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    Copy Access table structure to Excel

    I have an Access database that is being converted to another language and I need to know all the various pieces and parts to create an SQL script that creates a table. So, I need to know the column's parameters (data type, data type, etc.). I really don't want to do that for hundreds of...
  2. E

    Change Data Structure

    Hello, I was looking to do a Power Bi but the excel file that I am using has data in an unfriendly way for Power Bi Current data structure <tbody> 2014 2015 2016 Measure #1 1 2 3 Measure #2 2 4 6 Measure #3 3 6 9 </tbody> Desired Structure <tbody> Year...
  3. E

    Scrape web page

    Hi, I am looking for code that would be able to scrape a link like this ? There would be multiple links that it would have to run through that would have the same structure. The prefix would always be...
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    VBA help on file location

    I have a set of docs in a folder that is used as a template. Our people Copy template into a different location. Everything works but a macro that opens files. Below is my template location and name. How do I structure the Macro to adjust to new location? Workbooks.Open Filename:= _...
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    Formula Help

    Hi Please can you assist with the following problem that I have. I am trying to bring back a value based on three scenarios. The current formula I have is quite simple SUMIF($AZ3,BE$2,$BW3) but I would now like to add to this for two further scenarios. I think it would be something like...
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    Tiered Commission Structure

    Hi Community! I need some assistance please. I am trying to create an Excel file that will help me calculate my commissions, but there's an error in the formula I created. Here's our structure: <tbody> # of Members Commission Per Member 0-10 $3.50 11-30 $2.00 31-100 $1.00 >100 .50...
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    VBA Find and replace but only certain cells

    Hi Everyone, I have this bit of code that finds a word then removes other parts from the sentance in the cell, but I need it to find all of them not just one. here is the code: Sub Testit1() Set rngX11 = ActiveSheet.Cells.Find("Structure", lookat:=xlPart) rngX11.Replace What:=""""...
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    Macro to split up data from one column into multi sheets

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a macro to split the data up into different sheets, The problem I have is there is no set number of rows between data so we have to find a word and use this word as the break for each new sheet, so I'm hoping someone can help me deal with this. Heres what I have...
  9. D

    Comparing two sheets same structure

    I have a workbook with three tabs Original - The original version of the data New - The same structure but with update Results - Id like this be a macro that uses a key to the values in each row and the new rows not in original an the rows from original not in results
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    Power Query - Remove Duplicates

    Hello! I'm just trying to develop a logic / approach in Excel, which cleans up my bad bookings and corrections. The data records have the following structure (table above)following structure (table above) If there is a number in column XX, it is a correction. This means that this line, and...
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    SUM Several Workbooks with Worksheets into one

    HI Forum I've got a question on how to create a summary workbook Here is what I have. - about 15 files, all with 20 sheets - all with different content, but exactly the same structure Here is what I need: - 1 file with the same 20 sheets and the same structure but all the cells are...
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    PW Protected Workbook Sturcture Issue

    Hello, I'm having an issue that I hoping someone can help me out. I've posted on this issue before but I cannot seem to make it work. Here is the URL to the other string: I have a...
  13. A

    Excel Structure Locked, but Can't Unlock

    I have an Excel file with roughly 20 sheets. There is a fair amount of linking between the sheets etc. However the file is not large (less than 3 MB). File -> Info says "The structure of the workbook has been locked to prevent unwanted changes ...." This looks like it might be why I can't...
  14. H

    Commission structures with 3 variables, tried multiple formulas

    I am trying to get commission values to generate based upon three criteria's: <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Employee LPH QA Score DH A 4.6 0.967 37.9 B 3.5 0.951 25.6 C 1.7 0.981 29.2 D 3.4 0.912 37.2 E 7 0.964 15 F 2.1 0.863 20 G 5.5...
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    Protect Workbook Structure Issue

    So, I'm having an issue and from the research I've done, I don't think there is solution but I will pose the question to the experts here! I have a workbook that I have password protected each sheet. I also have the code below integrated on one sheet that triggers a name change and color...
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    Review tab: Protect workbook structure except for hide/unhide sheets

    Hello, In excel 2016 would it be possible to use all the functionality of a workbook ->protect ->structure yet keep the hide and unhide of sheets unprotected for the end-user. Thank you and will appreciate.
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    Can anyone identify this data structure? I need tips on how to work with it.

    I need help understanding this data structure. I've looked through it and I understand how it works but I don't know exactly what it is called (I am a novice when it comes to databases). Therefor, I am in the dark on finding solutions to work with it and manipulate it. I need to break it down...
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    Changing data structure from Flat to "Stacked"

    Hi, I have a requirement for an excel sheet to be formatted from a flat structure to a stacked structure. I'll try to explain: In the flat structure has a number of basic columns, some of these columns repeat multiple times ('Transaction1', 'Transaction2', 'Transaction3'). some of the items will...
  19. B

    Is to possible to import multiple excel files in one table

    Hi, I have 5 excel files. All files have same structure. These files are prepared on daily basis. So, structure for 9-Apr-2018 and 10-Apr-2018 will be the same. Only difference will be between number of records each file. How to I import all these 5 excel files in one single table of access...
  20. M


    I am using the following formula to round costs to fit into their relevant fee structure...

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