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    Copy subtotal rows to new sheet. Stumped

    I have been looking long and hard for a vba code to copy the subtotal rows in my worksheet to a new sheet and I am stumped. My worksheet ("Analysis1") has 15 columns and rows which keep accumulating as data is enterd. I have autofiltered the sheet already to consider the rows I need only. I...
  2. T

    Conditional Format Help Needed

    Hi Everyone, I need help with a conditional formatting issue. I basically what excel to look at my column A and every time the data changes I want it to highlight the cells a different color. Pretty much similar to the Subtotals function but I need cell color differation not numeric...
  3. G

    sub totals on the left in normal pivot excel 2010

    hi I dont want my sub total columns at the end (right) of my columns, i want them to be first (i.e left) of the columns, is there anyway to do this in the standard excel pivot feature? thanks.
  4. T

    Copying Subtotals to another column

    I have a huge 2007 worksheet that I have added subtotals to. I now want to copy the subtotal total line to another column. Basically when I am on level 2 of the subtotal line I want to see totals for column X and column Y on one line. I have tried to use the (F5) Visible Cells only feature and...
  5. U

    Subtotals in columns

    Hi all I need your help again. I want use the formula subtotals in columns. when I put the formula in reference to a range of rows to hide some rows gives me the value of visible rows, but columns can not do that. There any other way to do it.:rofl: <div_prefs id="div_prefs"></div_prefs>
  6. F

    filling formulas into subtotal rows

    I entered formulas into one subtotal row of a very large sheet. These simple relative formulas reference cells below, which are collapsed. They basically pull text and part numbers from the top collapsed row. :confused: this may just be a "blond moment" but can any body tell me...Other than...
  7. I

    Macro VBA excel help - averaging subtotals on a new sheet created by macro

    Hi there, first time trying Mr Excel, In my sheet I already have a string of macros that copies information onto a newly created sheet. For this new sheet: All I'd like to to do is write one more macro that will search column B for the text "average", once found, to teh left of that text...
  8. F

    Copy Subtotals

    Below is a very basic extract from a large worksheet: _________________A_____B__________________C_____D 1_EXPENSE______________JAN________________FEB___MAR 2_Salaries_______________100________________130__125 3_Benefits_______________120________________150__145 4_SALARIES &...
  9. V

    Conditional Formatting and Subtotals-shade "total" rows

    I have a table created from the "subtotal" function, and I would like to shade each row that has a total. I tried using conditional formatting to shade each cell that contains the text "total," but this only works for the first cell in each row. How do I shade the entire row? Thanks.
  10. F

    Macro to delete rows when subtotal = zero

    Dear Excel Community: Has anyone developed any VBA code to delete rows in a subtotalled list? The subtotal line and the associated rows should be deleted when subtotal equals zero. Thanks in advance Francisco
  11. A

    Progressive Sub Totals

    The following is a simplified version of a spreadsheet using Microsoft query to populate columns A and B. I need a formula that can be copied down column C that will recognise if the row is a Sub Total and apply the relevant total using the rules below: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  12. H

    Inconsistent Totals in Pivot table

    I have created a pivot table from an SAP download. I would like to use the table as a template for a number of different reports, to do this I will simply need to change the Page fieled value on each new report. To ensure that Forecast data can be mannually added along side the actual data in...
  13. C

    How to find an Average of SubTotals?

    I have a variable list of orders and their completion dates. I want to find the average # of orders completed each day. I used subtotals to count how many were completed each day and now I want to take the average of those. I'm building a macro to do it and I keep getting the wrong output...
  14. S

    Subtotals - Lose Details

    How can I get the details to show after I use the subtotal feature? Once I subtotal things, I would like the details to be on the same line as the subtotal. Currently it places the subtotal underneath on the next line and when I collapse the rows to show the subtotals, I lose all the...

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