the value to be marked a different colored line, or have a line on the timeline to indicate the deadline. is...
  11. S

    Create a stacked bar chart by price and customer

    I need some help creating a semi-complex stacked bar chart. The x-axis will be average selling price in ascending order. The y-axis will be quantity sold (at each price level on the x-axis). The stacked bars will be assembled by combining sales to different customers at the same price level...

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