1. G

    SUMIFS with Range Determined by Formula

    Hi, I want to use the SUMIFS function to add the values in $AS$1:$AS$2000 based on the criteria_range $A$1:$A$2000 and criterion in cell AZ1. Rather than selecting the sum_range and criteria_range directly (e.g. by typing in or selecting the range with the mouse) I would like to build these...
  2. F

    SUMifs formula not working

    I am trying to use sumifs formula but it is giving error : =SUMIFS($B$2:$CK$13,$A$2:$A$13,B$15,$B$1:$AX$1,$A16) Here is example file : the only problem i think of is sum_range not being same as criteria range, if there is any other formula that will work...
  3. B

    Help on SUMIFS with text in the sum_range

    I do the below SUMIFS to get SUM of value that meet the criteria and working fine. =SUMIFS('book1.xlsx'!$G:$G,'book1.xlsx'!$B:$B,D2,'book1.xlsx'!$D:$D,"*"&G2&"*",'book1.xlsx'!$E:$E,H2) The problem is now for column G (as bolded) has become text and I just want the formula to display the text...
  4. H

    Updating "sum_range" dependent on cell value

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere in some way but I've been trawling through the forum for the better part of an hour so and I'm no closer to solving my issue! I'm in the middle of creating a dashboard to show validations/compliance fails for recent sales activity. What...
  5. M

    Dynamic Sum_Range within a 'Sumifs' formula help

    I'm struggling to get something to work and wonder if anyone out there could help me please? I'm trying to have a dynamic sum_range within a 'Sumifs' calculation based on a user drop down. D11 is the drop down on the pic below which then using a vlookup returns the table column information in...
  6. N

    SUMIF Sum_range filled by other cell

    Hello, I am trying to make a sumif dynamic for the part of the sum_range (other parts are not dynamic). Version used is 2010. The data which is looked through is not consequetive (7 days of planning followed by 7 days of actuals followed by 7 days of planning next week and so on). Therefore I...
  7. N

    SUMIF with sum_range data offset by one row down

    All, This seems like it should be trivial but I am stumped and could use a quick nudge in the right direction. I have a spreadsheet with a bunch of imported records in it and I am stuck with the format as it is. I have all of my sumif "range" data located in column C. All of the sumif...

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