1. larinda4

    Sport Stats - How to Format

    Good morning, I'm making a spreadsheet to keep track of our leagues win/losses and stats. However, I think I'm formatting it incorrectly? The problem I'm having is if I try to filter it by home team, it won't show me the the same team when they're the visiting team. ex. I want to see all of...
  2. X

    Daily Task tracking and reporting

    Hi! I need help designing a tracker for team members to track any work outside of their normal daily tasks. I have completed formulas to work out how many hours they have spent on each task and how much of their day they have utilised on each task, but I can’t think of the best way to present...
  3. D

    Yards per rush calculation

    Been working on a stats spreadsheet and cant figure out how to calculate total rush yards and yards per carry for the running game. Hopefully someone can help me out. My sheet is below: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR1Team Stats:19002Player NamePlayer NumberTouchesQ1Q2Q3Q4CarriesTotal Rush YardsYards per...
  4. D

    Football Stats Help!

    Hi, I am an offensive assistant coach and I'm looking for some help on tracking statistics for the offense. I need to capture things like the number of touches our offensive guys get, the number of yards gained per play, completions, passing yards, 3rd down conversions, 4th down conversions...
  5. T

    standard deviation of annualized monthly data vs. annualized monthly standard deviation

    So this is really more of a stats question but I'm a bit stuck on it and this board has some sharp minds so here goes. I have a set of monthly data of say 100+ data points. the time conversion to annualize the standard deviation is square root of time or sqrt(12) in this case. However, if I...
  6. R

    Find address of max value, sports stats

    Hi, I have a table of sport team, which shows, how many goals (with assissts) 2 players scored together (so if player 5 scored a goal and player 16 assisted on this goal they will have one common goal). There is an example of the table, players numbers are in the first column and row, common...
  7. L

    Copy date from a different Sheet

    I want to be able to copy data from a different sheet to a specific feel in a another sheet. I have a sheet named GSO Inventory Stats and a sheet named Retag metrics. I need to put a formula in Column I, that if Column H in sheet GSO Inventory Stats matches the sheet named Retag Metrics Column...
  8. L

    Copy Data From Sheets

    I have a Sheet Named NEA Status and a sheet Named Inventory Stats I want that if Column D in Sheet named NEA Status Matches Column D in the sheet named Inventory Stats move the data from Column H in the sheet Named Inventory Stats to Column H in the sheet named NEA Status.
  9. F

    Excel stats verses Matlab, R and Python

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone provide some pros and cons of each of these stats packages for a general professional level but not for full on data science work. thanks, Farmerscott
  10. P

    Change Source Data with a Pivot Range excel 2010

    Hi - is there a simple way of knowing where the Table range is looking at if the file path is long and the file path is not in the same file - when I click in I cant see and then the file path stats changing Thanks
  11. P

    copy data from one workbook to another

    Hi I have the code below where I am trying to copy a range A1 to G15 into another workbook but its not working please can you help. I am trying to copy from Daily stats into Daily Stats WC Template, hope you can advise? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim x As Workbook Dim y As Workbook Dim...
  12. A

    Worksheet Tab Being Renamed During Save Process & Unable to open newly created .xlsx file (invalid file extension?)

    Please consider this code ... With wb_classcsv .Sheets.Add(After:=.Sheets(.Sheets.Count)).Name = "Stats" Set ws_stats = .Worksheets("Stats") With ws_stats .Range("A3") = "Date: " .Range("B3") = Format(usr_date...
  13. S

    Don't update formula after certain date

    I fear there is not going to be an answer on this, but I have a formula where it counts values between certain dates, however, as this is for a weekly stat sheet, I want the calculation NOT to update after a certain date.. ie if the stats are for week commencing 1A April, after the 8 April, I do...
  14. B

    VBA if Vlookup problem

    Hi, could someone help me with this please, I am ok with excel but new to vba and my problem is this: I have a userform with just a few textboxes and it is the first one I am having trouble with, I would have done it ages ago in excel but anyway, the userform is on a sheet called "start" and...
  15. M

    power Query

    Hello. I am a football Stats man, and I have been trying to run a PowerQuery using my very limited knowledge with even more limited success! For example on this page : I am looking for this information here: It is struggling to find any...
  16. K

    Need Help on making a list of words based on the below requirement

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example String: "calculating cumulative stats for quarters"...
  17. Z

    How do I predict the future? Stats people needed.

    HI I have a series of 5 totals for each year, the slope function over the 5 totals returns 57.6 How do I apply the slope to a subset of the totals The total are 2106, 2008, 2147,2288. slope = 57.6 My subset is 131,158,138,132,547. I want to predict the next number ignoring the first 3...
  18. M

    Index/Match VBA

    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=INDEX('Department Adherence'!R[-16]:R[1048559],MATCH(""Department Total"",'Department Adherence'!C[-1],0),3)" Is there a way to amend this formula so that it actions the formula in column "C" only if column "B" equals "Department Stats" If column "B" equals...
  19. Y

    Formula that skips rows when Copy Pasted

    In the "stats" tabs, I am trying to add info to each row for each employee. In the "Document" Tab I want the info from "Stats" Tab to populate but when I copy the formula down I will skip about 33 lines in the actual sheet. For Example: "Stats" A2= "document" C2 "Stats" A3= "document" C15...
  20. M

    VBA Excel If Statement

    I need a bit of help writing some code. I have a spreadsheet to track stats of a teams performance however the system that is used to generate the stats does not produce a team total so everyday i have to go in and manually add the formula. I was going to just do a basic =sum formula to total...

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