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    Find all cells starting with "SS" - Array Formula with Partial matches????

    Hi there, I am trying to retrieve all three of the cells in a range that start with the letters SS (Study Session). The sessions are numbered SS01 to SS30 in a much bigger sheet. <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N 1 NAME Num Study Num Careers Study 1 Study 2 Study 3 Mon 1 Mon 2 Mon 3 Mon...
  2. B

    How do I rename a sheet without knowing in advance what it's called?

    I know how to rename a sheet when I already know what the sheet name is going to be. For example I geta weekly file from an external source and I rename it as follows. 'Rename sheet in Study Summary Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "G:\Database\Database files\Study Summary.xlsx"...
  3. D

    time and motion study 2 or more people

    Hi, I am doing a time and motion study on a 2 man process and I want to get a time line up and visually see when they are working together at the same time and when they are not and try to balance their work load so they continuously working and now waiting for each other I have a Gantt chart...
  4. I

    Split by macros

    Dear all <tbody> Case number country report type Events/PT term (column D) 2223-055684 INDIA study / interventional study 1) Atrial septal defect (foramen secundum) / Atrial septal defect (s); 2222-032943 US spontaneous / -- 1) face redness / Erythema (n); 2) felt hot / Feeling hot (n)...
  5. N

    Study Group in India

    Dear participants from India, Greetings to you and hope you had a great 69th Republic Day celebration yesterday! As we all know, clearing different levels of ModelOff is very challenging and winning the competition is a Herculean task, at the very least! (All thanks to the wonderful team...
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    In Over My Head...What are the basic steps or processes I need to learn

    The link is a sample spreadsheet with the problem described.!Aj3XHKj_St7wwn5UxOa_-4dCwB1b Basically, I just want to see the bestseller in each department, based on the shift. Over the past 2 months. What is the first step in the process? I will study to complete it...
  7. B

    Attach file to Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with study names and more data where I've attached the pdf.file pertaining to each study. For e.g. if I filter on country it will filter correctly but does not filter the pdf.file with the correct record. Thanks. vell1958
  8. B

    Excel Certification

    I'm thinking about taking the MS advanced Excel exam so I can add this to my resume. Does anyone know what is the best study materials to get to study for the exam? Is there a website i could go to for exam dates and times? Thank you, Michael
  9. M

    Randomize and mix table for study purpose

    Hi, My name is Matt and I have 10 tables of words, Each table contain 500 words. I would like to mix them up in random order. I have searching for 2 weeks and I can't found the solution for my problem. I am a teacher and this is for study purpose. Any solution will be appreciated. <!--[if gte...

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