1. JenniferMurphy

    Is there any way to emulate non-numeric subscripts in VBA?

    I need to tally some results for tennis players. Is there any way in Excel to emulate an array with non-numeric subscripts? If I am reading data from a table with results for "Eliza", "Susie", and "Molly", can I get the effect of an array with these names as subscripts? I am looking for the...
  2. K

    change font of specific character

    I use a lot of subscripts in excel and I need this process automated. I already have it automated but the problem is sometimes the subscripts appear in font Openproofbold which is great and beautiful but other times the subscripts appear in Noteworthybold font which is ugly and I have a very...
  3. T

    Detecting Super/Subscripts

    So I have symbols that I have to convert to LaTeX values. I thought I would be able to run my program for replacement and then use Word to format the super/subscripts using _{^&}. I know that isn't elegant, but I need this by Friday and it would work. Well, when I ran my program, it changed...
  4. T

    Maintaining Superscript and Subscript format when using Replace

    So I have to take symbols for electronic components (like CK and CK#), and I have to come up with a program that formats them in Latex. I typed in the original symbols to be formatted in separate columns in Excel. Then I created a column next to each column of the original symbols. What I am...
  5. M

    VBA - Making new folder in directory

    Hi all, after much lurking I'm here with a real question. I'm trying to use VBA to create a new folder named after the client, then save an excel file in that new folder. I'm able to create the folder, but my folder name output is not what I was expecting (it's coming out as a 10 digit number...
  6. L

    cell referencing

    I would like to be able to reference the contents of one cell into another without losing such formatting as subscripts and superscripts, italics, etc. Currently, if cell A1 contains a string of characters with a superscript or subscript and I reference it into cell A2 using =A1 or =$A$1, the...

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