1. J

    VBA - Identify dead stock

    I need assistance writing a code for identifying items not being sold within the last three months. The last sale dates are in column P,Q,R This is the last sale date at each of our three locations I need to identify which rows have not had a sale in the last 3 months and copy and paste all...
  2. M

    Change Cell Color

    Greetings, I am creating a spreadsheet, tracking my stock performance. I would like to have the cell color change automatically to red or green depending on whether the stock price went up or down. I am putting in an up or down arrow within the same cell as the stock price, using the Alt 24...
  3. F

    Formula Help Needed please

    Hi, I need some help with a formula. I have a table with values per month and an in stock quantity. Has anyone any idea if you can use a formula to give you the month in which the stock will run out? I.e. ROW 1, the stock will run out in "Oct 19" - is there any calculation that will provide...
  4. P

    Pull data from cell based on max value against that data

    Hi, Hoping someone can help. This is kinda similar to my previous thread but I think different enough of an issue to warrant a new thread. I have Devices in one column, Memory in another, IMEIs in another and days in stock in another. I want to have a sheet that shows which of each device has...
  5. R

    Adjusting stock data on stock usage spreadsheet

    Hello All I am trying to automate a task that is completed every day on a spreadsheet. I have an inventory tab, which contains the stock details of some 1200 different products. Each day we consume some of these products and update the inventory sheet using the find function and manually...
  6. J

    Need help with userform vba

    Hi, I have created a userform with 2 option buttons, 1 combobox and 2 textboxes, I also have 2 sheets Transfers and Master, if I select the add stock option button and fill out the rest of the form and click submit it adds stock in the master sheet column C which works fine the part I can not...
  7. E

    Index Matching with Multiple Criteria and Greater Than

    Hello, Excel noob when it comes to Index Match and first time posting. TIA! I am creating a spreadsheet to model portfolio trades based off of target trade amounts. I'm trying to prioritize the allocation of certain "Stock Types". I'm wondering how I could retrieve a specific figure based...
  8. D

    Do While/ Loop

    Good day all, I have a command button titled "LOW STOCK" on my userform, I want the back color of this button to switch between yellow and salmon when Cell G3 > 0 (Cell G3 contains number of products below stock minimum limit). The blinking will prompt the user to click the button inorder to...
  9. C

    Copy cell value across number of columns based upon cell value

    Good morning all, I'm trying to develop an inventory reduction forecast spreadsheet in a pivot table format for ease of use - but am really stuck with 1 part to add in the data. What I want to do is copy a cell value that is calculated (weekly forecast inventory reduction),across a number of...
  10. N

    Stock Market

    Hi, I need to count the amount of times a certain stock reaches a certain price. It is real time data. Also, how can i automatically record this each day? How can I set it to record at only certain times?
  11. C


    Good afternoon all, Can anyone help please, I am trying to return a date on a spreadsheet bases on criteria in 2 cells and am stuck! Column "AA" is a number - days of inventory left in stock, which is live from our system and I am trying to work out how many work days from today stock will...
  12. S

    Conditional format based on multiple criteria

    hi folks, Struggling with this one and not sure there's actually a solution, but i'd love to be proven wrong (gauntlet, thrown.) I am compiling a Worksheet KPI that reports back a ranked list of performances, based on that areas stock holdings. Each of our stock holding areas hold a different...
  13. N

    Help needed with new formula, or vba function for custom Excel 2010 tool

    Greetings, Thanks, in advance to those who might be able to help. I'll make it as concise as I can while providing context when needed. Scenario: I work for a Distribution Centre with about 10,000 unique location in the warehouse (4 different sizes and storage capacity [full, half, quarter...
  14. I

    Need to know expired qty based on my consumption data

    Dear Team, I have problem in finding expiry stock, I have a file contain two sheets, First sheet shows the batch wise stock with expiry dates and the second sheet shows month wise consumption, for example I have first batch expiry in June-2019 with the qty of 1000, and my stock consumption in...
  15. N

    Return single value from array of data from different worksheet using IF

    HiAll, Hopeeveryone is fine and fruity. This is my first post here, I've triedto find an answer in the forum posts but to no success. Hopefullysomeone can give me some advice or point me in the right directionfor my problem. Ihave a multi sheet workbook for stock control, sheet 1 is...
  16. J

    Possible to format x-axis to make most recent data more "spread out"?

    I have 8 years of daily stock data that includes a line for the daily stock price and 2 moving average lines and it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between the lines at the current data point because of how compressed the chart is getting. Is there a way to make the last 30 days of...
  17. S

    Pick the required text from cell

    Hi Experts, I want to get specific text from the Column A to B like follows, please help with formula <tbody> SPVAR JAN 19 SPVAR IFG JAN 19 IFG R1 Adjustment JAN 19 R1 Adjustment Stock Adjustment JAN 19 Stock Adjustment IFG FEB 19 IFG SPVAR FEB 19 SPVAR Stock Adjustment FEB 19...
  18. K

    If Formula (Vlookup/OR/AND)

    Hi, I have posted a problem earlier which got solved by user "Fluff". Now my supervisor found something in the solution that is not correct due to linking in other formula. Therefore, I am facing a new situation: I have 2 Sheets: Sheet 1: Columns B, C, D & E. Column B is the Stock Status...
  19. K

    VLOOKUP + OR / IF + Index??

    Hi, am looking to find help for the following problem. I have 2 Sheets: Sheet 1: Columns B, C & D. Column B is the Stock Status (Either "No change" or "Change in Stock"). Column C is Transaction ID 1 (e.g XXX2342) and Column D is Transaction ID 2 (e.g XXX2341). Sheet 2: Columns D, E. Column...
  20. A

    Sheets Data to be Displayed in a Worksheet

    Hello!! I have a workbook having more than 1700 sheets (Starts as Stock Code 1, Stock Code 2 ...) in which data starts from Column A8. I want to copy A8 to D (last row of Column D) to a new sheet with sheet name. In same way it will also display Column F9 to I (last row of Column I) and data...

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