1. K

    help with customer AutoNumber

    I need help with how to setup a custom AutoNumber in Access. I want to be able to enter a starting number with up to eight digits and then have it increment by one. So, for example I want my starting number to be 30064889 and increment from there. Is this possible?
  2. A

    Error 1904 - sometimes

    Attempting to write a Comment with Sub WriteComment(r as Range, T) with r if not .Comment is Nothing Then .comment.Delete end if .addComment T end with End Sub And I call this with Dim CRange as Range Set CRange = WorkSheets(SheetName).cells(RowNumber,ColoumLetter) WriteTheComment cRange...
  3. M

    In the VBA formula, need to get starting row number from the cell value

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> In the cell H6 I have a formula =COUNTIF(D$6:D$100,G6) which start counting unique data of column D from the starting row 6, I need help how can I change starting row number 6 to x row "in the formula above which I am running via VBA" does it is possible VBA formula can...
  4. Dan Wilson

    Working with minutes and seconds

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with several worksheets tracking music. My goal is to take a concert (multiple songs) and track each piece of music. I have columns set up to track the starting time and ending time of a particular song within the entire...
  5. J

    Find missing numbers and post.

    Hello everyone and thanks ahead for your help! I am using Excel 2016 and in my spreadsheet, in column A starting in cell A1 I have sorted numbers from 1 to 1000, no duplicates and no blank cells and no data beyond last number. There are however missing numbers. I would like Excel to when I...
  6. B

    Sumproduct Array

    Hey Guys, I have a set of data with data and projects, in the format below: [Row 4, starting column F] Jan Feb Mar etc. [Column B, starting row 6] Project A, Project B I'm trying to sum all the forecast for for a project, based on the previous month's forecast - so i can compare with what's...
  7. P

    Deleting a column and keeping correct formula.

    Hi. I am sure there is a very simple solution to this. I have a list of names across rows, underneath is a number (starting at 1). What I want to do is to have a formula that means even if a column is deleted, the number adjusts itself so that it all runs correctly. The formula that I...
  8. C

    VBA to create list based on input

    I would like help creating VBA that creates a unique list based on input in cell 'H1' and provides vertical output starting at cell 'E5'. (cell 'H1' will always be a 1- or 2-digit number) Starting in cell 'A5' of the sheet named "Products" I have a list of unique product numbers. Starting in...
  9. A

    Setting the Current Value from a Cell in a Form Control Scrollbar

    I have a file and created 3 scrollbars to help my sales reps understand how they can affect their commissions by activities they can control. On the worksheetI have a section that shows their current performance, and another section that shows a 'What-If' scenario. As I move the scrollbars, the...
  10. G

    Formula N/A Error

    Good Afternoon, I'm getting an error with my formula... but only sometimes not every time. =INDEX(DlyRateCodes1!$D$27:$K$455,MATCH($CD11,DlyRateCodes1!$B$27:$B$455,0),MATCH(H$1000,DlyRateCodes1!$D$26:$Z$26,0)) If you could give me an idea of what's wrong, that would be great. I know this is...
  11. R

    Lookup and Join inquiry

    I need to join a comma delimited list to a list that has the corresponding naming conventions. For example... Table A - Starting from Cell A2 <tbody> 45,745 209,65,35 45,112,N60 </tbody> Table B - Starting from Cell A2 (ID) & B2 (Name) <tbody> <tbody> 45 Exam One 209 Test Two...
  12. K

    Copy and paste list members multiple times

    I have a series of ID's residing on one sheet that I need to copy over to a second sheet. There are currently 37 ID's starting in C14 of Sheet1 through C50 but the number will vary. I need to paste each ID into Sheet2 starting in cell D7. Each ID needs to get pasted 6x, then I need to skip a...
  13. K

    Looping until the last row in sheet - copy cell i until last colmn

    Hi and thanks, Data set Col A Col B Col C Col D Col E Col F Col G Row 1 x x x x x x x <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col...
  14. Phil Smith

    VBA - format specific characters with strikethrough

    Hello Excel expert people! I have a string "165 / 168 / 170 / 172 / 68" that is present in a number of cells throughout my worksheet. Dependant on certain criteria, my aim is to format the text so one or more of either 165, 168, 170, 172 or 68 within those cells are formatted with...
  15. A

    Formula to apply to filtered data

    I using this formula to copy duplicates of column S (starting at S10) over to U (starting at U10) - =IF(COUNTIF($S$10:S10,S10)=1,S10,""). However, I want it to only apply to the filtered data meaning if a duplicate was found on S11 with S13 and the duplicate was moved to S11, the next time I...
  16. B

    conditional formatting

    how do I create a rule to highlight columns B:N of a specific row starting in row 8. if the cell in column N has CV?
  17. B

    VBA Help

    I have two tables named Starting & Ending on two different sheets. I would like to have a macro that clears the starting table and then copies whatever is in the ending table over to the starting table. There are formulas in each table; they're the same format. I need to be able to cycle...
  18. K

    finding last row (that is visible) starting from the first row (that is visible)...

    never mind... I got it! apologies for the 'false alarm' ;) how do I find the last visible row when starting from the first visible row, but BELOW a certain starting point? So in the example below, the code would need to locate the first visible row that is below row 3, and down to the last...
  19. M

    formula to have a sequence of numbers

    So what I am trying achieve is a list of numbers starting from 001/20, 002/20 and so on
  20. C

    Repeat blocks of rows based in criteria

    Hi all, I have a tab called ‘VBAinputs’. On this tab starting on cell A4 and descending are any number of text strings. Also on this tab cell C3 contains a number (this will be a starting copy row indicator) and cell D3 contains a number (this will be the number of rows in a copy block), I...

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