string criteria

  1. U

    FIND and SEARCH numbers from String

    Hello Guys, I was looking for the codes where I can search for the numbers on the data below so basically it's the [**] <tbody> ID Subject Status Note 1 Science [1] YES 2 Math [49] NO 3 Health [9] YES 4 Sports YES 5 History [29] YES </tbody> Once I run the codes, I can have...
  2. H

    Assign Value to each word in a string

    I am looking to assign a value to words, then total the value. I am only coming up with solutions that add one value and not all of them. Cat=1 Dog=2 Bird=3 Lizard=4 Example: <tbody> A "String" B "Solution" 1 Cat Dog Bird 6 2 Dog 2 3 Bird Lizard 7 4 Cat Dog 3 </tbody>...
  3. D

    partial match vlookup with string

    I'm trying to do a vlookup with a partial match. I have a set of Item IDs and I'm trying to identify their item categories. Each item of the same category has the same abbreviation as part of their ID. IDs ABC12342 xyz DEF73829 yzx GHI93592 zyx Key ABC = Category 1 DEF = Category 2 GHI =...
  4. I

    How to Search/Find within cell to vlookup/Match & Index

    I'm trying to figure out a formula to replace a simple Vlookup formula because my data has mixed references. Table I need to pull data into. <colgroup><col width="64" span="6" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Order Line Cust. ID Drop Ship Ship Via PO 1362746 1...
  5. J

    Macro needed to delete columns where one of two strings not present

    Hi. I regularly receive a spreadsheet that has several hundred columns and a similar number of rows. From column 'D' onwards, the only columns I'm interested in are ones that contain either string "Outstanding" or "Required". Can anyone suggest a macro that would delete all columns after 'D'...
  6. M

    Formula Help - Numeric Alpha Combination

    Hi All, I really would appreciate some help with a formula. I am trying to extract 4 characters which will be sitting together in a string, however, the particular 4 characters I am looking for will be sitting as a NUMBER/LETTER/LETTER/NUMBER. For example, from the string below I am trying to...
  7. R

    Index Match to a string in one cell regardless of where it is located within cell (beginning, middle, or end)

    This one is a tough one. Trying to perform an index match type function where I can match the Supplier Part Number in Column D14, 15, 16 to the Description in Column A2-8 and then fetch the Mfg#, Manufacturer, and Description. The example included contains the "answers" in gray Cells G2:I8...
  8. J

    Conditional Fomratting

    I am creating a spreadsheet that shows where everyone is in my unit. I have created a drop down list that gives 24 options. Column D contains the list and Column E contains the notes. I have created the cf that when the "Available" selection is made, both column D and E in that row turns green...
  9. D

    VBA: using string from an Input Box as criteria for a CountIF

    Hi all I'm trying to enter text (a staff members initials) into an Input Box so that the initials are then used as the citeria in a CountIF formula entered by VBA A simplified version of the code I am using is: The issue is getting the staffname string to be entered within the formula. What...
  10. B

    Converting a formula to a VBA command -- string functions

    I have a worksheet with long phrases in Column A, and in Column B, I have a 3-letter snippet from the string in A, thus: STONESTHROW NES 196 REALIGNMENT LIG 35 QUALITYTIME LIT 87 QUALITATIVE LIT 87 In this case, I'm looking for the 3 letters beginning in the 3rd position. I use the MID()...
  11. A

    Insert Formula Into Cell Based on Value of Another Cell?

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new to VBA on Excel and haven't quite been able to figure out how to get my macro working yet. I have data that looks like this: <tbody> Date Amount 1 Type Amount 2 Amount 3 Macro Output 01/01/2013 -100 A -80 -20 01/02/2013 -150 B -30 03/05/2014 -200...
  12. B

    Deleting row based on cell value

    I've seen several posts on how to do this, but in each of these situations the cells used for deleting had one piece of information in it. I have cells that have a long string of values and I need to delete the row for a specific part of the string. This is what one cell looks like...
  13. S

    SumIf for multiple criteria with text string

    Hi, I am trying to use a SumIF statement (in excel 2003) for multiple criteria where one criteria is a string. I'm trying to sum column C if column A contains the word "car" and column B contains any text with any part of the word "blue". I've tried sumproduct, but I can't get it to recognize...
  14. S

    COUNTIFS with string comparison of <> ?

    Here is a basic scale of what I'm actually trying to do... multiple (3 or 4) criteria in COUNTIFS(...) but need one of the criteria to not count if the string criteria is NOT a certain value, ie: to check a string is NOT or ! or <> a certain value, but I can't seem to get it to work. Hope this...

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