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    Subtracting scores based on dates from case numbers

    Hello, I need to subtract baseline score from the most recent score for a specific id. I was filtering and subtracting for each case number but there are too many entries and some have multiple dates. Please help! What is the most efficient way to do this? Formulas? I need it in the D) Results...
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    Formula to calculate difference between values.

    Hi all, I need a formula that will allow me to help calculate the difference between a value and the next value upwards. so for example as per the table below Megans quarterly billings are 12,458, i need a formula that will calculate the difference between this value and the nearest value up...
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    Column lists and matching

    I have a list with two columns. Column A has all the names, and column B has numbers. I have another list with the same columns but more names and numbers. I would like to find the best way to subtract list 1 numbers from list 2 if they the names match. Those names that are unique in list 2...
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    Using FindNext to Quantify Change in Rankings Lists

    Hi, I'm trying to write a simple piece of code that establishes a cell position change in single-word string lists. I have two lists with an identical set of string elements, arranged differently from one another. I use the findnext method to search for the first element of one column in the...

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