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    Subtotal with if function help

    Hi, I have a data set like below and need to create a subtotal of the sections. I cant use the sum if function as the table will be filtered and need the section subtotals to be dynamic in line with the table filter. The filters are setup for BRAND,REGION,AREA and SITE. The idea is I have a...
  2. S

    Data > Subtotal using a SUM function for grand totals instead of SUBTOTAL

    Hello, I've got a user whom we recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 (Office 2010 on both). Since the upgrade, whenever she uses the Data>Subtotal function to calculate the sum of a specific column or at each change in a specific row, the grand-totals do not calculate correctly...
  3. C

    Subtotal and Sumif with variable range

    Hello, I am stumped on an issue. I'm trying to build in a formula into a macro I have. There are a few worksheets that have 2 sections of data. The formula resides in between these sections. For example, section 1 of data will begin in row 2 and go to row 1000, section 2 will begin in row...
  4. L

    How do I solve the problem with Autosum-average ?

    Here's the problem: 1 a column of NON-contiguous rows (sort/hide the rest). 2 Autosum and subtotal(109 or 9, work as expected. 2 Average doesn't work and neither does subtotal(101 or 1,... The problem is that an average is the sum divided by the count. But the count may NOT be augmented by any...

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