1. W

    Need help With formula

    Hi I need a formula for: to find all numbers/rows that repeat at least two numbers in the entire row in at least one other row. Maybe highlight each set wit different color? im not sure if this is even possible since if the numbers in different row repeat then it would highlight it in both...
  2. E

    Copying data from a closed workbook / replacing indirect(concatenate)

    Hello, I need some advice regarding following: Once a month a workbook is created with reports. The structure of the monthly workbooks looks in 2019 like this: Statistics Modell 201906.xlsx Statistics Modell 201905.xlsx Statistics Modell 201904.xlsx Statistics Modell 201903.xlsx Statistics...
  3. S

    Analysis? Which of 7 factors affect revenue? HOW

    Hi. Urgent as need to hand in tomorrow. Completely lost. I have revenue each day; there's multiple factors; TV ads, radio ads, Facebook likes, Google ads, temperature and precipitation for each day too... In excel- what do I use? What stats to do a quick job on what factors affect revenue...
  4. H

    help with efficiency on football database hi everyone the link there takes you to a screenshot of a spreadsheet I have operated for several years to record results of a weekly indoor football game with friends with teams chosen at random. hopefully its reasonably self explanatory how I have set it up as it is...
  5. V

    Macro taking long time to execute.

    Hi all, Have to generate 640 files basis district name. The output sheets are formula based , they pull the data from input sheets. Mostly the sumifs formula is used. It takes almost 5 minutes to generate one single file. Perhaps with each change of district the calculation features takes time...
  6. H

    Compatibility Functions

    I am using the statistics functions on Excel 2016, which have various items listed as 'compatibility functions', for instance, =mode and =stdev. I wanted to know, if I import an old spreadsheet: 1) Is there somewhere I can find out which of the new functions the deprecated ones refer to? For...
  7. S

    Statistics Help on Excel

    How do you find the statistical difference between a slope of -0.09 and a slope of 0? What steps would you need to do to figure it out? What statistical analysis would you need to do?
  8. P

    Football algorithm - statistics

    Hi, I have a bit of a problem. Usually I manage to find answers and solutions in the older threads (thanks to everyone for posting answers on the site), but this time I was forced to register and post my issue :). I m designing an algorithm for a football game, the issue is statistics. It would...
  9. S

    Is it possible to take a list of numbers and put each one of them in a different cell

    Hi, I have a lot of data sequences I need to statistically analyze. The problem is that the numbers are separated by a space character. I need each number to be in a different excel cell. Is there a way to tell excel to use the space as "move the next number to a different cell"? For example...
  10. S

    Probability on Excel

    <colgroup><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> 1.1 The average number of deer seen per hour 3.6. Calculate the probability of observing 0, 1, 2, …. 10+ below Number of Deer Seen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ How would i solve this on excel? </tbody>
  11. T

    Power/Sample Size Calculator

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the formulas needed in Excel to calculate Power and Sample size, as we currently use Minitab and it is tedious with a long list of inputs. I used this site but I do not have a standard...
  12. J

    SUM IF all sheets ending with "Statistics"

    I hope I explain this okay because it's quite complicated but here goes: I have multiple sheets ending with the word "Statistics", Dave Statistics, Stuart Statistics, Alan Statistics etc (more sheets can be added at any given time) I need a formula that will... Firstly look in all sheets that...
  13. S

    Rows Between Next Item

    Hey everyone, I'm new here so just a short Hello and hoping you're all well. I have a one column list of over 3000 rolls of a dice. E.g 3 6 5 3 2 3 4 4 2 2 3 etc, etc I need a way to know how many rolls before the same number came up again. So, in the above snippet of the data, if I checked...
  14. S

    Football Statistic Match Ratings (Average for Past 3 Games)

    I'm building out a database of Football statistics for the Football Teams I support, however an issue I have is that it is all automated, except for the average rating for the past three matches (Recent Form). At the moment I have to manually select the cells that would contribute to this...
  15. S

    statistics for "difference in differences"

    I wonder if anyone on this forum knows how to calculate using EXCEL the statistics for "difference in differences". I have 4 sets of groups - each group has a mean and a standard error I am trying to calculate if the difference between group 1 and 2 is the same or not the same (statistically)...
  16. R

    Statistics & the Chi Square function

    Hi everyone, I'm teaching statistics and started incorporating Excel alongside R. When we got to running a Chi-Square test, I noticed something very odd that I cannot figure out. Can someone tell me why I get different results with the same formula function. Note, I'm using Excel 365 on...
  17. B

    Is there a simpler way to write this array formula?

    I use an array formula to calculate the z score of numerical results in a list. The reason I use an array formula is because each result in the list is also part of a subgroup (subgroup labeling is in a different column in the same sheet; result is on the same row as its corresponding subgroup...
  18. H

    Proving a hypothesis

    Hello, I need help!! Im totally new to any time of statistics. This will probably be easier on SPSS or Minitab - I have access to both but would also be open to using excel if i can. I have some data. Its 1500 rows like the following. - The data is from a OEE system. It is the occurrences that...
  19. S

    UDF no looping and returning answer for worksheet function

    I'm trying to return the answer to the formula for BINOMDIST to the worksheet. However, unless I comment out the "cdf" row, the macro does not loop. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew Function AllowedErrors(Size As Double, Conf As Double, p...
  20. S

    Find allowed errors when accuracy, confidence, and number of trials is known

    I can use the BINOMDIST to find the sample size needed when I provide the required accuracy, confidence level, and number of errors. But I'd like to go the other way and find the number of allowed errors when I know the required accuracy, required confidence level, and number of trials. Is...

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