1. T

    VBA Loop to find cell, move contents up, then clear old contents

    Hello guru's. I have always struggled with and I need to do more study on this theory. CONCEPT: code that allows me to loop through a worksheet and move Manager Name (find d.value) to 2 rows above Store Number (find c.value). The data sheet has various rows in-between c.value and...
  2. willow1985

    Excel stating not a valid formula when the same formula is working in another spreadsheet...

    Hello, I was hoping someone would be able to help me with the below formula: ="CC "&AGGREGATE(14,6,MID(A3:A1000000,4,9)/(LEFT(A3:A1000000,3)="CC",1)+1 I have the same formula in another sheet: ="IAR "&AGGREGATE(14,6,MID(A$4:A$999952,4,9)/(LEFT(A$4:A$999952,3)="IAR"),1)+1 and it works just...
  3. E

    Variable Range in VBA Regression

    Hello, I am trying to automate a linear regression but want it to work for variable sized data sets. This is what I have for a given set. The Y data always starts at X5 and the X data always starts at Y5, but the length of the column changes. Any ideas as to how I would allow for the regression...
  4. D

    Using If, Left and Or Functions

    Hello, I'm trying to get a formula with multiple conditions to work and am having a hard time. Basically: If A1 starts with "ABCD" OR "EFGH", put the value (say, $10) of B1 into cell C1. If A1 starts with anything else, put a zero in cell C1. I've tried combining If, Left and Or but I must be...
  5. D

    Stuck in the middle

    I am using a data validation list pull down menu to select an item.When I go to the drop down arrow it starts in the middle so u cant see the list any help to move it to the top so the list shows?
  6. T

    Change from Hour to hour and minute

    Hello Im new to excel and wondering would it be possible to change the hour formula to hour and minute? example first column which has hour {0;7;22} can it be changed to {0:30;7:30:22:30} as in the energy market it always starts at 7:30 not 7 for example, LOOKUP(HOUR(B2),{0;7;22},{"Off...
  7. S

    IF with multiple conditions

    Hi there, Maybe someone can help me (is there any video/page I can watch?) as I am struggling to accomplish the following: I have a huge list with post codes: DN9 2BT IP28 8PQ DT6 4NG F94 TP9N LL20 8DD RH1 2NB YO22 5NH TA8 2NZ B48 7SQ LL58 8YL In the second column I want to insert a if...
  8. T


    I have a formula below , where I need the week number from 1 - 13 depending on the upload date & what Qtr we are in. =WEEKNUM(J4058)-WEEKNUM(LOOKUP(J4058,DATE(YEAR(J4058),{3,6,9,12},30))) When a new QTR starts, the weeknum should be "1", however it keeps populating as "0". Any help would...
  9. N

    Finding last non blank cell on a row

    Data Setup • A range from B5:B50 • In the range, there could be text that starts in B5/ends in B10 and there may be blanks between B5:B10 starts in B12/ends in B22 and there may be blanks between B12:B22 starts in B40/ends in B50 and there may be blanks between B40:B50 I want to...
  10. L

    Dynamic naming of timeline

    Hi as per the dropbox link, i have a simple timeline that i want to have certain values appear according to their month. So for example, construction starts 01 Dec 2019, i want the text "Construction Starts" appear in J9...
  11. A

    Power Pivot

    I would like to create a calendar table in the data model to be able to group by week.Weeks are 5 days per week - Monday to Friday. So, my calendar starts from: 8/6/2018 to 7/26/2019 Week 1 starts from 8/6/2018 to 8/10/2018 And every 5 weeks, we start a new week 1. Can anybody, please help...
  12. C

    Using a regex expression in an array formula

    Is it possible to search use a regular expression in an array formula? I have some defined values in cell A11 which works but I also want to lookup for example anything that starts with 4 numbers (which will represent a time code)...
  13. W

    I want to filter on cells in the colum which starts from a alphabet.

    Hello Team, Could someone advise me how I can filter only cells which starts from alphabet V345 T039 0231 M444 0311 Q001 I would like to see only which starts from alphabet. Please advise me
  14. T

    Formula to slipt data into 3 parts

    Hi everyone, Just had a nightmare download, and need to get this out asap. hope some can help me all my data has come in in one cell per row It looks like this <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> "127FsFredsmith(257)" </tbody> Now what I need is 3 columns "127" "Fs" "Fredsmith(257)" so the...
  15. G

    Index Match IF Trouble

    I'm working from a document that contains two tabs; starts and stops. The starts tab details an index of the month/year of when a widget started. The stops tab details the same for when the widget stopped. I'm currently using a Index Match IF formula to attempt to pull the start into the stop...
  16. D

    Extract data one after a character after a special character

    Hi I ma hope some one can help me with the following . I have the follow data . I need to return the size only i.e XXS, XS S M,L,XL,2XL...which starts from one character after the "-" <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> DS2118-O/N-AXXS DS2118-O/N-BXS DS2118-O/N-CS DS2118-O/N-DM...
  17. D

    Writing a statement counting multiple columns

    I need help writing a statement that essentially says if column A is the month of December in the following format xx/xx/xxxx. Then if column B has a number that starts with 23, 24, 25. Then if column O is Y or N.
  18. A

    Identify cells with leading apostrophe via VBA

    How do you detect if text in a cell starts with a leading apostrophe ? TIA.
  19. I

    Conditional Formatting based on 2 sets of criteria?

    Hi, I'm using this formula... =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(AG3,A2:T89,200)," ") Is there a way to also check if the text in AG3 starts with 319 and the result returned from A2:T89 was >499 then colour the result if conditons are met in red? Thanks
  20. M

    Macro to fill in cells based on a single value

    Dear Reader, I have an excel problem of which I hope some of you could help me with. For the company I work at, I want to extend the current master production schedule (in excel) with hypothetical values. For instance, the amount of production starts for the coming 6 months is defined (customer...

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