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  1. M

    Normalize Range in a Stock Chart

    I have a formula that produces an indicator called Center of Gravity. It looks like this: =0.2*((252*BQ117)+(128*BQ118)+(64*BQ119)+(32*BQ120)+(16*BQ121)+(8*BQ122)+(4*BQ123)+(2*BQ124)+(1*BQ125))/SUM(BQ117:BQ125) The first two digest in the formula, in this case "0.2*" can be any whole number...
  2. jeffreygoines

    Historical stock prices

    I'm pretty new to this. I want to create a worksheet with ticker symbols in column A and a date in column B. Querying yahoo finance I want a result in column C that gives the price (e.g. the closing price) of the stock in column A on the date in column B, without having to enter the symbol and...
  3. M

    Stock Prices in Excel 2007 with Windows 7

    I was using the MSN Money add-in in excel 03 to download stock prices into an excel sheet, but haven't been able to get the add-in for 07. Does anyone know of a free way to pull multiple stock prices into a workbook? Delayed quotes are fine and I don't mind having to manually update prices...

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