1. L

    Same Store Sales Analysis using Measures

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but have spent a lot of time reading through other's posts, which are often very helpful. I haven't found a definitive answer to the following question and hoping you all might be able to provide some guidance. I am pretty new to Power Pivot - thank you in...
  2. Z

    Replacing/Adding text in a different column

    Hi - I have a column with stock numbers (1 or 2 letters with 5 digits following). I need to them to match with the correct store in another column - The store is determined by the first 1 or 2 letters (ex - KU12345 would match Jones Kia and B67890 would match Bloom Chevrolet . Also, some of...
  3. I

    Chart based on Store selection

    I rarely post questions on here as I've so often been able to find posts on how to solve my problem. In this case, I'm struggling. I want to chart data based on the selection of a Store. How do I do this? <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Gross Sales Oct-18 Nov-18...
  4. R

    Office 365 Excel 1902 Version Error 1004

    Hi guys! long time no post! I was asked to do something at work that I havn't done in a while, but luckily I saved the VBA script, its a script that matched different workbook sheet store numbers and exports them to their corresponding network folders, luckily most of the script still works...
  5. J

    vlookup help

    I am fairly new to vba and thought I could take on a small userform. Joke is on me, a simple vlookup is kicking my butt. I have a userform that I simply want to use to lookup data from my spreadsheet. I don't need to edit anything, just display data in textboxes. Static named range is - master...
  6. D

    using lastrow perhaps

    i have the following code in a vba macro which works just find if I always insert the two cell numbers before executing the macro. (where the values are) N25 and M21 My intent is to build a dynamic string and store it in Column A:Lastrow+10 Can I somehow make them dynamic and use the last...
  7. R

    Barcode scanning application

    Hi Hope you are doing well!! I need to create an excel sheet for store support. Application details: I have a material which has a QR code and some Location racks with QR Code. Whenever i get the material to my store i will scan QR code in material and rack.this two data should be recorded in...
  8. S

    Pivot Table

    Hi I need some help setting up a pivot table. I need to compare sales figures from 2 seperate years for example sales figures from week 1 2016 against sales figures for week 1 2017 for each store. I then need to be able to show the monetary difference between each year and the % difference...
  9. M

    Loop through txt doc , store values for use in vba

    hi all, Just a question of possibility first of all. I have a .txt file that contains two sets of data. The sets always start with DXS and end with DXE. First of all, I would like excel to read the .txt and take only the data between DXS and DXE and dump them side by side 1 line per row in...
  10. B

    Excel VBA Sort Largest to Smallest with Row Groups

    Dear All, I'm having a very hard time trying sort data in Column C from largest to smallest and also maintaining the row grouping. Can someone please help me by creating VBA code which can handle this task? Screenshot below without row grouping Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="width: 30px;"><col...
  11. Z

    Formula needed for ongoing spreadsheet with a look up

    Hi I have always used Vlookup but now I need a little bit more. I have a spreadsheet where 90% of the data and columns will remain the same but the on hand qty will always change. I created a small sample sheet where I have column A two different stores that care the same product number and on...
  12. kelly mort

    Scramble a string with conditions

    I want to scramble a given string then store the various combinations to a variable or an array based on what you think is cool for my demand. I came across this pieces but they are not exactly what I wanted. Now this is what I wanna achieve; my code will take a string in the form “AABB” eg...
  13. S

    Randomly generated list with duplicates in column

    Hello, My apologies if this has been asked before. I read through several threads and can't seem to find exactly what I need. Basically, in column A, there is a list of locations in groups of two that the names in column B are assigned to in pairs. The list in column B is larger than the...
  14. I

    VBA to open a PDF in another location.

    Hi All I have the following code that searches a network folder for a PDF doc based on the number in a cell and opens it if one exists: Sub OpenPDF_3() Dim strPath As String Dim strFileName As String strPath = "\\\D$\Excel Dashboard\Inventory" If Right(strPath...
  15. J

    VBA - Delete rows that DO NOT contain Bold font

    Hi there, I know this is a pretty easy one, but can't get this to work. I have a bunch of data rows and if all the cells are not Bold in a row, then delete the row (just delete within data range, not entire row). Otherwise, if there is a cell in the row that is Bold, then leave row as is...
  16. S

    Combining data from same looking tables but store data.

    Hello This is my first real dab into PowerPivot, PowerQuery and data moddeling so go easy on me:) So this is the setting, I need to combine staff data into one big pivot table that can be easily worked with. I have an employee workbook template that will be copied and used for everyone and in...
  17. S

    Getting a store chain's name from a branch

    Let's say I have the store column below. I'm trying to make a formula that will scrub the column and return an output with just the type of store as shown in the "Desired Output" column. Because the amount of words before/after the type varies, I couldn't use the mid function to look for a set...
  18. N

    SUMPRODUCT question

    Hi all, I have a data in Table 1 looking like below and I've been trying to get the sum of all May YTD and May YTG amounts (to put in Table 2) for each store by using SUMPRODUCT but i keep getting #N/As. The formula I came up with is (for example, i want to get the figure for Store A)...
  19. T

    Macro for calculating Store Balance

    Dear All, I need help for building a Macro for my store balance for all products. My original excel file is here: There are some sheets in the workbook. In the sheet named "Previous Database", I have arranged...
  20. B

    % Increase/Decrease between two cells in two columns

    Hello, Please see the table below: <tbody> Store Name Sales 2018 Rank Store Name Sales 2019 Rank Store A 700 1 Store B 400 1 Store B 500 2 Store A 350 2 </tbody> I am looking to do two things: 1. I need to find the difference in sales for...

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