1. M

    Change From Previous

    Dear Team, I have a table of dates and GE Stock Prices. I would like a Calculated Column that calculates the change in stock value day by day. THE DAX I have created is this: Calculated Column for Change in GE Stock Prom Previous = IF ( MIN ( GEPrices[Date] ) = GEPrices[Date], BLANK...
  2. B

    Doble condition

    Hi! I've a problem in DAX I can't solve. Perhaps you could help me... In an stock movement table, i have the next columns: Date-time, Product id, Movement id, Order id and Stock. The final stock value for each product is the number that appears in the column "Stock" in the last date-time and...
  3. W

    Rounding function for optimization

    I am trying to write a formula that rounds up (or down) to the nearest whole number. Here are my parameters. This is for optimizing material lengths in manufacturing..... Cell P40 = number of stock lengths required Cell D22 = Quantity of Pcs Cell J6 = Length of Each Pc. Cell I40 = Length of...
  4. S

    Summing an array based on cell number that can be a decimal

    Hi all, I have had a good look round the forums and still can't find what I am looking for. (Probably because I am not searching for the right thing!!) I am hoping the below can be dealt with using a new function, but open to all ideas. I am trying to build a forecasting tool for predicting...
  5. B

    Print: "In-Stock", or "No-Stock", IF Multiple Conditions Are Met

    I'm back, with another headache haha. I have 2 Sheets. Sheet 1 - Is user-friendly Sheet 2 - Is a database full of product information. Sheet 1 currently looks like... <tbody> A B 1 [In Stock?] [Product Name] 2 ? Product #3 3 ? Product #2 4 ? Product #4 5 ? Product #1 </tbody>...
  6. xeven_

    Excel Stock Screener

    Hi. Is there a way I can make my own stock screener that will pull data off line so I can sort by my own custom parameters?
  7. G

    Complex (for me) Index + Match Problem

    Good morning, I'm trying to figure out a formula for this Look horizontally for the unique header value (A B C D E F G) Then vertically search column by column for the part # (it's always column 0) Give value for stock (always column 2) Sheet 1 Part # Stock 390-2 | function...
  8. S

    forcasting an out of stock date

    I have an excel sheet where I forecast an out of stock date. {=MIN(IF(Sheet1!K4:K368>0,Sheet1!K4:K368))}. formula stopped working properly and is looking at the number closest to zero which Is a past date. I Only need the formula to look at todays date forward
  9. L

    Stock Check Multiple Variables and Pulling Information Through

    Hello, I'm new to VBA, so apologies if this seems a simple one.! I'm currently working on a stock check spreadsheet which contain a stock list with datasheets numbers (these would be typical numbers, but the cell may contain more than one) and size, and a requirements sheet with a typical...
  10. E

    VBA Vlookup with cumulative results

    Hi There, Another day, another challenge! I'm working on a stock shortages report and cant figure out how to lookup the stock value in another sheet and then cumulative subtract as it moves down the list. E.g Stock levels (Sheet3) <tbody> Column Part Qty A Apple 12 B Banana 6 C Carrot...
  11. A

    Adding & average calculating stock

    Hi, Q1- I want to add the 5-month stock & calculate the average stock. |I used consolidate feature in sheet 7 but "Item Description" & "Whse" field does not come in the field. Kindly tell me how to do that with consolidate feature & different function or which one will be easy. I gather all...
  12. H

    Vlookup Formula to return "Item in stocK' if there is a match or "not in stock" if no match

    I have the following formula below =IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A5,'[Group Stock Report.xlsm]shirts'!$J:$J,COLUMNS(J:J),FALSE),VLOOKUP(A5,'[Group Stock Report.xlsm]Trousers'!$I:$I,COLUMNS(I:I),FALSE))="","Item in stock","item Sold") The ref number in the source file is in Col A Kindly amend my...
  13. W

    Tool to calculate stock movement

    So I have a table with multiple columns, each representing a store. The rows are individual products while the value is the discrepancy of stock ie we are missing 5 stock (-5). Now I want some sort of tool that can calculate that if I’m missing 5 in one store, I can move 5 from another branch to...
  14. J

    Add stock qty entered in Userform, based on Selection in combobox

    Dear All Hi, As I am new to coding and after searching the internet for the solution and not finding it I am posting this here as I have been helped here before. I have a sheet of stock Outward, with the headers as: Column D=STM1; Column E=STM2 and on. In A column I have the stock items Range...
  15. L

    Tips for assigning stock to orders

    Hello can suggest me how would be a good way to allocate stocks to orders, and know, how much and what type of stock was assigned to each line row of the order Example Orders table <tbody> N_Order N_Item Qty_Asked 20001 10000001 100 20001 10000002 200 20002 10000001 50 20003 10000002...
  16. D

    Inventory management how to deduct stock from sheet 1 and amend stock value on sheet two

    Hi experts, I am really struggling with a formula for the following situation. I am trying to create a Job report on sheet 1 called "service order" On this service order i have created a table with the following information, Column 1 is (drop down)part type,column 2 is dependent on part...
  17. M

    Minimum acceptable value with solver

    Hello! I'm using solver for stock portfolio optimization. The solver changes weights to achieve maximum expected return. I have set the following constraints: The portfolio should consist of at least 5 stocks (out of 10) and maximum weight assigned for one stock is 30%. In this case the solver...
  18. P

    VLOOKUP Stock Spreadsheet issue

    Hi Guys, I am having an issue which a spreadsheet where I have a list of stock <tbody> item SKU TYPE SIZE Starting QTY Running Qty Shirt SS-5XS SS 5XS 8 Shirt SS-3XS SS 3XS 23 Shirt LS-3XS LS 3XS 2 Shirt LS-2XS LS 2XS 25 </tbody> I then have a table which lists all items the...
  19. M

    Excel FIFO Style Inventory Advice

    Hi There, I have a bit of a dilemma with an excel sheet I'm working on and was hoping for a bit of advice from the experts on here. I am trying to create an excel workbook that can manage my inventory, record sales and stock purchases and display some figures in a nice little dashboard. Where...
  20. A

    Vlookup for Stock price

    If we have big database of daily stock prices with column of date,stock and price. How can we vlookup specific stock in specific date? On daily basis we have a large stocks list... Please solve this...

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