standard deviation

  1. J

    Standard Deviation between Two Dates

    Hello all! I am working on a very large spreadsheet and need to calculate the mean and standard deviation for each month of 2021. I've figured out the formula for the mean but the standard deviation isn't giving me the correct information. Cell References $D$1 is the year (2021) $D$2 is the...
  2. N

    Calculate 3 Year Standard Deviation using Monthly & Quarterly returns

    Good Evening All, I have been able to successfully calculate the 3 Year Standard Deviation for the S&P 500 using monthly data. The figure I obtain coincides with outside data vendors and I assume is correct. When I attempt to calculate the 3 Year Standard Deviation on the same Index, over the...
  3. M

    Normal Distribution - Probability - Functions to find μ, Z,

    Hello! I have trouble finding the mean and probabilty when only the standard deviation is given. I have the correct answer, look below questions. I think NORM.S.DIST might be the correct formula, but I cant figure out HOW to use this to get the solution. QUESTION 1) A Top-load washers at a...
  4. R

    Creating a random skewed distribution

    Good evening, I am creating a monte-carlo simulation using NORM.INV distribution based on a mean and standard deviation. However, the distribution of the data that these numbers are based on is skewed; which doesn't get reflected, as only using mean/sd produces a symmetrical distribution. Is...
  5. I

    Removing Outliers with standard deviation

    Hello, I am working on a project and told to remove all outliers by using the ? +- 3? approach. I am wondering how i should go about this? do i need to calculate the mean and all quartiles to remove the outliers or is there a single excel function that can remove the data outside 3 standard...
  6. A

    STD Deviation Discrepancy

    I am trying to find the standard deviation for data presented in different ranges and I am currently using the following equation: =+STDEV.S(IF((e7a1!A12:A1010>=Primary!K$5)*e7a1!A12:A1010<=Primary!K$6);INDEX(Table1;0;MATCH($D19;Table1[#Headers];0));)) The reason for the formatting is that its...
  7. G

    Standard deviation on multiple criteria not working

    I'm trying to calculate standard deviation based on multiple criteria. I've used suggestions show on this site and on Google, but it keeps returning the SD of the entire list, not just those that match. Here's the formula I'm using: =STDEV.S(IF($C$2:$C$10=$L2,IF($E$2:$E$10=$M2,$H$2:$H$10)))...
  8. I

    Standard Deviation between two specific cell values.

    I can calculate the standard deviation when the cell condition is above or equal to 70 using this formula. <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; font-family: Consolas...
  9. T

    Removing outliers from being counted in Average/Standard deviation functions??

    Hi, As a sciences undergrad, I have a number of massive lists of data that I need to sort through... Some of the averages and standard deviations are getting massively skewed as a result of outlier data.. Is there a way I can exclude these from my or =avg function without having to...
  10. J

    Calculating Actual Standard Deviation

    I am looking for a way to calculate the actual standard deviation in excel. For example if the mean is at 10, what would be the actual standard deviation for 12? Thanks!
  11. L

    Excel Formula: Standard Deviation IF

    Hi all, Looking for some help with a standard deviation formula, integrated with an if statement. I'm using 'AVERAGEIF' and have read many articles about how to achieve something similar for the standard deviation using an array formula, i.e.; {=STDEV(IF(B3:B8="TEST1",D3:D8,""))} This appears...
  12. N

    If between a and b but not between x and y- Standard deviation

    I am trying to highlight cells which are between two numbers but not between two other numbers in order to highlight data values used to create a histogram using standard deviation. I understand that I would use conditional formatting but I'm not sure how to set up the equations. Here is...
  13. R

    How to define standard error for individual bars in excel, when the bars are already grouped together

    have a chart on excel which has two groups, i can usually set custom standard error for one group but here i have two groups. The solution for having one group is already solved and here is the answer Excel Graph with custom standard deviation but i dont want this, my bars are grouped together...
  14. M

    Calculating the standard deviation (in a pivot table) of my data (hourly) and adding it to the hourly average of the data

    I have 3 years of data in 6 minute averages that I would like to get the standard deviation by hour and add it to the hourly average. I created a standard deviation in the "Values" section, but this field does not show up in the calculation field list. Is there a way to create a calculation of...
  15. Z

    Mean & Std. Dev of Middle 80%

    Hi guys, I have a column of data (column H), and I'm trying to take the average & standard deviation of just the middle 80%. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Thank you all for your time!
  16. G

    How to rank based on sum and break tie with standard deviation?

    Can anyone help me with how to break a ranking tie using standard deviation? 10 people rank their choices from 1-10 (10 being best), so I started with a plain basic rank based on the sum of all 10 people's choices. Highest overall number represents the groups most favorite choice. I would like...
  17. V

    Even Sum of Colums of a Random generated array

    I am sure you can tell by the title this is going to be fun! I have an array of random number of card players getting a random (but equal) number of cards. The cards are all numbered based on "power". So card 50 is weaker than card 49. I have the random number generator all set up to...
  18. B

    Averageif formulae

    Hi. I have a simple question on an averageif statement that is ending in an error code for me. I have in worksheet of data. I have made a pivot based on the data and in column A is the postcode, column B is the Average for the rent, column C is the Standard Deviation of the rent All easy to...
  19. S

    Dynamic Standard Deviation VBA

    Hi I am working on a project where I am trying to find the standard deviation within a dynamic range. I am having some trouble as to how to calculate the standard deviation. I am trying to do this step by step, but I cannot get the sum difference of squares working Here a link to a screen...
  20. M

    Writing formulas using the calculated field of a pivot table

    All, I got an easy one for you Excel geniuses.. It concerns the calculated fields in a pivot table (PT). I want to add a field in a PT that is calculated using standard deviation and average of existing fields in the datasource. But how I declare standard deviation and average in the "Formula"...

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