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    Excel 2010 Charts Question

    Hi, I a trying to create a 2-d column chart that has a secondary axis on the right hand side to show percentages using the data below Sales Success Rate Pre Launch 20000 15% Post Launch 30000 20% I want to see...
  2. M

    Finding a word in a cell and looking down that column and returning a result based on 2 pieces of criteria - Really stuck!

    Hello all, I am hoping someone can help me. There is a report that shows user files being backed upsuccessfully or not. In column D is the success status. If a backup fails it tries again up to 3 timesthat same day for each user. The data issorted by username and in date order. My example...
  3. G

    Help with inserting next Text based Number

    Hi Everyone, I wish to Auto insert a text based number into a worksheet using vba... The text based numbers appear like this "BCPSC01", i have tried a few different methods but no success so far, i know this is possible to do. the numbers will continue to run consecutively. Thankyou in advance...
  4. A

    Color row based on table in other Worksheet

    I have 100,000 records in a table (data) in sheet 1 as per below based on "Success" or "Fail" Table (data) Event Result MB65 Success B65 (AI) Success MF6. Fail MF6. Fail MF6.1.1.1 Fail I need to colour a row based on another table (_MF6) which...
  5. D

    Can I use a condition in GETPIVOTDATA?

    I have a pivot table that is tracking occurrence per device as follows: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> PJ1065 1 PJ1089 1 PJ1156 1 PJ1197 1 PJ1573 2 PJ1754 1 PJ3159 1 PJ3223 3 PJ3648 1 PJ3944 1 PJ4064 1 PJ4073 1 PJ4309 1 </tbody> I need to find a way to...
  6. J

    Multiple criteria one range using SUMIFS, EOMONTH and blank cells

    Hi, I am seeking help on a formula which allows me to sum a column based on multiple criteria. The formula I am currently using is as follows: SUM(SUMIFS(Data!F:F,Data!J:J,">"&EOMONTH($B$5,-1),Data!A:A,"<"&EOMONTH($B$5,-1)+1,Data!$B:$B,"W")) The first criteria (in bold) is the portion I am...
  7. R

    Excel formula to Power BI DAX

    Hi everyone, I have this formula on Excel and I would like to transform to Power Bi, I have already tried but with no success. Could anyone help me? <tbody> Formula Excel =SUMPRODUCT((COUNTIFS(M3:M16,M3:M16,N3:N16,P3-1)=0)* ((N3:N16=P3)+(N3:N16=P3-1))) </tbody> Thanks!!!
  8. I

    Activate worksheet with custom view?

    Hi I have a custom view named "All Routes List" I'm trying to activate this view when the worksheet named "Analysis" is opened. I've tried inserting the below code in the worksheet: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() CustomViews("All Routes List").Show End Sub And it returns "Compile error -...
  9. S

    How to protect the sheet but allow pivot table with vba

    Hello, I am trying to protect a sheet such that the options Select Unlocked Cells and Use PivotTable & PivotChart are enabled via VBA. I'm not finding much success on keeping these features on. Is there anyone that can point me to the right direction? Thanks.
  10. S

    How to find position of certain value within group

    Not sure my title is aligned with what I am trying to accomplish. So apologies. I have a table with a column Source HostName (Column G) and for each Source HostName there could 1 to many attempts in migrating that Host. When migrating that host, we either have a 'Success' or 'Error' Status...
  11. J

    Parse text with a keyword "else"

    Hi, I am trying to parse a string beginning at the word "else" and ending at a number. if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel = 1) then 27.00 else (if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.75) then 33.40 else (if( LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.50) then 39.80 else (if(LowIncomeSubsidyLevel=0.25) then 46.30 else 52.70))) The...
  12. L

    custom formatting million

    Hi What is the code to format number like 1532000 to 1.53M I have been trying different once but no success. Thank you very much
  13. A

    Can a sub have more than one OnError Statement???

    Hi all, I have an odd macro that makes use of OnError Resume Next ... my understanding is that this statement returns control of the sub to the following lines. In addition to this weird code block (I am working on a different approach, generally, but please bare with me), I want to insert a...
  14. J

    Using Shape as CommandButton

    Hi everyone I have a sort of "shapes" that I would like to use as a commandbutton or togglebutton. What I would like do is when i click on a certain shape, it recorded in the worksheet and gives its name'shape. How to do it? In an attempt I used the code below without success. I need your help...
  15. R

    error Handling in loop "For"

    Hi Y'all i know this is silly, but i can't figure it out. please help : for i = 1 to 2 on error goto ErrHandler 'my code here sheets("Panel1").range("A1").value = "Success" errHandler : sheets("Panel1").range("A1").value = "Failure" resume nextitiration nextitiration ...
  16. L

    cool applications using vba

    Hi Once, I saw a site which has .xlsx files which demonstrate cool applications like Analog clock, games, digital clock, thermostat etc. I tried to google but no success. Have you seen such website or do you know one. Thank you so much.
  17. R

    Using sum and if

    "=IF(SUM(AI107:AK112>17),1, "x") When I enter this into cell AL107 I keep getting #VALUE Have tried to get the same result ie a result, using various means without success. Thre's probably a simple solution which I'm not seeing. Any help appreciated.
  18. G

    maintaining pattern while dragging down the column in excel

    hi to all Good Evening I have values 1, 2, 3 in column A and then i want to copy them in column B like 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 like this for number of times i want. I tried index, Mod and offset but no success, now i am doing manually but taking long time, is there any formula to do so? if any...
  19. R

    Burn-down Chart Macros

    Hi Forum Hope all is well. I am trying to find some examples of Burn-down chart Macros that I can expand on, however not having much success. Would appreciate it if someone has some examples or knows a location for some examples/samples. Many thanks Regards Rob
  20. M


    Hi I am having trouble with the below formula. The formula returns #value . I'm hoping someone can spot something that I can't see. =SUMIFS(((INDEX('Cash Flow items'!$C$4:$J$5,MATCH('Outflow Summary'!$B4,'Cash Flow items'!$B$4:$B$5,0),MATCH('Outflow Summary'!$C4,'Cash Flow...

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