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    Conditional format on multiple cells color/colour

    Hi, I have and excel sheet and I have several cells which have conditions set and change color/colour dependant upon the drop down list, but I need a cell to change upon the colour / color of the other cells (Overall) - so if :- No Red subcategories and no more than one Yellow subcategory...
  2. R

    Using SUMPRODUCT to SUM a Defined Range

    Hi all! Was hoping someone might have some more insight into how I can leverage named ranges and SUMPRODUCT. My objective is to create a business score card that contains subcategories within overall brands. So, for example, think about Brand X containing items in Subcategory A, B, and C...
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    How to organize and filter data with multiple categories and subcategories

    Context: I'm creating a database of resources for my team to use. The goal of the database is to allow people to sort the resources across multiple dimensions: topic, specificity, which projects they're related to, etc. All the data is text - there are no numbers. Problem: Many resources belong...

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