sum if

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    SUM IF/IF/VLOOK up combined.

    Hi all.. I need to pull in some data across sheets and having a hard time.. Essentially I'm working on two data sheets. For sheet 2, I want to pull in a number from sheet 1 if it meets 2 criteria, A) if the name matches say cell A1 and B) if the colour matches O1, then for it to look into...
  2. U

    Vlookup alternative or if function

    I have data in multiple excel sheets in the same workbook. All sheets have the same table but different data as each sheet represents a certain date. The name of shops in the table are chosen from a dropdown list and you can see the full list of shops to the right of the photo. What i want to do...
  3. M

    Sum If Cell Matches

    Hello, I am trying to sum a column based on matching PO#'s My sheet has the customer PO# in column A, the part # in column B, that part#'s total dollar amount in column C, and in column D is where I would like it to total that PO in the cell in that column. Below is how I have it set up and...
  4. J

    Excel macro to change the values of a sheet based on 2 different sheets

    I have 3 sheets in excel, Sheet1, Shee2 and Base price In sheet1 I have values in Column A and Column B, Column A is the Product Code and Column B is the values, In column A there are multiple product codes and multiple values are assigned to it. In Sheet 2 also I have values in Column A...
  5. J

    Change the values of a sheet based on negative and positive calculation of another sheet

    I have 4 sheets, Sheet1, Sheet2, Temp, Base Price in sheet1 I have 2 columns Product code and Values, In sheet2 also I have 2 columns Product code and Values, In sheet1 A column a same product may be there for more than one time with different values but in sheet2 the product code is there only...
  6. A

    Nested if with isNA formula help

    Hi all, I have a nested if statement and I am trying to add in if there is a #N/A to put a zero, but I am having trouble getting the formula to work. Any help please :) =IF($Y7="RevPro",SUMIFS('Q4-18 DRR'!$DX$4:$DX$50000,'Q4-18 DRR'!$K$4:$K$50000,$A7,'Q4-18...
  7. L

    Sum if / Group by VBA Module

    Hi All, I have a module written to pull data from one sheet (Raw Data) and into another (Opportunities). But I am having trouble with the last piece. I THINK I need to group by Column B in Raw Data - but I still want to sum by Column C in Raw Data. Not sure if that is correct, but I was able...
  8. G

    Excel Add if formula

    Hello everybody, I am trying to get the 4th column of the below table with a formula. Basically I want in the fourth column to have the value 1 when the sum of the values in the second column is 1 or a multiple of 1. Can someone help me please? Thank you so much!!:) <tbody> Date Value...
  9. X


    Please help me <tbody> Damage ID Status Tab product time Cable time Delay (Damage ID) Cable time Delay (Damage ID) Delayed firm1 and firm2 time sum 80640 Cable Cable - new application dsl 36939:51:15 ??(One and the same: ID 80640 ) ?? 80640 Cable Delayed firm2 dsl 3991:19:15 ??(One and...
  10. S

    Correcting array formula --- ????

    I have a two part formula that has work wonderfully. I am not updating it to do a bit more work for me. I have reconciled the 1st part and it is functioning as expected. The second part is the issue. I cannot seem to get it to work correctly. The formula before making adjustments is as...
  11. J

    Calculating an average based on values in column and gaps between rows

    This is only my second time posting to mrexcel so please bear with me if my explanation is a little confusing (hopefully the table below will be fairly self explanatory). I basically have a table with two columns (and another two empty columns to contain formulas)- in column A are numbers...
  12. X

    Update formula Col reference Macro

    Is there a way to use a macro to update a column a sum if or vlookup formula is pulling data from. Ex for a vlookup I have 12 mos of budget data in columns. In Feb I am pulling data from the 8th Col in the table. I'd like to run a macro that would update that number by 1 to pull Col 9 next month...
  13. G

    Referencing a Sumif Function

    Hi Helpers, I'm not sure if this is indeed possible, but thought i'd give it a go as you all have been so helpful in the past. I have two tables in two separate worksheets ("WKST1" and "INV2") as shown below. INV2 references WKST1. In Column D of INV2 I am using a SUMIF equation to total all...
  14. P

    SUM all rows IF a cell is part of a named range?

    Hi all, I've been playing around with CSE formulae. I can work out the weighted average for all entries in a large table (Company, Vol Sales, Val Sales) where the company for an entry is X: In the below...
  15. L

    Sum If Function Needed: Rows w/ Text, Need Total in Numbers

    Hi! I'm trying to use Excel to meal plan (weird, I know). Anyway, here's what the spreadsheet looks like: What I'm trying to do is a If Sum function I believe. Each day, I need a tally of the number of colors (green, purple, red, yellow, blue, orange and TSP). The column will contain text...
  16. N

    Sum distinct with multiple conditions

    Hello I am currently using Excel 2010, trying to calculte a sum based on multiple if statements. I have data similar to the following : Month \ User ID \ Payment 8 \ 123 \ £20 8 \ 124 \ £5 9 \ 123 \ £15 9 \ 125 \ £22 9 \ 126 \ £3 I would like to count the number of new User ID's each month...
  17. I

    Sum contract invoices by supply category where multiple suppliers in the category

    I want to run a formula to look up a contract ref and run sum values for supplier invoices depending on their supply category as eg below - please advise formula - I reckon combo of vlookup, sumif, sumproduct??? <tbody> Input Output Customer Contract Ref Invoice Ref Value Supplier...
  18. F

    Adding daily totals

    Hi, OK, here is the problem I have today. I have built a several page worksheet to track payments for an office. This adds the total in payments from several columns and gives the total for the entire worksheet. What I am looking for is a function to pull the total from one column if criteria...
  19. T

    Dynamic Cell Reference from Sheet on SharePoint

    I have weekly historical sales information on a SharePoint website. ie: Results 2014.04.04.xlsm Results 2014.04.11.xlsm Results 2014.04.18.xlsm I am creating a summary workbook where I would like to access sales data from each on the sheet stored on SharePoint. Additionally, I would like to...
  20. R

    Sum If Range

    Hello 1) How can I do a sumif on one column and get the sum of anything that is a number? 2) How can I do a sumif on one column and get the sum of anything that greater, equal, smaller that zero? Thanks

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