sum if error

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    Sum array with some criteria problem

    I have Sheet1 and Sheet2. Sheet1 <tbody> employeeID (c column) JobID (d column) result 23 1 </tbody> Sheet2 (named CSV1) <tbody> employeeID (A column) JobID (D column)) payment1 (X column) payment2 (BM column) 23 1 3334 3454 </tbody> In Result column on sheet1 I want to have sum...
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    =sumif not turning over properly.

    I am trying to run this simple code but once its ran, I get these unneeded (U) in th final result and get an error. Range("B2").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=SUMIF(ertwertwertre!T:U,Sheet1!A2,ertwertwertre!U:U)" This is what the results are and I get an error...
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    Help Converting Sum If Array Formula to use INDIRECT

    Hello - I need your help. I currently have an array Sum If formula that sums data from a column in another Workbook. Each month the worksheet that the data is in changes to a new "Mmm Yy" tab in the workbook (from "Jan 16" to "Feb 16"). Because of this I would like to add the INDIRECT formula to...
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    SUM if for separate sheet

    Hi people, I a new here and i have a worksheet with several buyers in sheets. I need to hv one sheet in which i have for evry byer how much certai goods did he take. Crteria is month, type of goods. I am stuck on SUM IF formula which is giving zero or VALUE error Here is my formula...

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