1. K

    Conditional formatting each next step

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here the below is my example I need Formula is preferable or an alternative VBA for conditional formatting to highlight each next step pattern in the complete row as per "specific pattern shown in the cells C4, D4 & E4 which is changeable as...
  2. H

    Returning column header of furthest right example of specific text string.

    Hi, Forum newbie here, this site has helped me many times as I've always found that my query has been asked and answered before but not this time hence my first time post. So hello! and I hope someone can help on a puzzle that is beyond my Excel knowledge, hopefully I can explain it correctly...
  3. reneev

    Pull info from First Column with Data

    I have a spreadsheet with Positions down the side and Steps across the top and the rates in the columns. I need a formula that will pull the rate for the first available step into one column. So for receptionist, it would pull the Step 1 rate, for Technician it would pull the Step 3 rate and...
  4. D

    Need help to find formula to replace copy and paste when handling massive data

    Hello Guys I need help to copy information from one column to another using an appropriate excel formula. I want to do away using cut and paste methods because am dealing with lots of data hence want to save time. My excel skills are basic but catch up quickly. So a step by step guide will do...
  5. B

    IFERROR Formula help

    I could use some help with this formula. First time using an IFERROR formula so not sure what I'm doing wrong. I keep getting a "too few arguments error". Any help would be appreciated. =IFERROR(INDEX('[TICKET STEP LONG.xlsx]RAW_COMPLETIONS'!$B:$B,MATCH(G2,'[TICKET STEP...
  6. D

    "VBA" ? Or "Excel Formula" to solve ?

    Hello, I need help with my project, I am confused should i use Excel Formula or VBA to complete this project. I have requirement that if the column with all details say "No" in any of the column cell need to copy the "question" to another sheet. So For 1st step need to check column F if any...
  7. N

    How to Add Date Picker To VBA UserForm

    Hello, I have a userform and looking for a way to add a popup calendar to insert a date in a textbox, I searched google and found the way below, I followed it step by step, but it didn't work, Do you have any way to activate it? I have...
  8. tlc53

    VBA Code Amend - Protect All Worksheets, Allow Formatting of Columns & Rows

    Hi, I found this neat VBA code to protect / unprotect all worksheets without having to do each one manually. See below. The only problem is, it only allows; - Select Locked Cells - Select Unlocked Cells Whereas I want another 2 options to be included as well; - Format columns - Format rows Does...
  9. H

    Excel VBA: List Files of Folder/Subfolder & Rename Files with new filename

    Hi need some help, i try to search around the forum but seen not able to find one i want. Step 1 (list filename of Folder & SubFolder), there will be a POP-UP and ask user to select the path Step 2 (rename filename base on col C) & Status update on Col D Isit gd ideal to display ext...
  10. E

    VBA to Save workbook and then save as/save copy

    Hi all, If possible I need a VBA that does the following:- Saves the current workbook then, Save as/copies the workbook into txt format. I have the following code but, it appears to be bypassing the first step (just saving the sheet) before moving onto the second step...
  11. G

    Stepping thru code

    I have a workbook which contains the Function IsEmailValid(strEmail) It does its job perfectly well, but when I step though other code modules and change the worksheets in any way, this function suddenly gets called and I have to step through it to resume where the code suddenly jumped out. I...
  12. S

    Stepping through code in the VBE for Excel 2016

    Greetings, I would like to be able to step through lines of code in the Visual Basic Editor, but am unable to do so with F8. My 'F' buttons are set to monitor brightness. How do I locate the shortcut key to step through lines of code, and either reset it or just view current shortcut keys...
  13. F

    Step through a Macro

    I just bought the latest version of Excel and I use to be able to step through my macros with F8. It no longer works. Also My control buttons don't work. Has it changed?
  14. M

    Automating Scenarios and Storing outcomes

    I have a fairly simple model that has 10 steps and the time & cost of each step. <colgroup><col style="text-align: center;"><col style="text-align: center;"><col span="3" style="text-align: center;"><col style="text-align: center;"></colgroup><tbody> ID Activity ActivityTime Activity Cost...
  15. N

    IF any of 10 columns equals any of 4 other columns

    What is the must efficient formula to create a TRUE/FALSE result for the following without having to write a huge step by step OR formula - or is that my only choice? IF AQ3=AD3, TRUE or IF AQ3=AE3, TRUE or IF AQ3=AF3, TRUE or IF AQ3=AG3, TRUE or IF AS3=AD3, TRUE or IF AS3=AE3, TRUE or IF...
  16. B

    VLookup & Consolidate formula in one

    Hello, I am looking for a couple formulas to solve this issue, but one would be even better. I took a two formula approach in the example below. 1st formula will find rows in column A that begin with a defined letter, such as "M" in the example below, and then return a value in a different...
  17. X


    Hello Friends, please help me, How do I calculate the same result, which is next? for example: result=What formula to write to count the result 1= How many games have won a step by step? 2 = How many games have you lost in step by step? 3 = How many games have played a draw step? <tbody>...
  18. A

    annualized a return on an investment

    I can seem to wrap my head around on how to put a formula together. Could someone provide assistance with a formula. Thank you kindly. "How do I annualized a return on an investment that has cash added or subtracted during the year?" (1) Total the beginning Account Balance and any...
  19. S

    distribute points according to results of the stage

    I want to distribute points among the riders according to the ranking of the stage. The lay-out: Ranking of the stage in column A:E My rider selection in column G:J Points to display in column L:Q (Here I want to display the results, the points) When a team in column J is present in column D...
  20. B

    Power Query slows down after merging queries or tables

    Hi All, I'm experiencing a problem where power query slowed down after I merged two tables. Since the merge, each time I do a step, it appears its recalculating or refreshing something in the back ground. the refresh stops when it reaches 120MB which takes about 5 to 10 minutes. So basically...

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