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    Copying data from a closed workbook / replacing indirect(concatenate)

    Hello, I need some advice regarding following: Once a month a workbook is created with reports. The structure of the monthly workbooks looks in 2019 like this: Statistics Modell 201906.xlsx Statistics Modell 201905.xlsx Statistics Modell 201904.xlsx Statistics Modell 201903.xlsx Statistics...
  2. S

    Analysis? Which of 7 factors affect revenue? HOW

    Hi. Urgent as need to hand in tomorrow. Completely lost. I have revenue each day; there's multiple factors; TV ads, radio ads, Facebook likes, Google ads, temperature and precipitation for each day too... In excel- what do I use? What stats to do a quick job on what factors affect revenue...
  3. H

    help with efficiency on football database hi everyone the link there takes you to a screenshot of a spreadsheet I have operated for several years to record results of a weekly indoor football game with friends with teams chosen at random. hopefully its reasonably self explanatory how I have set it up as it is...
  4. V

    Macro taking long time to execute.

    Hi all, Have to generate 640 files basis district name. The output sheets are formula based , they pull the data from input sheets. Mostly the sumifs formula is used. It takes almost 5 minutes to generate one single file. Perhaps with each change of district the calculation features takes time...
  5. H

    Compatibility Functions

    I am using the statistics functions on Excel 2016, which have various items listed as 'compatibility functions', for instance, =mode and =stdev. I wanted to know, if I import an old spreadsheet: 1) Is there somewhere I can find out which of the new functions the deprecated ones refer to? For...
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    Statistics Help on Excel

    How do you find the statistical difference between a slope of -0.09 and a slope of 0? What steps would you need to do to figure it out? What statistical analysis would you need to do?
  7. P

    Football algorithm - statistics

    Hi, I have a bit of a problem. Usually I manage to find answers and solutions in the older threads (thanks to everyone for posting answers on the site), but this time I was forced to register and post my issue :). I m designing an algorithm for a football game, the issue is statistics. It would...
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    Is it possible to take a list of numbers and put each one of them in a different cell

    Hi, I have a lot of data sequences I need to statistically analyze. The problem is that the numbers are separated by a space character. I need each number to be in a different excel cell. Is there a way to tell excel to use the space as "move the next number to a different cell"? For example...
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    Probability on Excel

    <colgroup><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> 1.1 The average number of deer seen per hour 3.6. Calculate the probability of observing 0, 1, 2, …. 10+ below Number of Deer Seen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ How would i solve this on excel? </tbody>
  10. T

    Power/Sample Size Calculator

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the formulas needed in Excel to calculate Power and Sample size, as we currently use Minitab and it is tedious with a long list of inputs. I used this site but I do not have a standard...
  11. J

    SUM IF all sheets ending with "Statistics"

    I hope I explain this okay because it's quite complicated but here goes: I have multiple sheets ending with the word "Statistics", Dave Statistics, Stuart Statistics, Alan Statistics etc (more sheets can be added at any given time) I need a formula that will... Firstly look in all sheets that...
  12. S

    Rows Between Next Item

    Hey everyone, I'm new here so just a short Hello and hoping you're all well. I have a one column list of over 3000 rolls of a dice. E.g 3 6 5 3 2 3 4 4 2 2 3 etc, etc I need a way to know how many rolls before the same number came up again. So, in the above snippet of the data, if I checked...
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    Football Statistic Match Ratings (Average for Past 3 Games)

    I'm building out a database of Football statistics for the Football Teams I support, however an issue I have is that it is all automated, except for the average rating for the past three matches (Recent Form). At the moment I have to manually select the cells that would contribute to this...
  14. S

    statistics for "difference in differences"

    I wonder if anyone on this forum knows how to calculate using EXCEL the statistics for "difference in differences". I have 4 sets of groups - each group has a mean and a standard error I am trying to calculate if the difference between group 1 and 2 is the same or not the same (statistically)...
  15. R

    Statistics & the Chi Square function

    Hi everyone, I'm teaching statistics and started incorporating Excel alongside R. When we got to running a Chi-Square test, I noticed something very odd that I cannot figure out. Can someone tell me why I get different results with the same formula function. Note, I'm using Excel 365 on...
  16. B

    Is there a simpler way to write this array formula?

    I use an array formula to calculate the z score of numerical results in a list. The reason I use an array formula is because each result in the list is also part of a subgroup (subgroup labeling is in a different column in the same sheet; result is on the same row as its corresponding subgroup...
  17. H

    Proving a hypothesis

    Hello, I need help!! Im totally new to any time of statistics. This will probably be easier on SPSS or Minitab - I have access to both but would also be open to using excel if i can. I have some data. Its 1500 rows like the following. - The data is from a OEE system. It is the occurrences that...
  18. S

    UDF no looping and returning answer for worksheet function

    I'm trying to return the answer to the formula for BINOMDIST to the worksheet. However, unless I comment out the "cdf" row, the macro does not loop. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew Function AllowedErrors(Size As Double, Conf As Double, p...
  19. S

    Find allowed errors when accuracy, confidence, and number of trials is known

    I can use the BINOMDIST to find the sample size needed when I provide the required accuracy, confidence level, and number of errors. But I'd like to go the other way and find the number of allowed errors when I know the required accuracy, required confidence level, and number of trials. Is...
  20. S

    Minimum sample size for 'n' allowed errors, given required accuracy and confidence (statistics)

    I use the workbook referenced below to provide me with the minimum sample sizes needed for a range of allowed errors, given a required accuracy and required confidence. In a round-about way, I fill-down the BINOMDIST function in a column to provide me with the probability/confidence that my...

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