sumif array

  1. J

    Returning a value in a column offset from its criteria

    Hello I need help summing data in a column if the range of columns falls on a certain day. See below for an example of my Gantt spreadsheet. It is divided into 8 hour days. The jobs are on the left side "Y" axis and their progress is depicted in each row. To the right of the job are the...
  2. A

    Array or other method to find individual amounts which add up to a total amount

    Hello, I have a large population (30k+) of amounts which contribute to the total amount in another table. I was able to pull the two data-sets together, so I can see in one table the whole amount and all of the individual amounts. The issue is that for a given unique identifier (e.g., 12345)...
  3. szita2000

    The "Burger" question

    Hi All. It is the end of Friday and my Brain just mushy. :banghead: Here is what I am trying to figure out. Background: At work we have machines that are using raw materials. Some of them only uses 1, others 2,3, 4 blend of raw materials. Each machine uses different amount from each material...
  4. L

    SUMIF not working

    Hi, I have a very simple formula: =SUMIF(C49:C58,"James",A49:A58) The values in Column A are being pulled from another sheet in the same workbook and are correct. I've checked for any errors (like extra spaces) in Column C. Instead of summing my results, I keep getting 0. I tried pasting...
  5. K

    3D SUMIF Formula

    I am working on a project that has a sheet for each week in the year. Within each sheet is varying employee information. On the last "Total" sheet I need it to search for the ID listed in the A column in every worksheet, when found it needs to look at the L column of the same row add it together...
  6. I

    Sum Multiple Columns with Multiple Criteria

    Say I have the following chart (See below) and I'm trying to sum the regions that have product overlap. What type of SumIf or SumProduct formula could I use to accomplish this task? <tbody> Product # Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Region 6 Region 7 Region 8 Region 9 1...
  7. L

    Sumifs with AND OR {} ?

    Hello the best excel, MREXCEL! I have two columns, first is numbers, second is text. I have long sumifs formula, it gets job done, but is it possible to shorten formula? =SUMIFS(F3:F12;F3:F12;">1000";I3:I12;"<>S-10";I3:I12;"<>S-11";I3:I12;"<>S-9";I3:I12;"<>S-5";I3:I12;"<>S-6";I3:I12;"<>S-12")...
  8. C

    SUMIF with Dynamic Array/range

    HI, I have a fixed asset register set up as follows: Cell A1 date Col A - Location Col N to Y - Jan to Dec. Each column contains the monthly depreciation value for each asset. I need to do a sum based on the location, but I need the sum range to change to give me the YTD values. so for...
  9. T

    Summing large data sets with multiple criteria

    <tbody> A B C D 1 11/11/14 12/12/14 1/13/15 2 Carl $4 $0 $11 3 Jesse $3 $0 $14 4 Jake $0 $4 $0 5 Carl $0 $16 $14 </tbody> I need to sum a large data set based on a name and a date. I want the total of Carl's spending in 2014. The answer should be $20. I'm trying to use a sumif...
  10. J

    Google Sheets Count Unique with Multiple Criteria

    For this Google spreadsheet I would like to do the following: Count the Unique "Provider User IDs" (column C) that meet the following criteria: a) Column H = "Incomplete" OR "Provider Missed" b) Column K = 3/24/14 < Value <= 4/30/14 c) Column X = "School 1" I believe I know how to do this...
  11. A

    Sumif entire table with multiple row and column criteria

    Hi! I'm attempting to sum all values in a table that that 1. match a specific value in a header (column) and 2. match multiple values in the rows (there are about 20 values). Each of the values I want the data to match are referencing cells that contain the value. The below formula I pasted...
  12. C

    Difficult sum query - I'm s(t)umped!

    I have a set of data which contains the following: <tbody> 2008 1 2009 2 2010 0 2011 Charge XYZ </tbody> This data repeats, so sometimes the date with the last value in will be 2011, and sometimes the only value will be in the earliest i.e. 2008. The output I need is: <tbody> 2008...
  13. S

    Sumif array based on an array filter

    Can't seem to figure out this formula. I need to create a sum of the top 10 tenant rents for a property. I was able to create a Large If formula to pull in the top 10 square footages (size) as follows: +SUM(LARGE(IF('Rent Roll'!$G$1:$G$1000<=$E$42,IF(('Rent Roll'!$G$1:$G$1000>=$M$24)+('Rent...
  14. L

    Using sumif between two columns with an additional criteria

    I have a table with 4 Columns. ID Name Start_Time Finish_Time VSL1 Name1 15:00 18:00 VSL1 Name1 12:00 16:00 VSL2 Name2 05:00 15:00 VSL2 Name2 12:00 15:00 What I want to do is to get the total worked time of every ID. For example, for VSL1 would...
  15. W

    I would like it to go through and display all values in a column once with the totals for that category, is this even possible in excel?

    Hi I have data laid out like below, I am trying to write a formula to go through 1000's of rows in column B (Category) then display all of the records once and add up the totals e.g. CCON $123.04 COTH $456.06 I have been able to do this with...
  16. A

    Sum of mulpiple values in a column using a vlookup

    Hey there, I need some help with a vlookup/sumif formula, which I want to use to get the total amount of sales per employee. In table 1 are the names of the employees in column A. In table 2 are names of employees, but these can occure more than once or not at all, and the sales they make. In...
  17. M

    Manipulating SUMIF formulas dealing with array constraints

    Here is the problem: I need to be able to drive a SUMIF that is incorporating an array from a combo box as in the attached spreadsheet "Sumif Array Manipulation.xlsx" (sorry, I don't have upload privileges so I copy and paste images) On the Summary tab you see an example of a combo box located...
  18. D

    Sum product with dynamic number of columns

    Hi, I have a question which I hope will be easy to experts such as yourselves. I want to do a sumproduct or sumifs that uses the first two columns as the criteria (e.g. I want all Product A and Color combinations) and I want the number of columns to sum to be dynamic based the week we are in...
  19. D

    Sumifs and array question

    Hi Everyone, I know there have been a number of sumifs and array questions but I could find one that could do what I am looking for. I have two columns D and E in which I would like to sum the differences if they are positive. '{=SUM(IF($D$11:$D$700>E11:E700,$D$11:$D$700-$E$11:$E$700))}...
  20. W

    SUMIF of multiple occasions

    Hi All, Im trying to find a formula that will allow me to return a sum from one column every time a match is found in multiple other columns... The book is detailing work done on different projects during the week and reporting the total time for each project for that week <tbody> Mins Time...

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