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    Power Query: Removing duplicate values in Multi-Value Cells

    Hi there. Long-time Excel user and dabbler in VBA who discovered Power Query for the first time today. I've used this to combine values spanning multiple rows into single row entries with multi-value fields/cells. An example should be helpful: Here's a mock-up of my source data. Column A...
  2. C

    Autofilter with 2+ cell references with "or" and "contains"

    Hi there, I'm a long time listener (reader) first time caller (writer). I have scanned through dozens of forums and topics but can't seem to find a working solution for this challenge: I have a table with multiple rows where I'm trying to autofilter a specific column based on 2+ inputs in...
  3. B

    Imperial Weights in charts

    This has me confused! I have a sheet with a column of dates and a column of imperial weights that look like "10st 6lb". I need to chart the weights but cant seem to do it. I converted the cell into something I thought Excel would understand by using the following...

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