1. E

    Cannot use "Right" Function. Apparently meaning has changed.

    I have a large VBA project I'm working on that uses the "Right" function a lot. All of a sudden it gives me an error message of... "Compile Error Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignments." When I try to compile, with the "Right" Function highlighted. What's really strange is...
  2. V

    Split variety of full names into prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix using a formula

    Hi, I have a list of thousands of names that need splitting into columns: prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix. The full names are varied and therefore the formulas I have tried thus far do not work on the whole list. Formulas I have tried thus far: Prefix...
  3. J

    Convert Sheet Events to Macro's

    Hi all, i have the below example of code that detects when BACK_COM is in cell T5 of Sheet1. When ba.placeBet is initiated, the program "Betting Assistant" will automatically call ba_betPlaced. What i am looking to do is rather than have the initial ba.placeBet triggered on Workseet_Change, i...
  4. D

    Excel 2016 - Macro working on Win10 1709 and older but not on Win10 1803

    We received a excel sheet from a third party with macro's. It works fine when using Office2016 and Windows 10 build 1709 or older. But when using Windows 10 build 1803 it always goes to CONNECTION ERROR :S When we go to the original website it give back the response it should, but whenever...
  5. Z

    find first letters in a string of alphanumerics

    I have a string ex: ".13 - LAR" I would like to get the first letters, or non alphanumeric and non numeric characters of the string. They are not always the same distance from the beginning so I can't use left or right function. However they always begin in the 6th or 7th position. Any thoughts?
  6. B

    How to updated statement with PtrSafe keyword

    Hi, I have posted a generic query regarding ‘PtrSafekeyword’ few days ago. However not able to find my post hence posting as new thread. I have below line of code in my macro and am required to update it with ‘PtrSafe keyword’ Private Declare Function GetPrivateProfileStringLib "kernel32"...
  7. G

    Find a 7 character code in text strings of varying length

    Hi, I've a list of item paths, each with a product code in them. The product code is always in the format AAA1111, but it's in a different place in each string, and each string is a differing length. Can anyone think of a forumla that will extract that 7 character code? I have 6,500 lines so...
  8. M

    Split string into numbers in Excel VBA

    The string can be like "abc123(456 k789)". It is to be splitted in array like array[0]=123, array[1]=456, array[2]= 789. So the problem is to split array based on numbers.
  9. S

    Error in code to rename existing folder

    Hello, I have the following code to rename an existing folder but it gives me error in the line: OldFolderName As NewFolderName. Can I please have your help to make it work? Thank you. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() If Me.ComboBox1.Value = "" Then MsgBox "CAR can Not be Blank!"...
  10. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Array Loop Won't Populate Cell????

    Hello all, I have a piece of code that creates an Array with my range of data and looks for a value in Column B, if the value equals a Declared string, then Drop a value in column ("O") if not, just grab the value from Column B and drop that in Column ("O"). The logic of the code seems fine...
  11. O

    64 bit issue

    Hi I'm working in 32 bit Excel but I'm getting error in Excel which is 64 bit. How do I edit the codes in 64 bits. Public db As DAO.Database Public rs As DAO.Recordset Public sql As String Declare Function sndPlaySound32 Lib "winmm.dll" Alias _ "sndPlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszSoundName As String, _...
  12. T

    Problem Adding Email Signature

    Hi all, I have the following code and all is working ok, apart from it is no longer adding my set signature in Outlook . If possible could you have a look and amend as required. Sub ScorecardPdfEmail() Dim OutApp As Object, OutMail As Object Dim fname As String, sendto As String...
  13. T

    Excluding a range when copy a worksheet

    Hello, I want to copy 3 worksheets to a new workbook, but exclude a range from one of the worksheets (and any buttons on the worksheet as well. I want to exclude J1:U2 on "Metric Report" Is there a way to do this? this is what I am using right now Sub ThreeSheets() With...
  14. N

    Add asterisk to string with number format

    Hello, Is it possible to add the asterisk sign to string of text with the custom number format ? i dont want to concatenate the string with the asterisk just format so in the formula bar the asterisk will not exist.
  15. T

    Call Command Looks For Sheet & If Not found End Sub

    Hi all, I am after some help, I use the following code to call a sheet and then produce it as a PDF, then it sets up the email ready to send - this is setup for 200 sheets and rather than make the button call up on active sheets where I have not used ' to negate the call. Is there a way of...
  16. S

    Keeping the "0" as the start of a string of numbers

    Normally I use the "'" apostrophe to keep the "0" at the start of a string of numbers, but I am impurting the sheet into an excel tool which is dropping the ' and the subsequent "0". Is there another way to keep the "0" in the string. Thank you, Jerry
  17. T

    VBA to get data from closed notebook and deposit new workbook output into a different file location

    All, I developed a process for a small data set and it now needs to scale to cover large data grabs from outside of the workbook (in closed workbooks on a drive) then have the macro deposit the output into new workbooks in a different file folder (currently my code drops the new workbooks into...
  18. Nelson78

    Vba: search a string in a range, if found highlights the cell

    Hello everybody. I'm dealing with searching a string in a range: X = "ABCDEF" Dim foundVal As Range Set foundVal = Worksheets(2).Range("C2:C21").Find((X), LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlPart) My deadlock is: I need to highlight, for example in yellow RGB(0, 255, 0), the cell where the...
  19. T

    run time error issue in VBA

    I am receiving a runtime error 1004 in VBA. It has been driving me crazy. I run a similar line of code three times before this one and this is the only one I am getting hung up on. Somehow it seems I have improperly set the range? It is giving the reference is not valid. Any help would be...
  20. T

    run time error issue in VBA

    Hello, I am new to excel VBA and have been getting stuck on the "run-time error'1004. The formula is missing a range reference or a defined name" the error is in the following line Range("RIFEquipmentTag").Value = RIFEquipmentTag I believe I have set it up the same way as the other items...

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