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    VBA .xlam for multiple workbooks

    Good morning, I have several tools working with which include sometimes the same Subs . So everytime I found an effort on one Sub and change it in one workbook I repeat this in the other workbooks. Wasting time - isn’t it? I want to have one workbook with all Subs inside, soft coded. So they...
  2. S

    need if conditions

    my data is <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Pos 0 Subs 1 subs 2 sub Sub 1 1 2 2 1 1 3 3 1 2 5 </tbody> 1 subs- 1 pos and 2 sub then in 1 subs ZERO and in 2 sub its 1 1 subs-1 pos and 1 sub then in 1 subs 1 and 0 subs its 1 2 subs-2 pos and 2 sub then in 1...
  3. Y

    List all subs into listbox

    how can i list all the subs in my project into a listbox and then run the subs from the listbox?
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    Single or Multiple Variables to Populate Message Boxes in Different Subs

    I normally use a string variable (Var_MsgText) as an input to message boxes but I'm currently writing my biggest piece of code to date that has multiple subs that all use message boxes. I don't want Var_MsgText to be a public sub as that would risk incorrect carry over of the content between...
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    VBA: 2 Subs in Same Module, but Cannot Run Them as Macro Box is Empty

    Hi, I'd really appreciate some help. I've written two Subs in a single module for Sheet 4. This module seems to compile fine. Both Subs are public. When I try to run this I get a window asking for the macro name, but there are no macros shown to choose from. I tortured myself looking online...
  6. L

    global variable and future sub

    Hi I want to define a variable as a global so I can use it on all other sub()s in the module. It is working fine but I noticed one thing. If I created a new sub, lets say sub4(), then this sub4() will not be able to get the value of x unless I go to sub1() and run it again. Why is that? I...
  7. B

    Can you set a variable for an entire module?

    I have a module that contains several subs. Each of the subs contain the variable below where the "period" is updated by 1 each month. So next month the 1019 would become 1119, then 1219.... Since each sub contains this variable you must update the "period" in every sub. Is there a way to...
  8. L

    make an object visible to others

    Hi I got error message running the second sub. I thought x would be visible to consequence subs but I guess that is not the case. How can I make x visible to all other subs? Thank you. Sub workbooksoepn() Dim x As Workbook Set x = Workbooks.Open("C:\Users\userme\Desktop\abc.xlsx") End Sub...
  9. P

    Print.Out Question from DialogPrinter

    Hi All, In calling xlDialogPrinterSetup from: Sub PromptPrinter() If Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrinterSetup).Show = True Then Sheets("Data").PrintOut From:=1, To:=12 End Sub When the PrintOut dialog icon is then presented on the screen, if a user cancels this portion of the sub's...
  10. D

    a 100% working project it has 1 SUB that isn't included in the module's "macro browser"

    I have a working project (a number of subs in 500+ lines of code in one module) but there is something weird. One of the subs is not displayed in the dialog that pops up when (tools ->macro -> macros). 1)I initially thought that the naming was a problem...
  11. S

    Global Variables across multiple subs

    I'm having trouble with dimensioning variables to be used across multiple subs. I'm trying to keep the length of the individual subs as short as possible, and currently the only working version requires me to run the dims in every sub. In its simplest form... Sub Master RunSub1...
  12. S

    InputBox answer for multiple Sub Calls results in blank cells

    I have a Sub that I had to split up into 12 Subs because of the 64k limit and an hugely expanded product list. Each Sub does exactly the same thing just in smaller chunks than before. When this was a single Sub, the user was prompted to enter a product name which then populated a column and was...
  13. S

    Application.OnTime Machine Operation Limits?

    Greetings, I have a number of scraper like subs that I would like to automate. for this task I am using a number of subs to serve as the timing tool like the one below: Sub YZ_ST19() RW19 = Now + TimeSerial(744, 0, 0) Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=RW19, Procedure:=RWCALL19, _...
  14. D

    How to stop a sub from executing

    Hi All, I have an increasingly complex workbook that has numerous subs to carry out specific tasks. One of the subs (lets call it "CellChange") checks to see if any of a range of cells on a worksheet is changed, and if any cells in that range are changed, it will execute 4 other separate subs...
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    after download of KuTools Ambigous Names on everything.

    I'm not sure if the download of Kutools is related, but the error I get is Compile error: Ambiguous name detected: progress07107 I don't know what that means so I just deleted that report so I can create it later, and it goes to my next Sub and says the same error for that one until there are...
  16. V

    Display info based on dropdown selection

    Hello Mr Excel geniuses! I need some help figuring out something that is probably pretty simple. I have a workbook with a sheet for each of 9 subs that has monthly hours for two locations, a sheet that lists all subs and sums their monthly hours together, and a master that shows each subs...
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    Diagrams for Analysis of VBA

    Does anyone know of EXCEL VBA freeware (not visio, not commercial) that goes through your VBA Project and documents the call stack with whatever object types, names and signitures it happens to encounter after Activate, and then, since its not possible to tell what a user will do next, at least...
  18. A

    Need Help ASAP Issue with Subs

    I am new to VBA and I'm teaching myself how to use it. In this case there are two sheets (Sheet 2: "HC" and Sheet 3: "GC") I am trying to create a few functions/subs (not really sure of the difference) that I can reference that will return values that I have them calculate All my work is done...

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