1. R

    VBA to find rows with specific text and count the zeros

    I'm looking for a macro to find multiple "Sub-Total" in Column D and count the number of "0"s in the corresponding rows. There are many "0"s in the report, but I only want the "0"s in the Sub-Total rows. Any assistance is greatly appreciated
  2. B

    Trying to sum the data from one sheet by looking up two fields from another

    I have a spreadsheet with two workbooks as below Book1BCDEFGHIJKL32Period2016/172017/182018/192019/202020/212021/222022/232023/242024/252025/263301 BuildingCost Summary Book1OVWACAD2Rail YearDeliveryTotal3Sub-totalConstr.Sub-total42019/2036,450.00250,000.00337,500.00373,950.00Business Plan...
  3. N

    Conditional formatting: Colour scales with additional criteria

    I don't think this is possible, but you never know. In the sample data below, I would like to apply colour scales to A,B,C and D, ignoring the sub-total and Total. I know I could apply CF to all 6 rows and then apply a 2nd rule that forces the sub-total and Total row to be displayed as white...
  4. S

    Sub-Total In Footer For Each Page

    My Problem: - Excel Version 2016 Firstly, apologies if I have not adhered to any of the Forum rules, it is my first post. I want a sum total (in a footer) for each page. Pretty simple I thought until I discovered excel do not provide the function to do this i.e. do sum totals in footers...
  5. N

    Automatic Summation beside the Sub-total in every page

    Hello Excel Expert, I have a list of salespersons in the worksheet and I want to automatically sum up the amount in that particular column beside the Sub-total. To make things clear, here is my example. Say I have a list of names from A3 to A10 with a sales amount along with their name in C3 to...
  6. B

    Help with Macro to insert totals in all the sheets of the workbook.

    Hello excel experts, I have made a macro that creates multiple sheets from the data in the Sheet1 with unique records. So, all copy pasting and different sheets have been created but I want a total at the below of each sheet. There is total at the end of sheet1(master sheet) but that won't...
  7. L

    Sub-total, Grand-total with dynamic Range - VBA

    Hi all, I am hoping to get some help from experts:rolleyes:. I have a table which summarises the total cost of the items (see Table 1). However, I need a macro which insert two rows under each Main category in Column A (where my main catergory is 1, 2 or so on and sub category is 1.1, 1.2...
  8. P

    Show both total and percent of total for same field

    I am looking for a straight forward way to show both totals and %of total for the same field in a single pivot . I have use a formula for the %of total, but then I can't get the sub-total to display. Any easy way to accomplish? Thx. eg. Company Consultant | Revenue Tot Hrs % of...
  9. P

    Custom Formula in Sub-Total

    I appreciate all I find in these forums and after searching for hours I don’t think I’ve found what I’m after completely this time but have found all the parts of the problem. (I’ll apologize in advance if I missed this answer.) So now, how to put it all together? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns...
  10. D

    Consolidate multiple order lines

    Hi, The sales record I am working on contains many lines per order for the same part number, e.g.: Order: 121212 Part: 12345, Qty 1 Part: 12345, Qty 1 Part: 12345, Qty 1 Instead of: Order: 121212 Part: 12345, Qty 3. I want to consolidate this data. I've tried subtotalling on order, then...
  11. B

    Filling Formulas Down within Variable-Length Sub-Totals

    I have a variable-length data table that I format, sort, and sub-total with VB. I almost have this to completion, but I can't figure out the final VB steps and have been resorting to manual entry thus-far. Within each separate sub-total group I need to caculate a weighted average using each...

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