sum product

  1. A

    Double booking problem for Reservation Program

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some help with the attached MS Excel Spreadsheet (2nd and 3rd picture/attachment). This is a Conference Room Reservation program on MS Excel. The formula detects double bookings and highlight them in yellow but I would like it show an error message when there is...
  2. V

    Sumproduct In Excel

    Hello everyone, I need to calculate the average price of a product let say Orange. First 30 Qty of Orange is bought at 8.85 so the value becomes 265.50 Next 5 Qty of Orange is bought at 8.75 so the value becomes 43.75 Total cost of 35 Qty is 309.25 Now taking the average value of 35 is 8.84...
  3. A

    SUM on Every Sheet that Totals a Cell in Every Sheet With Same First 3 Letters of Own Name

    Hi all. Thank you for any help with this. New to the forum and stumped with this - not sure if it's best done with a SUM formula or with VBA instead. I have a workbook with sheet (tab) names like so: AAA00001, AAA00002, AAA0000A, BBB0000X, BBB00003, etc., etc. On each of these sheets, I have...
  4. P

    Sum Product to combine year and month not separately

    Hello everyone, So I have another issue. I'm trying to use a sumproduct function to return sums based on year and month. But for some reason the function does not work. What I need the function to do is to combine both conditions for year and month and only return if both are met. For instance...
  5. R

    SumProduct with Conditions To Make A Table Failing

    Hello I have a pretty solid data set that I need to translate into a table. For some reason, however, making a table using sum product isn't working. I did an example elsewhere in the sheet that proved there's nothing wrong with my formula. So that means there's something wrong with the data...
  6. H

    Sum Product Query on mass amount of Data, 3 variables

    Good morning, Looking for a little bit of help on a sum product I have messing with my head! What i have is a mass expanse of data, 4380 lines long A-AZ wide, I need my Sumproduct to look over 3 conditions, Type, Wash and then week. Each cell will show me the total monies for that week, in...
  7. D

    Calculate weighted averages from a subset of data.

    Hi all, I have a subset example of my data below to help with this question. <tbody> A B C 1 Seam TK*RD ASH 2 A 2 5 3 A 1.8 6 4 A 2 5 5 B 3 10 </tbody> What I need to be able to do is calculate the weighted average 'ASH' value when the 'SEAM' column equals "A". To do this for...
  8. C

    Adding in an OR statement to a sum product function

    Hello, I am trying to write a sum product formula that also includes an OR statement. The value I would like to return is a MatchID based on a Season, Round and Team, however the Team could be one of 2 teams - hence the need for an OR statement. Please see below an example of my data for both...
  9. D

    Sum product with dynamic number of columns

    Hi, I have a question which I hope will be easy to experts such as yourselves. I want to do a sumproduct or sumifs that uses the first two columns as the criteria (e.g. I want all Product A and Color combinations) and I want the number of columns to sum to be dynamic based the week we are in...
  10. G

    Using DATA VALIDATION drop down to set workbook name in SUMPRODUCT

    Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me please. I have a formula in excel as follows: <code>=SUMPRODUCT(('[XXXXX.xlsx]01 04 2014'!$E$2:$E$922=C$7)+0) </code> I also have a data validation drop down in cell B2 that lists multiple client names. What I'd like todo is be able to use the drop down...
  11. D

    Sumproduct for more than one option

    Afternoon all I have a Sumproduct formula that is =SUMPRODUCT(--(Sheet1!I4:I1000="yes"),--(Sheet1!AA4:AA1000="other")) This seems to work fine so I was happy with that. What I would like to do is have the bit looking for "other" to also look for "participate". So it will count those that...
  12. J

    Date Ranges, Agents and Sums?

    I have a spreadsheet that I need to dispay the sales results for a certain agent from date to date. Example: I need to write a formula where the "data" is on a one tab and the "results" or on another tab. You enter the start date that you want to filter by in B6 of the Results Tab, The end...
  13. D

    Problems with Count IF and SUMPRODUCT

    I need to incorporate "Count IF" with the below formula. This formula looks at column A which is called "AV_GCSE_QCA". In column A it looks for any points between 52 to 55, if it falls between those figures it counts. I now need it to look at another column and see if the value is "B", if its B...
  14. J

    Simplify this formula

    Is there away to get rid of all these SUMIFS and make this formula simpler and still get the same result. 445
  15. K

    Sum for a specific date range

    Hi, I'd like to create a formula that will give me the total number of a specific action based on a specific date range from another column. Layout is... Column A - Transaction Type - Contains: FIW, LIW, etc Column B - Date of Transaction - Contains: dd/mm/yy Column C - Qty Transfered -...
  16. I

    vlookup all the data in a sellected month????

    <TABLE style="WIDTH: 325pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=433 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2340" width=64><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2340" width=64><COL style="WIDTH...
  17. D

    Sum Product?

    I have two columns # of Sales 1 0 2 3 Avg Price $1000 - - (no data) $1200 I want to get the average price of all sold units. Therefore I need to exclude the '2' sale because there is no data on the price. The answer is (1/4)*1000 + (3/4)*1200, but i dont know how to get there with...

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