1. B

    How to convert Now() to Eastern Standard Time

    Hi, I have multiple users across the US using my application and I utilized the now() function. So is there way to convert all of these now() to eastern standard time because these time stamps are saved in my access database. Thanks
  2. O

    Autofill with gaps

    Hello all, The form that I am working with requires me to pull the information from a different sheet. The information is stored with a gap of 38 rows, so standard autofill doesn't work. Is it possible to achieve this? thank you, Oksana
  3. I

    Removing Outliers with standard deviation

    Hello, I am working on a project and told to remove all outliers by using the ? +- 3? approach. I am wondering how i should go about this? do i need to calculate the mean and all quartiles to remove the outliers or is there a single excel function that can remove the data outside 3 standard...
  4. N

    Standard Deviation Function

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to do a standard deviation ifs function. I am trying to take the standard deviation from a specific criteria within a spread sheet so for example: one of the criteria I need to fulfill is <=8.5 & >=2.9 & >=18 <=26. So I will need 4 criteria that will need...
  5. G

    need macro file with macro button to import and split the data in to multiple work books

    I need a macro file with the macro button where it should work as below. - When I click on the macro button, pop up should open to select the report from my local drive(the report will be in .xls or .xlsx or .csv format) - Once I selected the report it should ask for the column name to input. -...
  6. NewOrderFac33

    Determining RGB values of each item in the Standard Color Palette

    Good afternoon, Nice for for somebody for a Friday afternoon! :-) I know how to use the 56 .ColorIndex values, and how to set an interior or font color to an RGB value, but does anyone know of a quick way to return the RGB value of each element in the Standard Color Palette (Excel 2016) to a...
  7. G

    Filtering with multiple criteria

    Hi All, I have to extract some data's from large number of Dump data with multiple filtering.Which should to shown in summary sheet while updating the dump data for next frequency.Here below a sample data. Summary sheet : -------------------- July Aug Total Marks by 1...
  8. T

    get standard deviation from every 1st, 6th and 10th cell in column

    Hello I have a column of data. The # of rows are always multiples of 10. How to get the standard deviation from the cells in each 1st, 6th and 10th row? For example if I had 100 rows. I would want the standard deviation from rows 1,6,10,11,16,20,21,26,30...91,96,100 Thanks Tom
  9. G

    Standard deviation of correlation matrix

    I am looking to get the standard deviation of each correlation coefficient in a matrix. The matrix is complete (as in each pairwise correlation in included twice) but i want the standard deviation including only each coefficient once. The matrix will vary in size and can be quite large so i...
  10. S

    Create Sheet to index scores for a club

    Good day All, I need to extract data from an excel sheet and index them on another sheet to formulate results with handicaps etc. I am struggling on extracting the data: <tbody> Division Stage Number Name Hit Factor Classic 1 Ira 2.57 Classic 2 Ira 0.97 Standard 1 Jason 5.36 Standard...
  11. E

    Excel formula to 'append' information together?

    Hi all - I am attempting to use Excel to find information from one table and assign it to other tables....which is normally easy....but there is a conundrum I have run across. For example: <tbody> I currently have this information: Standard Section Activity 200.01-14 627 200.15-17...
  12. R

    Standard deviation on specific days

    I have some data that I need averages and standard deviations on specific days. Averages are easy with Averageif but I can't find anything similar for STDEV. I've tried putting a IF statement inside STDEV but keep getting NAME or VALUE errors. My data looks like this: Data...
  13. J

    Weird Date Format 20160726

    I have a spreadsheet that is sent to me with a strange date format that I would like to convert to a more standard format. It looks like this when I get it: 20160726 Which translates to 07/26/2016. There are about 58,000 rows with this weird date. What do you think would be the fastest way...
  14. G

    Looking for plus/minus in VLookup data

    Hi, I use a spreadsheet that uses a formula to find whether the part needed for a job is standard or do we need a custom made piece. This is the formula IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(C31,G40:H83,2,0)),(B31*C31)*H38,VLOOKUP(C31,G40:H83,2,0)) and the data base it searches has all our standard sizes in it. I...
  15. D

    Identify duplicate titles

    Hi All, Could someone please assist with the below query as I couldn't figure out the way to do it. I have two columns(A&B) with document numbers (same numbers exist in column A due to multiple versions- draft, version 1, final etc) and Titles. Some document numbers have same titles, which...
  16. A

    Custom Date format to a standard date format

    Hi All, Apologies if this is totally daft, nube etc. I'm fairly green to excel, so your assistance and forgiveness is sought after. I have been given a date in the following format as plain text "MAR 4, 2019" and I wish to convert it to 04/03/2019 using excel. I have 1400 different the...
  17. B

    Break down travel time periods based on criteria

    I'm making a travel time sheet for technicians to fill in travel, the input should be broken down based on driving time period. Between 7AM and 5 PM should be considered as standard time, before 7AM is morning, after 5 PM is Evening This is easy, the hard part for me is to break it up when there...
  18. JenniferMurphy

    On Error handling

    This web page, has this to say about On Error GoTo 0 In my code, it isn't working. This line causes a Value error in the calling cell. Parms = Split(PArgs(i), "=") VBA does not "display its standard run time message box" as claimed above. I...
  19. W

    Excel and one drive

    I have several workbooks on our network that have linked cells to each other. I wanted to move them to One Drive so I can access from anywhere but the links break. Is there a way to avoid this? Need I link it differently than the standard copy past link?
  20. O

    Index/Match Across Workbooks with Multiple Criteria

    Hello, I am trying to pull certain data from a raw data file that is updated weekly from another source and place it in a more presentable model. I am having to use multiple criteria (Columns A and B below) to try and get the appropriate lookup value from Column C through F but am not having...

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