1. C

    VBA Help - Add Column, Formula to subtract surrounding columns

    Hey all, I've always had wonderful luck on this website with the wealth of knowledge available here. My spreadsheet contains columns that contain the current weekly inventory. This adds a column every week, making the table dynamic and ever-expanding. Example of last two columns: | Pint...
  2. L

    subtract time from rand()

    Hi I want to generate random time. So what I tried is that A1 = 24:00:00-rand() But I got error message but when entered the 24:00:00 in A1 and then in B1 I did this B1 = A1 - rand() Excel accept that! Why is that? Thank you.
  3. D

    Building a better mousetrap.

    Hey guys, I'm brand new here, and I just joined a few minutes ago. I work at a prison work release and we have to sign prisoners in and out of the facility, and sometimes it gets pretty overwhelming. When you work 12 hour graveyard shifts, it's kind of hard to convert, calculate and subtract...
  4. K

    Subtract constant in sum function

    Hi All, I have a small problem. I need to sum a range of numbers and subtract a constant. I have used the method: {=SUM(B4:BUU4-0.5)}, which gives me a #VALUE error. The problem occurs since there is empty cells in this range. I have also tried with a {=SUM.IF(B4:BUU4,">0",B4:BUU4-0,5)}, but...
  5. smide

    Subtract dates

    Hello. In cell A1 I have current date created with formula =today() eg. 3-Oct-2019. In the same column starting from cell A3 (A3:A600) I have dates and time in format - hh:mm (example. 04.10.2019 - 21:00). All those cells (A3:A600) are text cells. I need to subtract all those...
  6. F

    Nested subtraction in SUMIFS

    Hi, I'm trying to populate a formula that sums all the sales of a particular item with few conditions: =SUMIFS(Table1[Sales New] - Table1[Sales Change]; Table1[Sales New] - Table1[Sales Change];">0";Table1[Sales New];">0";Table1[Item];"Blue shirt") --> Table1[Sales New]-Table1[Sales Change] =...
  7. P

    VBA subtract from next column above cell

    <tbody> A B c 5000 1 300 4700 2 500 4200 3 600 3600 </tbody> Hi Team, I have a sheet like above. I need to subtract B2 from c1, B3 from C2, B4 from C3 till last row of B. Need a vba code. Can some one help me on this.
  8. L

    continuous subtraction

    Hi, how to subtract continuously but the first result will not change for example row F2 will minus all the row in G2 that have match and the result will come up to row H2,H3 respectively and I will subtract again row F2 to row H3 and the result will come up to row H3 but the first result that...
  9. H

    Subtracting time to produce time in previous day.

    Hi I would like to be able to subtract a combination of hours, minutes and seconds from a date and time. The resultant time may be in the previous day and that is where the problem is. For example : 10/08/2019 01:08:00 I would like to be able to subtract 1 hour and 15 minutes from this...
  10. D

    Subtracting construction Station numbers.

    What i am trying to do is, I have a Sta. number 1335+25.23 in cell A1 and another one Sta. @ 1334+12 in cell B1. is there way to subtract these in excel to figure the difference? I would like to keep the "+" symbol in there.
  11. G

    Subtract two strings from two different cells VBA

    Hi Everyone, Can we subtract two cells which contains string in it. Like, <tbody> Column-A Column-B Column-C abc_def_ghi _def_ghi abc asdf123_abca _abca asdf123 afshqw_pl afsh_ pl asdff_1234 _1234 asdff </tbody> where Column(C) = Column(A)-Column(B) Regards, Dhruva
  12. T

    Macro to Add or Subtract- with clicking on a Cell

    Hi, Im trying to have a macro to add or subtract, depending on which cell i click on. I have a + in Cell A1 and a - in Cell B1. I would like this macro to plus or minus 1 each time either of A1 or B1 is clicked in Cell D1 Cheers
  13. S

    Is question - Subtracting number of dates

    I have three columns: I am trying to say: If column B2 has a date then it should be subtracted by A2 but if B2 does not have a date then it should be subtract by today I know the formulas separately but i cant seem to put them together =TODAY()-A2)) = If(Isblank(B2), " ", A2-B2)
  14. S

    Negative result add and positive subtract

    Good morning, I have a doubt that I do not know how to solve, I need that when the result of a cell is negative add up and when it is positive I subtract it. I attach an example. Thank you.
  15. D

    Subtracting negative and positive numbers using multiple conditions in an Excel formula

    Hi, I am evaluation a spreadsheet and need create a formula that will evaluate 4 different scenarios... First based on if a text of 2 cells are Favorable or Unfavorable, then add or subtract based on the cell text. So.. this is what I am trying to achieve in 1 formula If D5="Favorable" and...
  16. P

    Power Pivot - IF formula

    I have 2 date columns, "Opened" and "Closed". I would like a formula as part of my query that would say "If Closed is null, subtract today's date from Opened. Otherwise, subtract Closed from Opened." Any help in doing this? I am a complete Power Query noob! :(
  17. O

    Creating formula to create a check digit.. Help

    Need a hand please. I'm not great with formulas in Excel.. Searched the forum with no luck with the help I need. Below describes what I need to create a check digit. Looking for a formula to do this in Excel. Thanks for looking and help. The calculation is as follows...
  18. P

    If cell contains value, subtract from multiple cells

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to Excel and need to use it for a uni assignment. Basically, I'm testing out the economy of a cafe simulator game, checking to see if the values of ingredients are appropriate for players to complete a level. The orders that arrive are randomly generated, and I...
  19. D

    Have letters BN need formula to subtract by one = BM

    Hey guys quick question could not seem to find online. I have variable letters for example BN and would like a formula that would subtract that value by one so it displays BM. Any suggestions would be much appreciative.:):)
  20. L


    Hi =now()-1 is going to subtract todays date by 1 but same time. How can I subtract the time as well, lets say 2hr minus? is that possible? Thank you.

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